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February 7, 2011
This film had its moments. David killing Goliath was fun to watch, Absalom getting caught in the tree was a nice chase scene, and David seeing Bathsheba for the first time was moving (yes there is nudity, but it is tasteful). There were half dozen, or so, other scenes that were interesting to watch as stand alone moments. That being said, the film as a whole was disappointing. The plot was hurried and difficult to follow, the dialogue was mediocre, and there was insufficient character development.
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½ December 11, 2007
I was bored in this movie, maybe because I didn't care around the end of the film.
½ May 11, 2007
This is an attempt to tell the Biblical story of King David. They do a good job of showing the culture of the ancient Israelites but Hollywood seems to think they can be as fast and lose with Bible stories as they are with any other book. This movie isn't as bad as some of the movies made in the 1950's based on Bible stories but they did make a few changes. In the Bible it is told that David committed fornication with Bathsheba but in the movie it's covered up. Then they throw in a couple of nude scenes and should have had an R rating. It got a PG-13. The battle scenes are OK. I'm not sure they got the bronze age weapons correct. King David brought the secret of iron from the Philistines to the Israelites. This isn't shown in the movie but it is in the Bible. I've got this movie on Laserdisc. After watching this movie read the Old Testament. David is one of the major characters of the Bible. Everyone should read and know the story of David.
April 20, 2009
I remember seeing this in my teens. it's bible, but also down to earth. human flaws still reclaiming faith.
January 10, 2008
Not one of Gere's best. Very difficult role to pull off. Richard does a good job at making the best of what he has to work with. (At) for effort.
January 18, 2007
ofcourse from the fact that Richard Gere is my favorite actor. His performance in this movie was magnificent
March 9, 2015
It was boring and tedious and it cost me $1.99 on VHS from Value Village. I will never watch it again.
½ August 3, 2008
The movie is biblically accurate. It has a gritty and realistic feel. The location and sets give it that stone age look that the Judea of that era would look and feel like. Edward Woodward's performance as Saul is strong. His ability to contort and rant makes a very believable fit of dementia. The only person I think that could have played that better would be Dennis Hopper. This is a very unsung, and underrated film. Richard Gere's performance was nothing short of stunning. The giant Goliath was real, menacing and evil. Bathsehba was a real-world, believable, and a stunning beauty.
½ March 22, 2008
I found my mind occasionally wandering from the story. It does indeed have a few slow patches. It is well produced however, but without a strong story it is rather pointless. I would expect more from Bruce Beresford.
August 21, 2005
My god this film is craptacular. Bad Cast, Bad Acting from Bad Cast, and crazy street dancing make me not want to even touch the bible.

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