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July 13, 2008
Doris is full of pluck and moxie fighting a big corporate jerk who actually seems unhinged in his singular quest to squash the hard working widow Jane. Jack is the earnest lawyer who has loved her since childhood. Together they make a wonderful pair as they go through no end of complications that drive them apart and united them again. Charming comedy was an inexplicable failure on its initial release probably in large part because of that atrocious title. It's re-release title of Twinkle and Shine was hardly an improvement, why they didn't stick with the initial title of That Jane from Maine which would have fit it perfectly is a mystery. Be that as it may this is a cute family comedy with wonderful location shooting and high production values as well as a super supporting cast.
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½ February 4, 2013
Credit where credit is due: altho Day was for middle American women (wholesome, virginal yet courageous - here's she's got 3 children and yet blushes when approached for more than simply dinner - and plucky, dammit, plucky) what John Wayne may've symbolised for their male counterparts ("we're Americans, dammit, and its a small world after all!")and so there are many, many scenes patronising the audience, at least this piece moves quickly enough to escape contempt.
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½ November 9, 2006
Very cute... Enough said!
July 31, 2013
An amiable but stiff populist comedy that should have been funnier since it starred the talented Doris Day, Jack Lemon and Ernie Kovaks.
February 3, 2007
Found a copy at a yard sale last summer and it became an instant favorite with me. I love the comedy in this film and Jack Lemmon is brilliant.
February 17, 2014
There would have been a time when I would have found this corny and predictable but the message in Jack Lemmon's town hall speech could not be more timely - and simple and true. In a time where every news story relates another big business coup against heartland America, 'It Happened to Jane' gives us a bit of hope that maybe David could still beat Goliath. The goliaths of the world have power, media, secrecy and government controlled to a science, it seems impossible to stand up for the principles that once motivated this country. Indeed with the sly introduction of genetically-engineered crops, out-sourced jobs, hormone-enriched meat and fish, remotely manipulated bank loans and role models presented not for their values but for their ability to attract the largest, lowest common denominator, the average American has a tough time discerning quality from what should be a simple process. 'It Happened to Jane' may simplify things a bit, but it recognizes the machinery that can thwart an honest person who does not try to second guess everyone else. That person is Jack Lemmon's character, George Denhan, not Doris Day's Jane. He is the unglamorous good guy who misses his chance with the girl, not through not noticing her but by not appearing as the rugged take-what-I want he-man. He is the honest, reliable, very intelligent, creative man who lives in the present, volunteering for good causes and ignoring the cheap lure of instant celebrity. He is the one who, when all seems lost, chooses not to give in and follow the easiest expedient in the moment, but stands true to his ideals, a quality that allows him to find a solution when facing the impossible. He has the courage of his convictions.

Day and Lemmon have an interesting chemistry on-screen. There is a spark but it is closer to real life where true love can still exist even burdened by everyday obligations, children and differences of opinion. While not perfect, 'It Happened to Jane' is well worth a viewing.
½ November 3, 2012
Jane Osgood is trying to support her two young children by running a lobster business. After one of her shipments is ruined by inattention at the railroad station, Jane decides to take on Harry Foster Malone, director of the line and the "meanest man in the world".
½ July 16, 2012
Looking very, very closely Small glimpse's of humor can be spotted in the wannabe comedy. when it gets down to the bases of what the movies message is i'm at a lost. Somewhere between The fight for Trains and lobsters my attention span wonders off... because the reality of this movie is false and most unlikely.

It Happen to Jane stars: Doris Day and Jack Lemmon, 2 actors who are an unlikely duo and lack the connection of convincing us they enjoy each others company.

The movie itself is predictable, and obviously made for family enjoyment.
½ April 11, 2010
Wonderful and rewarding for a struggle to survive with faithful friends and entertaining for children of all ages. The scout song was a highlight for Ms Day and Mr Lemmon. Great fun!
½ October 25, 2009
No. No. No. Not very well written, highly unlikely, and a very overrated film.
½ January 20, 2009
I felt it one of her lesser movies. It was nothing like, Please Don't Eat The Daisies. It was just something to put on. It was just o.k..
May 19, 2007
6.5/10. Sweet and earnest film, Doris Day is well cast, as is Jack Lemmon. Nicely produced. The film has a little bit of everything - music, romance, comedy, drama. The film is often overlooked because both stars had huge hits and Oscar nominated performances the same year - Pillow Talk and Some Like It Hot.
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