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November 16, 2011
For me, Kika represents the last of the trashy Almodóvar films that I think maybe he did to death. Granted there is enough of his signature humour and strong female performances to like but personally, I really tired of the tasteless 'rape humour'. I liked the character of Kika but after a good start, it just went downhill, only peaking in the last minute, albeit a bit too late to save it.
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½ August 5, 2009
Pointless. The trash being used to "make laugh". Stupid people, things and situations supposed to be funny. After half hour, I simply turned it off. What a waste of time!

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April 20, 2007
My least favourite of Almodovar?s so far, the plot seemed quite weak and there was very little excitement to it.

Almodovar gave some added controversy here, by making a rape scene into a bit of a comedy moment, I would be interested to see what people?s comments are and how many will feel it reached over the controversial line?
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August 23, 2008
Irreverent and hilarious, KIKA is Pedro Almodovar's craziest film. Back are the usual Almodovar elements: colors, dramedy, sexual deviation, murder. The film works thanks to the funny script by Pedro, and the amazing performance by Veronica Forqué as the title character. The rest of the cast is very good too: Peter Coyote, Rossy De Palma, Victoria Abril (in a marvelous role) and Àlex Casanovas.
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½ May 15, 2008
Pedro Almodovar AND Jean-Paul Gautier, how can you go wrong?
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October 16, 2009
A mixed success, "Kika" juggles an erratic batch of characters and barely keeps its balls in the air. It's so confused that even the central role is disputable -- is it Kika or her boyfriend Ramon? Perhaps writer/director Pedro Almodovar decided putting Kika's name in the title was a necessary clarification.

Kika is an effervescent makeup artist who pretties up the dead for funerals. She is summoned to work on the recently departed Ramon ("He'll turn green soon...get rid of the pallor before we take him to the morgue") but, surprise! He's merely having a cataleptic seizure. After he revives, he and Kika begin living together. But she's also having a casual affair with his stepfather Nicholas. Who is suspected of killing Ramon's mother years ago, even though her death was ruled a suicide. Nicholas is also pursued by Andrea, a scar-faced tabloid reporter who dresses like a dominatrix and wears a ridiculous helmet rigged with a TV camera. To complicate matters, she is his ex-girlfriend and also Ramon's ex-psychologist. Meanwhile, Kika and Ramon have a hatchet-faced maid whose brother is a former porn actor newly escaped from jail.


Not even Almodovar can give this mess a coherent dramatic shape, though he gives himself a break by writing the maid and her brother out of the story early (but not before using the latter for what could be the funniest rape scene in film history). Veronica Forque and Victoria Abril offer gutsy, uninhibited performances as the brazen Kika and Andrea, and Peter Coyote (Nicholas) gives Americans a familiar face to follow.
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April 16, 2009
Very colourful, and very dark, but also very average for Almodovar
June 15, 2007
Like all Almodovar films, this definitely isn't for all tastes, but if you like unconventional films, this is a pretty good choice.
½ May 22, 2015
A silly and perverse exorcise from Almodovar that entertains despite itself.
August 31, 2014
To me, the best Almodovar's movie. He's at the highest level of his typically dirty sexy image (not only the women, everything), abandoned only with Talk to Her. All great characters, but, of course, Kika is the best, a wonderfully peculiar (highly!) sensible and realistic woman.
January 20, 2012
Loca, divertida y absurda. Kika no sera de lo mejor de Almodovar pero vale mucho la pena. (La escena de la violacion es de las escenas mas graciosas que he visto, y mira que para hacer de una violacion algo de que reirse solo Pedro A. lo puede lograr. Tiene una narrativa muy revoltosa y confusa y no tendra mucho sentido pero la actuacion de Veronica F. como Kika es espectacular.
½ July 13, 2012
As it provocative and avanguard for the time it was made it's good example how thing can be show completely different. For example death. excellent cinematography.
½ February 8, 2012
Before "Todo Sobre Mi Madre," this was, by far and away, my favorite Almodovar film, despite the polarizingly mixed reviews by film critics. I absolutely loved the main character's joy and optimism, even in the most harrowing of circumstances. Truly hilarious and outrageous from start to finish! I'm still at odds as to whether I like this one over the far more serious and critically acclaimed "Habla con Elle".... Whatever the case, it's definitely one of my top three all-time Almodovar faves!
½ November 1, 2011
Overflowing with ideas and creativity, it's a shame Almodovar didn't opt to hone his creativity down and focus on expanding his more brilliant ideas more fully, because Kika is all over the place. With legs akimbo this film shows Almodovar at his most erratic, skipping from scene to scene, never entirely making sense and bombarding the viewer with increasingly more surreal scenarios. Admittedly when it works, there are flashes of outrageous brilliance, such as a 10 minute rape scene shockingly played for laughs, and the costumes courtesy of Jean-Paul Gaultiere are fantastic. But ultimately its not enough; for me this is Almodovar's least satisfying film.
October 19, 2011
Loved it, amazing, LIVE, provocative, non sense in a good way!
August 9, 2007
Verónica Forqué is amazing and Kika is another wild and great movie by the spanish director.
May 25, 2011
Light, wacky and completely outrageous in the best sense of the word.
½ April 11, 2011
Monday, April 11, 2011

(1993) Kika
(In Spanish with English subtitles)

The name "Kika" is a name of a kooky female hair dresser who seems to get in the middle of some crazy situations such as murder suicide, book writings, media exposures, peepings and cover ups! As in most of director Pedro Aldomovar films, I don't find them to be funny, even though some are intended to be comedies, but what stand out the most are the twists and turns as well as the most bizarre of situations that don't happen to our everyday lives but do happen here and it works, in this case as well as most othersof Aldomovar films things begin to unravel until after the first hour, and start to make sense! This is no soap opera and viewers should also expect to see the most strangest and the most oddest circumstances that wouldn't happen to most normal citizens!

3 out of 4
½ August 18, 2010
Sitting down to an Almodovar film, I always assume that the film will be brilliant; filled with bright colours, powerful Spanish women, and a plethora of perverse themes. While this is generally a safe assumption, watching Kika last night revealed to me that even Pedro is prone to the occasional slip-up.

Kika (Veronica Forque) is a cosmetologist who is invited by American author Nicholas (Peter Coyote) to apply make-up to the dead body of his step-son, Ramon. Ramon wakes up while this is happening and Kika immediately jumps into a relationship with him ? while also bedding Nicholas on the side. Meanwhile, Andrea (Victoria Abril) is the host of a TV show that captures live killings, conducts interviews with relations of murder victims, and other morbid subject matter. She begins following Nicholas around (wearing a ridiculous camera-helmet) as she suspects he may be a murderer, having killed Ramon's mother among other women. Throw into this a supporting cast of incestous siblings - one a lesbian, one a rapist porn-star ? and you have the typical Almodoverian formula.

The film starts off intriguingly. The dynamic between Nicholas and Ramon is a cauldron of repressed emotions, as both characters seem to respectfully resent each other. However, the titular character Kika is the weakest Almodovar protagonist I've seen; she's squeaky, irritating, and the only thing that gives her any solidity is her simplicity. While Almodovar intended this to an extent, using her as a counterpoint to all the perverts and psychopaths that populate the film, she simply lacks the magnetic presence of other Almodovar heroines.

Almodovar's themes of voyeurism and death-obsession are present in Kika, but they fail to truly pervade the film. Ramon's camera-obsession doesn't do justice to the killer in Peeping Tom, which Kika references. Likewise, Nicholas' fascination with killing without consequence doesn't come across as the all-consuming impulse that the viewer would expect Almodovar to convey (see Matador for a better exploration of death and desire). In fact, the most driven and perverse character in the film is Andrea, who's willing to do literally anything to ensure the success of her TV show.

Kika is an empty shell of an Almodovar film. The eye for colour and imaginative framing is there, the storyline is there, but it just isn't filled with any of the usual sexy, perverse substance. Almodovar's always been good at the comical, but here he takes it a step too far which trivialises his fascination with provocative themes. The rape scene best sums this up, as it goes from being darkly comical, to downright banal after an exhausting 10 minutes.

For me, seeing Almodovar go wrong just this once puts into perspective the genius at work in most of his other films. That being said, Kika showcases very little of what Almodovar has to offer as a filmmaker and shouldn't be put forward to the uninitiated as an example of his works.
½ July 1, 2010
You really need some time to get into this one. The first 30 minutes I found it boring and not very funny. But once I realized the humor of this film, I was laughing on the floor. The whole rape sequence is among the best bits of film I've ever seen. In that scene everything works out perfectly: the actors are great, the humor is just on spot and acceptably provoking.
Unfortunately, the rest of the movie (especially the way over the top ending) couldn't keep up with that scene.
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