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June 24, 2009
it's like watching what used to be abc's movie-of-the-week all over again...with partial nudity. a bit of the old slap-and-tickle tease, then cue the heavy music...what joy. patsy kensit succeeds in eliciting i-wish-she-was-dead emotions.
½ November 6, 2013
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(1990) Kill Cruise

Stupid premise which is not like anything I had ever seen before since it somehow puts a hysteria that people who boat for weeks perhaps months on end can motivate normal people to go completely berserk seems very stereotypical- a poor carbon copy of "Knife In The Water". It centers on three characters meeting by chance and then agree to go sailing to the Caribbean's since they didn't like where they're right now which is somewhere remote in West Germany. It stars Jürgen Prochnow who's best known to star in Das Boot/ The Boat as the Skipper who's just suffered an unfortunate accident regarding boating with a friend and his wife who blames him solely for her husband's death, but the Skipper vows to continue on sailing anyway. The movie then jumps to many months later in which no one was willing to look for the body nor are their any intention of looking for him for it's almost like he suddenly became not as important. Meanwhile two free spirited young girls, Su and Lou (Patsy Kensit and Elizabeth Hurley) are seeking for someone who's willing to boat them to the Caribbean's and it just happens to be the drunken skipper. For the next hour or so has them frolicking around while Su start to go absolutely peculiar since the skipper has more of an affection to Lou than her.

Almost plot-less movie which is obviously trying to say something but doesn't know how to explain it's actions. I thought the ending has to be one of the most stupidest thing I had ever saw which the movie refuses to explain about this person's behaviour leaving viewers the assumption that it must be because they had been boating for 1 or two weeks but really can't handle boat ride.

May 13, 2014
The skipper, a beautiful sail boat, and two girls on their way to Barbados. The ladies are fun loving, easy and, you know, 'girls just wanna have fun.' The skipper has past, a broken heart, and is diabetic, and evidently, he'll fall for anything in a short skirt, or better yet, none at all. One girl is jealous of the other, but in a surprising twist... well, you'll see, if you want to waste your time with poorly written, poorly acted, yawner whose end can't come quickly enough.
½ May 13, 2014
did someone make this movie as a joke? bad acting, dumb story, need i say more?
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