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½ March 22, 2013
K-9000 is a hidden gem from the early 1990's that feels like it should have been made in 1986. How can anyone say no to a buddy cop show about a machine hating cop teaming up with a crime-fighting cyborg German Shepard? For what it is, it is almost flawless. Highly recommend it for movie night with some buddies.
July 17, 2008
The birth of the mullet??? This movie is all business in the front but one big, huge party in the back. Not one of those nice, fun parties you dream of though - this is one of those awful parties that leave you alone in a room swilling large amounts of vodka in a desperate effort to forget everything that happened. This movie is The Bionic Dog meets Dr. Who meets 48 Hours with maybe some of the cheese from Candy Man tossed in. It's soooo awful, with 2nd rate supporting actors all in lead roles. I actually started laughing in an opening scene with terrorists in a van all checking and loading their weapons - Leslie Nielsen HAD to be wandering around somewhere in the background guiding that scene. It was patently ridiculous and I kept waiting for the camera to pan out where we find a Kadhafi look alike loading a rocket propelled grenade launcher. Toss on top of that the "Won't someone PLEASE think about the KITTIES?!" lady and you have a built in parody of a movie still in progress. The soundtrack does nothing to detract from this either - but it is probably the only single good thing about the entire viewing experience.

I don't know what I was expected from a 1989 movie about a technology-challenged cop ("Machines don't like me") chasing terrorists after a cyborg doggie (K-9000? K-9 times 1000? 1000 what??) but I was certainly left very, very wanting. Had Tom Baker and K-9 shown up at this casting call, they might at least have had a cheese fest worth hanging out for.

If you have the time and a choice between watching this movie and chinese water torture - opt for the torture. This movie is worse than torture.
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