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Kill Switch Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2008
This is truly the worst Seagal movie ever LOL I'm not gonna go on about this cos it doesn't merit the attention :)
Seagal only has speaking parts as all the action sequences are now obviously a stuntman who is clearly thinner and younger :) and the fight sequences....well...what can I say....absolutely hilarious :)
Ive never seen so much bad editing and the reuse of the same shot over and over again.
I swear you see the same shot of Seagal grimacing about 9times during one fight. There's clearly no contact being made with the hits, the baddies never show any signs of the beating and keep getting up for more D'oh! they never learn LOL Seagal cant be hurt, give up.

At the start when a bad guy gets chucked out a window, its repeated over n over at different angles and the same angles LOL its almost a spoof.

Watch for the pure joy of seeing fat Seagal pretending to beat up fitter younger guys LOL
November 11, 2009
This is worst Seagal movie ever, his accent it was so annoying and irrating. I feel asleep through the movie
April 3, 2009
come on, Steven Seagal come on. Talking like he was a 20 year old tug off the street. some on. don't watch it
March 10, 2009
I thought the effects were a bit jumpy and way too many stand ins that were not similar enough were used. Ending confused me a bit.
February 19, 2009
Thought this was a great movie.. Me and my dad are big Steven Seagal fans so we both thought it was great!!
February 18, 2009
After scoring big in my book with the awesome 'Pistol Whipped,' Seagal returns to disappoint yet again with this steaming pile of dog turd. On the surface, Kill Switch had a lot of promise: Seagal penned the story himself, the acting and basic action scenes aren't half bad... But... The plot is just too convoluted to really work at the end of the day: Seagal tracking not one, but two, serial killers is pretty cool on paper; it just didn't translate too well onto the screen. Sure, Seagal is speaking in ebonics (or is it a Memphis accent?I couldn't tell), but that can't even save this terrible movie. Characters, such as the FBI agent lady, seemed tacked on. And the action... Oh, the action! I heard a rumor that the studio heads decided this movie needed more hand to hand combat, so they edited in scenes of a Seagal double (who is about 100 lbs lighter too), and expected the audience to fall for it by having somebody dub Seagal saying stuff like "Come on" and "Let's do this..." (to be fair, the shorter, more brutal fight scenes where it is clearly Seagal doing the fighting are tops). The camera also cuts to funny, sweaty chubby Seagal grimaces after every Akido patty-cake hand slap. Blah. They were way too long, and this is a movie I think that kind of lent itself to more of an understatement of action (hard, fast, brutal, to-the-point, no bullshit) than flashy junk like this. It could've played out like a classic Bronson film, but Nu Image wanted more chop sockey.

The action scenes made me feel like I was watching 'Game of Death' or something- that movie Golden Harvest pasted together in the late 70s with old Bruce footage and a double in the infamous yellow track suit. I almost half started to wonder if Seagal had choked on a cheeseburger, had a massive coronary and died, and Nu Image wanted to cover it up. The movie is just too convoluted to work- and the ending was a huge insult to intelligence. It doesn't follow the tone of the rest of the film at all. If I wanted to defend Seagal, I'd blame the studio for this. However, I'm inclined to think fat Steve's ego got in the way, and he wanted to show us that *SPOILER* the Seagal can still score some hot Swedish tail despite his ever-expanding waistline. Never mind his wife just got murdered the night previously. I can't say this is as bad as, say, Out of Reach or Flight of Fury, but it is a two star effort for what could have been before the horrible edits and extra "fight" footage. This could've been a good Charles Bronson movie. It gets an extra half star for Seagal's ridiculous ebonics, but that's just me being generous. Another bright spot and brief chuckle is the beginning, where they show the baddie going through a window 12 times- literally. It was awesome.
Rent this at your own peril!
December 13, 2008
I rented this from redbox good thing it was only a dollar this movie flat sucked the choreographed fight scenes were just horriable ive watched every Seagal movie and this one has to be the worst ive ever seen i dont recomend this to any one
June 1, 2014
This is another terrible Seagal DTV film. The editing is awful and laziness and also i rank this film as 1 of his worst film along with the other film attack force which also sucked. His latest film force of execution is very forgettable.
Alex A
October 15, 2013
I'll be honest, there are a few 90's Seagal flicks that I enjoy as guilty pleasures. Kill Switch however despite maybe one or two entertaining fight scenes, is overall brimming with horrible acting, painfully repetitive fight choreography, abysmal editing and some of the most dizzying camera work one will ever see. Apparently according to this films logic, pistols have unlimmited ammo...Seagal does anything for money nowadays though, it's obvious considering 99.9% of what he stars in is straight-to-DVD junk.
Matthew D.
June 1, 2012
Apparently, aikido-expert-come-action-movie star, Steven Seagal wanted to make a more intelligent and twist-laden film after getting tired of starring in a slew of predictable shoot-'em-ups. He claims that it was the hack editors that ruined his would-be masterpiece; cutting out important plot-points so that non of the twists make any sense and making the action look as if it were edited with a cheese-grader. Regardless of who deserves the blame, we are still left with a lumbering mess of awkward dialogues and messy, incoherent fights.
April 21, 2011
It's a damn mess. Watch this only for psychological torture.
Dutch V.
February 20, 2011
Not enough action and too much emphasis on plot and characters. Which normally speaking is the opposite of what you want, but it's a Seagal straight to DVD flick where if you're actually watching it, you aren't looking for a good plot and good character development. Just ass kicking.
Reprieved Soul
June 3, 2010
Formulaic Seagal vehicle. Excess violence with hollywood's unique ability to human recuperation. Plot with twist and 'feminine interest' of the sharp confident FBI agent (for the girls) and plenty seedy T&A for Seagal and the guys.

Could be good but came out boring.
B G.
May 20, 2010
Seagal's movies are getting worst and worst. I rented this from a Red Box. The quality is very low, the fighting scenes are edit, it looks like its a stuntman, the fighting scenes are not clear becaused its zoomed in too close, you cant even see the techniques that are being used. The camera is very jumpy on the fighting scenes. Their accent was very irritating and it did not match Steven Seagels character. The story was quite poor too. My question is why would Steven Seagal have a stunt for his fighting scenes, isnt he a true martial artist himself? I'm just dissapointed with Seagal's quality. I give a negative Star
May 20, 2010
Not quite as 'hilarious' as other bad, sorry entertaining, Segal movies. The editing is different but gets a bit annoying, it's also quite unbelieving how many of Segal's punches the bad guys can take.

Was in stiches about the bloke complaining about his arm after Segal broke his arm, then his ribs followed by his kneecaps.... Personally i'd be unconscious or at least a little concerned about me knees.

The baffling bit though, the last scene? What? Eh? I don't get it.
Upper A.
May 20, 2010
I would have given this movie a -100 if they allowed it 'cause a 10 just seems too generous (I tried 0 but RT made me enter something).

After seeing this movie I've concluded Steven Seagal has become a fat has-been. The acting is horrible, he can't even pretend he's fighting without pretend hits being repeated about 3 times each.

I wish I would have checked with Rotten Tomatoes before renting this crap.

Hey Seagal - maybe you can get a part playing a alley drunk. PLEASE - don't try and make anymore movies pretending to be some tough guy cause you're washed up.

The only thing that made this movie even worse that it was is that fake "jive" accent Seagal tried to do. Give it up dude.
May 20, 2010
I am frustrated after waiting the entire movie for something good to happen. Kill Switch made no sense and the acting was terrible. I expected better from Segal, but this movie was choc-full of boring, unrealistic, fight scenes and middle school play quality acting. I advise no one wastes their time with this movie, i just wasted 2 hours of my life that i will never get back. Segal and whoever was involved with this movie should be ashamed.
May 20, 2010
From the fake accent, repeat editing, sick subject matter, no storyline, beyond belief ability to take and give a punch - well, the movie still sucked.
May 20, 2010
Yet another Steven Seagal action flick. His movies all seem the same to me. The acting isn't very good. Ordinary and uneventful. It never grabbed my interest. There are a few good action sequences, but that's about it.
May 20, 2010
The direction and editing completely destroy this Steven Seagal masterpiece.
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