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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)


Average Rating: 5.7/10
Reviews Counted: 150
Fresh: 80
Rotten: 70

Critics Consensus: Fans can expect a good laugh as the cast from Smith's previous films reunite for Jay and Silent Bob's last bow. The loose plotting and crude language may be too much for others though.

Average Rating: 5.3/10
Reviews Counted: 33
Fresh: 15
Rotten: 18

Critics Consensus: Fans can expect a good laugh as the cast from Smith's previous films reunite for Jay and Silent Bob's last bow. The loose plotting and crude language may be too much for others though.


Average Rating: 3.4/5
User Ratings: 302,879




Movie Info

Once upon a time in a galaxy very, very close to New Jersey Jay and Silent Bob stumble upon something new called the internet and discover that Miramax is making a movie about their alter-egos, "Bluntman & Chronic." In order to hang onto what tiny crumbs of credibility they have left, the dazed duo set off for California to stop the evil movie studio from making the flick. On a raucous road trip from Red Bank, New Jersey to Miramax's California studios, Jay and Silent Bob meet up with girl … More

R (for nonstop crude and sexual humor, pervasive strong language, and drug content)
Directed By:
Written By:
Kevin Smith
In Theaters:
Feb 26, 2002
Box Office:
Dimension Films - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

All Critics (153) | Top Critics (34) | Fresh (80) | Rotten (70) | DVD (36)

Has the lazy, bric-a-brac atmosphere of one of those blown-off movies made during down time on some bigger affair.

Full Review… | June 23, 2008
Top Critic

The perfect curtain call for these much-loved, wise but oh so stupid slackers.

Full Review… | June 24, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

I admit to enjoying -- in a drunken, half-asleep kind of way -- parts of this ramshackle road movie with its running Miramax guest stars and its endless homo jokes.

Full Review… | August 31, 2001
Top Critic

Smith, coming off the madly audacious Dogma, knows that he's slumming this time and revels in it.

Full Review… | August 27, 2001
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

The picture lacks the mix of innocence and savagery that branded [Smith's] other films.

August 24, 2001
Washington Post
Top Critic

In keeping with the Smith rules, the movie is irreverent, self-referential, twisted, cheap and tasteless. And, of course, I mean that as the highest compliment.

August 24, 2001
Washington Post
Top Critic

Kevin Smith fans will enjoy. Not for kids.

Full Review… | December 24, 2010
Common Sense Media

The epitome of self indulgence.

Full Review… | November 28, 2009

Like one massive inside joke that only regulars to the View Askew Universe will get, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the ultimate measure of Smith's undeniable nerdiness.

Full Review… | November 21, 2009

A mess, yes, but a funny and highly enjoyable one.

Full Review… | June 23, 2008

I have no idea how it'll play for people unfamiliar with Smith's work, but I rolled with it.

Full Review… | September 24, 2007

The film feels like a download of Mr. Smith's brain.

Full Review… | July 14, 2007
Big Picture Big Sound

Tune out the dreck and there are enough laughs for it to be worthwhile.

Full Review… | December 30, 2006
Empire Magazine

What do you want, some meditation on the human condition?

Full Review… | July 22, 2006
Film Threat

I feel a strange disturbance in the Force.

January 15, 2005
Looking Closer

While that may be enough for teenage fans, anyone expecting more will be sorely disappointed.

Full Review… | February 25, 2004

...a madcap comedy that rarely disappoints.

Full Review… | August 1, 2003
Reel Film Reviews

Along with CLERKS, it makes a nice bookend to [Kevin] Smith's Jersey chronicles

Full Review… | March 19, 2003

If not a masterpiece of thespianism, it's at least a fun ride through Smith's quirky mind and the lives of his unique characters.

Full Review… | February 8, 2003
Film Quips Online

There's an awful lot to enjoy here, even if you're not a hardcore Smith fan.

Full Review… | October 30, 2002

Long live Jay and Silent Bob!

Full Review… | October 17, 2002
Film Snobs

At some point, irreverence and wit notwithstanding, enough is enough.

Full Review… | October 15, 2002
Cincinnati Enquirer

Mewes is a strangely compelling lead, and that in itself is good reason enough to see the film. That is, if the fact that this is the funniest movie of the year hasn't convinced you yet!

Full Review… | September 10, 2002
Montreal Film Journal

A self-indulgent trip for Smith; pity, there's a fun movie in there dying to come out.

Full Review… | September 9, 2002
Urban Cinefile

Audience Reviews for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


The constant sarcastic and humorous pop-culture references along with the profane dialogue is decent (and at times much). But Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back isn't as powerful a strike as anticipated with its wildly out-of-place plot. 3.5/5

Eugene Bernabe
Eugene Bernabe

Super Reviewer


It's very funny, but very silly. Anyway is terrifc see a movie to Jay and Silent Bob.

Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins

Super Reviewer


Jay: I am the master of the C.L.I.T. Remember this fucking face. Whenever you see C.L.I.T., you'll see this fucking face. I make that shit work. It does whatever the fuck I tell it to. No one rules the C.L.I.T like me. Not this little fuck, none of you little fucks out there. I AM THE C.L.I.T. COMMANDER! Remember that, commander of all C.L.I.T.s! When it comes down to business, this is what I do. I pinch it like this. OOH you little fuck. Then I rub my nose with it. 

"Hollywood had it coming"

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is one of my go to movies. No matter how many times I watch it, I still find it hilarious. The dialogue between characters is what sets Kevin Smith's comedies apart from everyone else's. No his writing is subtle or tasteful, but there's a brilliance in his jokes and their just hilarious. I don't know that there's a better movie to smoke a "J" to. The first scene of the movie may be one of my favorite comedy scenes of all time.

Jay and Silent Bob find out that a movie is being made on a comic book that is based off of them. They then read online(What the fuck is the internet?) a bunch of people's opinions on Bluntman and Chronic. All of which say they are dumb characters and don't deserve a movie. Jay and Silent Bob then make their way across America to try to destroy the production of the movie. Along the way they run into Scooby's Gang, 4 sexy jewel thieves, a monkey, and a really stupid animal officer played by Will Farrell. 

This movie has endless cameos including: Wes Craven, Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon, Chris Rock, and Tracey Morgan. The movie has endless lines that just beg to be re-said. In fact this may be my most quoted movie. There's just nothing not to like about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in my opinion. Now I know that the content isn't for everyone. There are people out there that shouldn't watch this because they will be terribly offended. Grandparents for one, shouldn't watch Jay and Silent Bob. Some of the content could kill them. 

What's really cool about this film from Kevin Smith is that it is a parody of the same movie we are watching. I don't know if I've ever seen another movie parody itself, but it works here. It also helps if you are familiar with Smith's other works because they are referenced a lot. Still, if this was the first Smith film you ever watch, you could still enjoy it. 

Jay: [singing] Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, / Mother, mother fuck, / Mother, mother fuck, fuck / Mother fuck, mother fuck, / Noise noise noise, / 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, / Noise, noise noise / Smokin' weed, smokin' wizz, / Doin' coke, drinkin' beers, / Drinkin' beers, beers, beers, / Rollin' fattys, smokin' blunts, / Who smokes the blunts? / We smoke the blunts. / Rollin' blunts and smokin'... 
Teen #2: Uh, let me get a nickel bag. 
Jay: [singing] / Fifteen bucks, little man, / Put that shit in my hand, / If that money doesn't show, / Then you owe me, owe me, owe, / My jungle love, yeah, / Owe-ee, owe-ee, owe, / I think I want to know ya, know ya, / Yeah, what? 

Melvin White

Super Reviewer

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a fun comedy that will appeal to Kevin Smith fans. This film was my first experience with the Jay and Silent Bob characters, as I never had seen a Kevin Smith film before. I quite enjoyed the film, the crude humor was good, and the plot was interesting as well. The cast did a good job here as well, and there were plenty of memorable funny performances. This is a good film, but compared to other films that Kevin Smith has made, it's not as memorable. I liked the film, but it did lack at times. The film works well enough to be a good comedy, but it's far from others like Clerks or Dogma, which were superior. Though this isn't among Kevin Smith's best films, this is still a film worth seeing. The cast that Smith has assembled here is good to watch on-screen, and they each bring something unique to the film. The film did have so much potential of being better than what it turned out to be. The film is entertaining and fun and delivers the laughs, but overall I felt that it could have been much better as well. This is a film worth watching if you're a Kevin Smith fan, and en joy his brand of comedy. But as a whole, Smith has made far better films than this. But for what it's worth, this is a mindless comedy that you need to shut your brain off to enjoy. Don't search for logic in the script, as you find it. This is simply put a good comical endeavor that despite its flaws, is still worth checking out. I liked the film, and though Smith has made better flicks, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back is fun, and in the end mindless entertainment is good enough for me.

Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski

Super Reviewer

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Quotes

Banky Edwards/Brodie Bruce:
That's what the internet's for - slandering others anonymously.
– Submitted by Dann M (18 months ago)
Don't fuck with a Jedi Master, son.
– Submitted by Dann M (18 months ago)
Affleck, you da bomb in "Phantoms," yo!
– Submitted by Dann M (18 months ago)
Holden McNeil:
The internet has given everyone in America a voice, and evidently everyone in America has chosen to use that voice to bitch about movies.
– Submitted by Dann M (18 months ago)
[after his fist gets sliced off] Not again.
– Submitted by David E (22 months ago)
[after he and Silent Bob get off the bus] Tickets? Since when did they started charging for the bus? Remember we used to ride this shit to school for free?
– Submitted by David E (22 months ago)

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