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King of Fighters Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

April 27, 2012
You can't expect this to be really closely based on the popular SNK fighter as we all know how these type of films fare and this is no different frankly.

With a small selection of characters from the game and an overly convoluted plot this film feels way too bogged down with mindless dialog and not much fighting. Game franchises like this tend to have rather silly overblown stories behind their characters which tend not to make much sense or have any proper continuity, I give you 'Street Fighter'. This film is a let down as the creators have tried to encompass as much back story as possible but all that ends up doing is boring and confusing you with endless Japanese sounding names, places and objects which mean nothing unless you are a fanboy.

The fighting is pretty limp really and that's the killer blow, Ray Park growls and snarls his way through the film as the main bad guy and to be honest he looks the part..but that's it. The rest of the cast are nobodies accept for the overrated Maggie Q and there isn't really anything of interest to comment on.

Unoriginal fights, dull costumes, uninspired effects (what little there was) and some bad looking sets all make this a poor waste of your time. Its not horrific as was 'Street Fighter', much better than 'Double Dragon' (not hard) but nowhere near as fun as 'MK' and even 'Tekken' had some reasonably fun fights with the pretty boy cheese meister Luke Goss. Main problem here is they tried to make it way too seriously and it just doesn't work basically.
Lewis C

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2010
"Wow, this just keeps getting better and better."

The King of Fighters is more like the king of movies that have absolutely nothing to do with their source material. That's right, it even knocks Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li off its lofty perch, and almost reaches the heights of Super Mario Bros. You won't recognize any of the characters unless they mention their names, and even then you'll probably think you misheard them (prepare to choke on whatever you're eating or drinking when you're introduced to "Terry Bogard"). The story is incomprehensible, and even the characters freely and often admit that they have no idea what's going on. I wouldn't even know it was a King of Fighters movie if people didn't insist on saying "King of Fighters" as often and as awkwardly as possible. 

Any and all entertainment to be derived from this will come purely from how outright hilarious it is in its awfulness. If there was any kind of script written down beyond drunken scribbles on a stained bar napkin, I'd be shocked. The dialogue is terrible, the actors don't even seem to understand what they're saying (I know I didn't), and the fight scenes are adequate at best, inexplicable much more often, and until the end, they're usually over in a few seconds either way. 

On the positive side, the cinematography is occasionally good, there are frequent opportunities for laughs, and Maggie Q. is hot. Absolutely nothing like the character she's supposed to be portraying and so slender it looks like you'd blow her away by breathing on her too hard, but still hot. The chick playing Vice was pretty sexy, too. That's about it for the "pros" column.   

If you can't appreciate massive levels of camp and unintentional humor, don't come near this. If you can, prepare to laugh and have a pretty great time mocking King of Fighters. It's so bad that it's wonderful. 

Until the end, that is. The last part of the movie is a boring, seemingly endless fight that basically grinds the fun to a halt. It becomes pretty obvious around that time that most of the $12 million budget was spent on CG fireballs. And of course, the door is left open for a sequel. Because the filmmakers knew we'd all be demanding that. 

This definitely is in no way, shape, form, or fashion a "good" movie, but it was a highly entertaining train-wreck...for a while. Fans of the games will be even more amused/horrified. 

Super Reviewer

December 15, 2010
Gordan Chan screws up and creates a disaster of a movie in The King of Fighters.The king of boredom is a better description for this movie or even the king of f******* bull****! The 90 minutes doesn't go by quick enough. The story unravels at a lackadaisical pace, and what doesn't help is the plot details aren't interesting or entertaining enough in the first place.For a film titled The King of Fighters there isn't enough action and what does exist is unimpressive. The choreography has some small shining points, but nowhere near anything to recommend a viewing for. The CG effects are a mixed bag and once again they are nothing to feel bad about missing.The cast sounds fitting for this type of film, but this is just a blemish on their resume. Maggie Q, Sean Faris, and Ray Park aren't good enough to step forward and take control of this picture. Francoise Yip is the only person that felt capable of getting the job done, but her serious lack of airtime was a hurting point.The King of Fighters is a disappointment after disappointment and all that is left to say is to skip this sorry excuse of a movie.

Super Reviewer

July 13, 2009
This live-action film adapted on the video game is so dull as well as D.O.A.: Dead or Alive is the only excellent fight choreography and plenty of sexy and hot women.
On a whole, the setting of the story manages to immediately rip-off The Matrix while sounding more confusing than the entire trilogy combined. The premise of this movie shows a secret tournament that is held in some alternate dimension in which fighters from around the world "log in" to via special earpieces.
When some action does come once in a while, it is an utter let down and a complete joke especially when one knows what kind of awesome action Hong Kong is capable of. The fight choreography is generally uninspired, almost dull.
Maggie Q does an excellent job of not looking embarrassed.

Super Reviewer

August 2, 2010
I'm giving this movie a 10% only based on the trailer, plot, & cast. Hell, the movie already looks like absolute garbage. NO ONE but Mature's actress looks like the original character. Mai is a G cup hottie played by some A or B cup hottie with a really long face. And another thing that pisses me off about this soon to come movie other than the miscast & not adding Athena, is the Kyo focus. I HATE Kyo. Why does KOF always focus on Kyo?! Iori deserves much more focus & attention than him!

So far, this movie looks nothing like the games. Why is it that directors making a movie based on a video game never seem make the movie similar to the game & choose actors who look LEAST like the characters?! If they would have added Athena, Chris, Shermie & Yashiro, & made the plot similar to KOF 97's, then I'd have a little more hope for the movie.

But no, instead we get tons of miscasts, & outfits that barely resemble anything of the source, & a plot that looks nothing like the video game. Rugal is a 6'5" villain played by some actor who is probably half his height. Vice & Mature's characters have outfits barely similar to their original characters, & plus, they have weapons. Vice & Mature use their own fighting skills/powers to fight, which is what made those characters amazing. Terry, the outfit is similar, but he lost the ponytail, & the actor doesn't look like Terry Bogart much.

I have been a fan of the KOF games for a very long time, & I've always wondered about a movie. When I saw what became of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, I began to think differently about a movie adaption of KOF. Then I hear it IS gonna become a movie, My hopes for this movie went down the drain instantly when I saw the cast, & read the plot. Why can't the directors ask fans of the video game to give their suggestions on what actors look more like the characters they're using? Hell, Winona Ryder with her boyish short hair looks more like Vice than Bernice Liu does!

Hands down, I'm 95% sure this movie will suck. And I'm only basing this off the trailer, cast, & plot.
April 11, 2012
I want to see this but like all other movies based on video games (aside from Silent Hill, Max Payne, and the 1st Mortal Kombat) I will not hold my breath with anticipation.
September 28, 2011
I am convinced that no matter how many live action Tekken movies they make, none of them will be any good.
September 1, 2013
never knew that king of fighters can sound that bad
Creepis Crip
May 14, 2013
dreadful, abysmal insult to KOF fans. GORDON CHAN, keep your grubby little hands off the SNK classics.
May 6, 2013
Una triste y ridícula "adaptación" de un gran videojuego; donde la trama, escenas y actuaciones están muy por debajo incluso del nivel de exigencia de cualquier capitulo de los Power Rangers. La única cercanía con el material original son algunos nombres y vestimentas. Los orígenes y motivos de los personajes nunca se terminan de establecer, aunado a reacciones y situaciones incoherentes o absurdas. Y, aun después de todo lo anterior, las escenas de acción son aun peor.
May 5, 2013
How to explain this movie. I know nothing about King of Fighters, but I have seen the characters a few times and I had to google the game to see who each character was supposed to be. Unlike other movies based on videogames, cartoons, whatever, where they attempt to make the characters look somewhat like the source material, this does not.

Turns out the main girl is supposed to be the girl who is practically falling out of her chinese dress. Some CIA agent is the long blonde haired baseball cap guy (no long hair...but they put a cap on him for about 0.5 seconds in the movie)

I was expecting a movie like Tekken (decent/easy plot, everyone looks like they're in cosplay), but all I can say is, "what is this?!"
July 15, 2012
Tenía MUCHAS ganas de verla, y cuando finalmente la vi, me quedé: O.O Que pedazo de...
November 2, 2012
Take a silly video game story with some entertaining stereotypes enjoyable as playable characters
Make it worse
Stupid storytelling

King of Fighters, the Movie
September 7, 2012
This movie is so bad, but so bad that be kicked in the balls is better then watch this.
August 8, 2012
great example of why video game movies are a waste of time.
May 29, 2012
Otra pelicula inspirada en videojuego, otra pelicula que no es capaz de lograr que un videojuego tenga una buena adaptacion a la pantalla, aunque por lo menos los minimos personajes que salen aqui, estan bastante bien caracterizados, el resto, tan insulso y falto de sentido como super mario bros la pelicula y semejantes, pero al menos los personajes si estan bastante bien logrados.
May 24, 2012
God.... just.... why?
February 25, 2012
A good example of "Who cares about quality? fanboys are gonna watch it anyway".
Cinema Samurai
December 28, 2011
Once Hollywood gets their hands on a popular video game franchise, not only does it distance away from what the game franchises presents, but makes what was great about the game, to be put into shame. These films do not satisfy movie viewers and mainly the fans of the game franchise. The new entry to the craptastic movie films is "The King of Fighters." Not only does this film fails as an adaptation toward a game franchise, but fails as a film itself.

Explaining the film's storyline to a good friend of mine who actually knows and played the game before, he explained that the film doesn't even come close to show any resemblance toward the game. The first thing that can be said about the film is the great amount of loopholes that the film presents. As simple as the game storyline may be, the director ignored to borrow the story and tried to make a smart, intelligent film by adding another dimension without taking the liberty to explain anything. Based on how the film presents the story, the director tried to make something great by creating something original, but instead, this film ended up being complicated and complicated in a bad way. You won't have an exact clue of what is occurring in certain scenes as you see all of these weird things occurring in this dimensional world that will never be explained. Information about this dimension, why it was made and why the antagonist is obsessed with the world is left blank.

Another flaw with the story was the pacing and how long it took to explain everything. This film fails as an action flick as 75% of the film wastes your valuable time as it takes too long to progress and present scenes that are filled with dialogue. I will not lie when I say this, but the progress time of this film is as slow as a slug trying to cross a road. There are a few action scenes in between the dialogue that only last for a minute and fails to bring the excitement of an action film. When it came to what 75% of the film presented, the great amount of footage that you will see are scenes of characters interacting with one another or the film revealing information about the character whom you just do not care for.

If you are Japanese or can speak the language, then you may notice that recent Hollywood films, tend to make non-Japanese actors/actresses speak the language and simply failing as they pronounce or say something that is wrong. That is not the issue in this film, since there isn't a single Japanese word that was pronounced in this film, which is the only praise I will give toward the film. The film does use the ratio type that all Asians look alike, so non-Japanese people once again take roles of Japanese characters.

You will not care for the actors/actresses and for the characters that they portray. Everyone or at least the main casts were fair when it came to their acting. None of them were great and none of them gave out performances that will lead you to care for the characters. As said earlier, the film doesn't even show any resemblance or homage to the original game series. Every character is the exact opposite of what they depicted in the game, having different characteristics, and every actor/actress were miscasts. You can watch the main character being killed in one of those torture machines that you see in "Saw" and would not even have the slightest sympathy toward them. That is how much care you will give toward any of the characters.

The action is possibly one of the worst I have seen in quite a while. "Tekken," another video game film adaptation, had better fighting and action than this film, which isn't saying much. As most of the film are filled with ridiculous, dramatic scenes, the last percentage of the film were used for a lame final climax that really does not make up for the tedious scenes that you had to endure. Each of the fighting scenes felt stiff, out of place and simply uninteresting to watch. Unnecessary humor would be added during one of the fights and you will not care for the characters as they all show off their moves. Their skills are absolute garbage as none of these characters have any special skill to show off to. Steven Segal and Chuck Norris present more skill than any of these characters try to show. I barely complain about the special effects, but if there is one thing that I hate, it's the usage of flashy CGI to make everything look impressive. These scenes presented horrendous, flashy effects that were out of date. As you see fire flow among he attacks by the characters, you'll see that it wasn't impressive as you've seen these types of graphics and CGI used in a PS2 game.

This film is yet another victim of a video game franchise being turned into a bad movie. The worst part is that nothing in this film is worth watching. A complicated storyline with plenty of loopholes, fair acting but characters that are not worth caring, and stiff action that can cause viewers to question themselves about watching this movie.
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