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April 12, 2014
Michael Bay is one of those directors that stir mixed emotion with film goers because he makes films that just don't really stand out. Personally, I find him hit and miss. He has made some good and bad films. The Island is one of his finest picture since The Rock, and after the train wreck that was Pearl Harbor, Bay seem to craft a much better movie that erased the mistakes he made directing Pearl Harbor. The plot of The Island is nothing new, but it definitely is entertaining and memorable. Add to that some terrific performances from its cast, and you have one of Michael Bay's strongest efforts along with The Rock and Transformers. The action, thrills are top notch and suck you in right from the first frame to the closing credits and is a blistering action picture that might impress even the most critical of Bay's work. Like I said, the story here is nothing new and it's been done before but the strength of the action and performances is really what keeps you involved from start to finish, and This is a must watch for any one that enjoys the dystopian genre or a good, well paced popcorn action science fiction picture. Michael Bay can make at times some good movies, and The Island is proof of that. His biggest problem as a director is that he can't seem to tell a truly compelling story, which resonates with the viewer. However here, he seems to capture a good character relation with the two leads, and it adds so much to the film. For m, The Rock and Transformers are his best films, but The Island joining that short list of films that he has made that is actually worth seeing. Give this one a chance; you might be surprised at how Bay tackles the dystopian genre, and he was able to pull off something entertaining and fun. The Island is flawed, but also shows the fact that under the rare occasion, Bay can direct something watchable.
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½ August 5, 2012
I saw "The Island" before I knew that everyone was supposed to hate Michael Bay. And you know what? I really enjoyed it. I'm not going to change my opinion to conform to the masses. I found this film to be very entertaining and even disturbing at times. Sure, it does resort to explosions and over the top action seen in all Michael Bay films, but it's the story that keeps you interested as well as the many concepts that are introduced.
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½ November 3, 2011
Not really suited to Ewan McGregor or Johannson. The Island is a typical Michael Bay film with a bad script and too many un exciting explosions.
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October 29, 2011
No matter what the critics say, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would watch it again and again. A clever premise that unfolds into this brilliant character film (ruined by slightly too many action shots and stuff getting blown up courtesy of Mr. Bay). It had the right amount of romance, sci-fi, comedy and drama with a bit too much action. I love the way the characters are formulated to live more or less like children. McGregor and Johansson are perfect as these two clones who despite not being taught about love and romance manage to break the indoctrination and fall in love and escape the institution they are trapped in. Although I do feel bad for the people who paid all that money to have a clone just incase they fall ill, as we're shown the clones story these are the people we root for. It would be interesting to see the story from the other side. Overall a brilliant film with a fantastic cast which is let down by a little too much Bay.
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½ September 23, 2011
Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson try their best to get us to care for their characters, but it all gets lost amidst the bombastic, loud although fantastic action sequences, and the plot has some major holes. Overall, The Island is visually fantastic, and the action sequences are jaw-dropping, but the characters are boring and bland.
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½ August 25, 2011
I must say for the reviews this movie gets I didn't think it was half bad. An original concept with some stunning twists, even McGregor's terrible American accent was not enough to stop me enjoying this movie. One to see for yourself I think.
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November 18, 2009
This is a movie that was unfairly judged as being corny and unintelligent, but truly had a great concept and execution. While there are undoubtedly weak moments, they are nowhere near strong enough to dampen the effectiveness of the movie. Michael Bay's look is always a flawless component of his movies and this is no exception; this is one beautiful looking sci-fi adventure. While destruction is tamed in the first hour, it lurks in every corner once the escape takes place. The idea to have a clone colony is so bizarre and interesting to play around with and the fact that they're all functioning with fifteen year old brain capacity is even more intense. This causes some moments of cheese, but luckily the cast is good enough to make it work. Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson work great together and the teenage attraction is their strongest suit. The supporting cast is insanely talented as per usual with Michael Bay. Special effects and stunts are hard to beat here as are the toned down futuristic elements and usual approach to a science fiction topic. This has remnants of Logan's Run and 1984, but in the best ways possible.
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½ April 16, 2011
The Island has an amazing concept, but does it live up to it in a movie, not really. The acting was good in this movie, im a huge Ewan McGregor fan. The plot was great, one of the VERY few Micheal Bay plots that don't suck. The effects were great, but we expect that from Micheal Bay, because thats all he knows how to do. They call it an action movie, but all I saw was running, running, and more running. This movie was very good, but I would hardly say it was action.
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March 14, 2011
This film being directed by Michael Bay, you can expect a lot of explosions and car chases. There is also a very interesting concept prediction of future life, even if it's not the most original idea. If Bay could focus more on the characters and plot a bit more than the effects, this film could have been a lot better.
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February 13, 2011
This movie...I like. It's a good plot. First it's a very interesting story...and then it turnes out that it's not what you think....but then there's another very interesting story. Once again...good action scenes by Michael Bay. Ewan McGregor does a good job with both his parts. And Scarlett...Nothing wrong with that. It makes you think what the future may look like. Cause if we don't take action now...We'll settle for nothing later. See you on The Island...
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½ June 6, 2007
Better than I thought it would be. Didn't like the ending that much, but overall a movie worth the time.
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½ September 18, 2010
Michael Bay is gay. Apparently in Michael Bay's book, 2 people that are running away have the ability to wipe out an entire skyscraper
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½ March 17, 2007
Ewan McGregor plays the inhabitant of a Big Brother style society who starts to question the status quo only to find that their lives are all based upon a lie. Harking back to the distopian concept sci-fi movies of the 70s, The Island is a very, very pretty film to look at (even when Scarlett Johansson isn't beautifying the screen with her presence). It has lovely photography, attractive visual effects and production design and as Ewan investigates his too-good-to-be-true surroundings it is initially very intriguing. Unfortunately my interest only survived as long as Steve Buscemi's trademark off-beat supporting character did, for as soon as he is killed off it turned into the usual Bay wankathon that was just a long winded chase sequence through his formula of slo-mo explosions and lead riddled, pirouetting automobiles. It's a bit of a shame because while it was ripping off Logan's Run it was quite good, but ironically as more and more is happening on screen it gets less and less interesting.
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July 23, 2010
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½ July 17, 2007
An entertaining mix of sci-fi parables and explosive action. The first half of the film is the stronger half with creepy and astounding visuals accompanied by a decent story that eventually loses its way in the second half when everything degenerates into Michael Bay's typically bombastic, but energetic, action extravaganza. It's a little disheartening that the smart half gets undercut by all the action in the second half, although you kind of expect it just looking at the director. The ending is a little anti-climatic considering everything that came before it, and it's a little implausible as well, but the movie never lost my interest and despite not being as good as it could have been, I still enjoyed myself quite a bit. If it carried through on its initial promise it would have been a strong sci-fi film, but what we have here isn't so bad.
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December 22, 2005
Director Michael Bay fails to sustain the initial smart ideas of his futuristic thriller. Instead, the second half of the fugitive clone tale devolves to routine confrontations. The film cramps the director's highly buffed images and highlights Scarlett Johansson's Barbie-doll performance. Luckily, Ewan McGregor has personality-plus as the survivor who discovers that his life is not what it seems. An excellent support cast includes Steve Buscemi, who plays a nice guy for once. And there is a spectacular freeway chase.
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½ June 30, 2007
The Island is a big, noisy, empty movie. It perfectly fits the bill of the summer popcorn flick. You won't learn anything, you won't leave with any lasting impressions, and if you don't see it on the big-screen, then you're missing half the point. 

This movie never tries to be anything more than it is, and I can appreciate that. After the relatively quiet beginning, the viewer is never forced to go very long without gunshots, explosion, or car chases. Some of the action scenes are actually pretty epic, and if you end up remembering anything about the movie after, I'm willing to bet that it will be a few of those. 

So as an average, disposable summer movie, The Island is a success. There's little reason to see it again after the first time, though. That's like watching the same exact kind of fireworks twice in a row. Sure, they're still pretty, but the novelty has worn off, and you're ready to see one of the other countless kinds of pretty explosives. 
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½ May 26, 2006
Sci-Fiction Thriller Turned Action Flick. Fascinating story with interesting concepts. Should have focused more on the philosophical implications rather than action. Could have been a good sci-fiction thriller yet ends up being a pure Hollywood action flick.
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½ January 13, 2010
One of Michael bay's best films, if not the best one! This is well thought out, and the entire film delivers on many levels!
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½ February 20, 2007
I really enjoyed this movie. It was a fun ride with all the action sequences and it really kept my attention. It makes you think...
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