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½ May 1, 2007
The trailer for this looked promising with a different angle on the serial killer genre, but I have to say, was bored through a lot of this film I think it was too heavily focussed on the relationship between the two main characters, rather than what could have been an amazing and scary plot
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½ October 23, 2006
An intelligent, well-made thriller with oodles of atmosphere.
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August 12, 2012
Jennifer 8 is a very uneven suspense drama, with elements of a strong serial killer thriller, but also a number of issues which undermine it. The cinematography is great, and succeeds in creating a very eerie unnerving feeling throughout the film. Some of the performances are pitch-perfect (John Malkovich), good (Andy Garcia), but also flat and unconvincing. This is largely due to a script that has some excellent dialogue exchanges, but also features a number of clunky lines and a confused sense of direction. The film is never as involving as it should be. Still, Jennifer 8 manages to keep things interesting enough with a compelling protagonist, and some really strong work (albeit belated) by John Malkovich.

3/5 Stars
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March 15, 2011
"Sir, I think I've found something horrible!"

Deliberate, rather well plotted detective curio that is long in development yet short on visceral thrills. I guess we don't see this kind of mystery in multiplexes anymore because of the proliferation of cop shows on TV that tell this kind of story. Some fine acting from Lance Henriksen and Andy Garcia who are strangely cast as brothers, with Garcia amusingly letting his natural Cuban accent slip out when his temper rises. John Malkovich is great in a small but crucial role as interrogator, and don't forget about blind girl Uma! I appreciated that the expected romance between cop & target was allowed to develop so that it made some sense and that the police department behaves in a very logical, methodical way. The killer's motive is not very convincing, but their identity at least is not merely chosen for shock value. A pretty good movie that mostly holds up through the end, I'll take it over any 3 episodes of C.S.I.
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December 28, 2007
Great movie.
April 18, 2011
Not a bad cop thriller. One definitely worth watching and waiting for the ending. I thought Uma Thurman did an excellent job pulling off a blind girl. Andy Garcia's acting seemed a bit dry and emotionless. It's enough to be noticeable, yet not bad enough to ruin the whole movie. Without giving anything, I did especially like how the murderer was served justice in the end. Added to our "must buy" list for our DVD collection.
June 4, 2008
I think Andy Garcia is a sexy man, but sometimes his acting leaves me dry.....the story could have used some more work, at some points it didn't jell
December 16, 2007
This was not a bad movie. I think it would have been better if it wasn't so long and the mystery that was going on didn't keep you on your toes, beacuse you could see it coming from a mile away. But the acting was good so theres always that.
June 24, 2007
Better than average thriller. Uma Thurman plays blind extremely well and Lance Henriksen is great in a supporting role.
May 12, 2007
I really like this movie. It has me wanting to know who the hell done it all the way tell the would really love to own this film.
December 30, 2006
After watching this, I wished I was blind. Then I wouldn't have noticed so many plot tatters and inconsistencies. But then I wouldn't have gotten to see Uma Thurman in a bathtub, either.
July 27, 2015
One of the most underrated movies ever. Seriously one of the best serial killer movies and Lance Henriksen shines in this.
April 7, 2015
Just another paint by numbers thriller with no thrills.
½ January 20, 2015
"Jennifer 8" é um thriller que apresenta demasiados defeitos para ser aprovado e qualidades suficientes para não ser simplesmente descartado ou destruído. Ou seja, não há brilho que se mostre sem ser parcialmente ofuscado no filme de 1992: seja a intriga de significante potencial, que nem sempre resiste à grunhice de padeiro de Andy Garcia, ou os quinze minutos de pesadelo atmosférico que chegam numa altura em que já nos estamos um bocado a borrifar. "Jennifer 8" falha e tropeça, mas, com algum esforço, lá vai conseguindo justificar a sua razão de ser (nem que seja através do sempre impecável trabalho fotográfico de Conrad Hall). Valerá a pena vê-lo na TV, numa qualquer tarde de domingo, quando os níveis de exigência estiverem perto do mínimo.
February 8, 2014
With a bit of suspense and action, it's not enough to invigorate its plot
August 1, 2014
Bought this early 90's gem at video store sale. Glad i bought. Suspenseful stroy dealing with more story, good acting and eerie atmosphere than the usual sex and violence you find in movies of this genre. Andy garcia, lance henricksen and a lovely uma thurman help make this a haunting film. worth a look
½ August 16, 2013
Jennifer 8 (Bruce Robinson, 1992)

I first saw Jennifer 8 twenty years ago, right after it had come out on video. I hadn't watched it since, and pretty much all I remembered about it was "Uma Thurman nude! Yaaaaaaaaaay!" and then hitting the end credits and "body double! Boooooooooooo!" So I figured I'd give it another look and see if it held up after all these years. Surprisingly, it does, though it is certainly not without its flaws; while I was watching, I was also reminded that this was one of the first times when Andy Garcia, who was just beginning a decade of can't-go-wrong flicks that lasted till (or through, depending on your POV) 2001's The Unsaid, made an impression on me. It is not a movie without flaws, but it's still some decent watchin' that presages Blink, released two years later (with many of those same flaws).

Garcia (Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead) plays John Berlin, an LA detective who, desperate to get out of the city, transfers to the sleepy town of Eureka, where he gets partnered with Freddy Ross (the ubiquitous Lance Henriksen) and immediately finds himself involved in a murder investigation that bears possible ties to a serial killer Berlin was investigating in LA. Problem is, he could never convince anyone there was an actual serial killer wandering around. Berlin meets Helena (Kill Bill's Uma Thurman) and becomes convinced she's the guy's next victim, while his new squadmates think he's downright nuts...until a few of them start thinking that maybe there is a serial killer wandering around, and his name is John Berlin.

The drawbacks are simple and easily pointed out: the pacing is abysmal in places (this is an hour and a half long movie that takes place in two hours and four minutes), and the setup for the last twenty minutes or so has a few bits where the viewer has to, shall we say, stretch the bonds of credibility farther than they're usually willing to go without snapping. (Without being spoily, I'll just say "cheese and crackers, but the scene on the fire escape...".) Balancing these drawbacks are a plethora of solid-to-incredible performances not only from the principal cast, but from some minor characters whose parts are elevated by jaw-dropping casting decisions (John Malkovich is basically a cameo; I'm amazed he took such a small part, but he does a wonderful job with it. Ditto Kathy Baker). Bob Gunton, Graham Beckel, Perry Lang, Kevin Conway, and a host of other "you know these folks, but you don't know you know them" character actors give top-notch performances in roles that, had they had the meat they deserved, might have made the movie's bloated running time well worth it and then some. It's good, but it could have been great. ** 1/2
June 18, 2013
Oldie But A Goodie....
March 28, 2013
I liked this movie,but it was too long and it would have been better if the script had been tightened up and the movie length shorten with the less action-packed scenes cut.
March 19, 2013
The story is a LA detective named John Berlin played by Andy Garcia who along with his buddy Freddy Ross played by Lance Henriksen have investigated a string of seven murders. They find out that this particular serial killer has a thing for blind women. They named the case "Jennifer 8" because John believes that's the name of the eighth victim in the row and they meet a blind student named Helena Robertson played by Uma Thurman who is the victim's roommate. As the case unfolds, John who was obsessed with the case at the start steps up his investigation which increases his obsession and makes him fall for Helena causing Freddy to worry about John having a breakdown. A tragedy ensues leaving John to not only go it alone but also to clear his name. The movie itself is very mysterious and suspenseful and like many critics out there, we don't want to spoil the most of the film. Jennifer 8 gets a 8/10.
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