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Kingdom of the Spiders Reviews

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Super Reviewer

May 21, 2014
Strictly for Cult film fans, Kingdom of the Spiders is the definition of so bad it's good filmmaking. The film stars William Shatner and focuses on a small town terrorized by spiders. This is an enjoyable schlock fest that is sure to please genre fans, and it's a fun nature gone awry film, but it's also one that you need to go into with an empty head to really enjoy due to the fact that many scenes in the film are downright ridiculous such as when a woman shoots a spider off her hand and in the process shoots two of her fingers off. I mean, really? What the hell was that? Oh well, it was a pretty funny scene, and it will definitely make the viewer laugh in disbelief and the character sheer stupidity. Kingdom of the Spiders is a fun, entertaining midnight movie, a film that will entertain viewers that enjoy these movies. The film is pure 70's cheese, and it pulls it off very well, and in the mid to late 70's, everyone seemed to want to make a nature gone wild film due to the success of Jaws, and spiders seemed to be the next logical step in furthering this sub genre of horror film. Like I said, this is strictly for cult film fans, and if you're not familiar with the genre, you may want to pass this one up, but to those that enjoy, mindless, cheesy horror films, and then you'll find exactly what you're looking for with this movie. There is enough tongue in cheek moments and mindless entertainment value to be had in the film and the story itself is interesting, but it also uses the typical, clichéd nature gone wild formula that we've already seen many times before. Kingdom of the Spiders is sure to please genre fans, but it won't do anything to casual viewers.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

June 22, 2013
Probably one of the more well known older creature features that has obviously gone on to inspire further films. To be honest one reason why this is more famous than others is probably down to having Shatner in the lead role.

The plot is pretty obvious really isn't it, the title says it all, its about spiders and they're killing everybody. But more specifically its about the use of pesticides and how they are wiping out the food source for all these tarantulas (yep that's right tarantulas). This is causing the eight legged creepy crawlies to band together and go off in search of larger prey. So naturally they are after humans after taking down some other larger animals.

What is so funny about this film is the fact that the spiders clearly have no interest in being film stars haha. In every scene the arachnids are merely milling around like spiders do, obviously more terrified of what's going on around them. At no point do they ever look scary or intimidating because it was obviously very hard to get these furry critters to do what was intended. The way some victims are lurching about supposedly dying whilst being attacked is quite amusing because you can see they are trying to balance the spider on themselves so it doesn't fall off or run away.

In 'Arachnophobia' the spiders are actually really creepy and do make your hair stand on end because they are skinny, bony, fast and look vicious. Plus the camera angles and use of classic phobias relating to spiders such as finding them inside things, in the shower, in food, the way they scamper around so quickly etc...In this film you don't get any of that because tarantulas are big thick furry things that look like hairy gloves basically. Sure they are scary but they move slowly or not at all and they are known to be harmless so the terror effect doesn't really kick in.

The other issue is the fact this small town is being over run by the tarantulas, yet when you get shots of the spiders outside they are just sitting there doing nothing, and there might only be about ten of them haha. There clearly wasn't much care for these furry fellas either as you see some get crushed and run over by vehicles in some shots!. I think the tarantulas are in more danger than the humans in this film.

Its hokey ass stuff that's for sure, a guilty pleasure that's pure 70's garbage. It hasn't dated too well either geez, the soundtrack is awful and the picture quality is terrible, actually looks like its been filmed on a handheld by students. It looks like a typical seedy 70's porn flick in places.

Its the sight of good old Shatner doing his thing which keeps you going. His over acting in places is the stuff of legend and hilarious, yet I gotta give kudos to him for picking up live tarantulas and having them on his body brrrr (if they were real that is). There are also some other nice shots of victims covered in webbing and tarantulas, brave extras, I wouldn't.

Mega cheesy and utterly ridiculous but reasonable fun, the films final twist is actually really good and quite a bold move, don't get endings like that much.

Super Reviewer

January 21, 2009
A small desert town, infested with stereotypes, is saved when spiders come to kill them.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
Shatner plays a horse doctor in a small town where the animals are dying mysteriously. They are being killed by deadly spiders! This horror movie is creepy and a bit funny too, I really enjoyed it, and if you like Shatner, I highly recommend checking it out.

Super Reviewer

October 22, 2008
Scared the hell out of me, and still does to this day, being an arachnophobe and all. Although hearing the unmistakable music cue for the Spanish Inquisition did make me laugh quite bit.
Grifty G

Super Reviewer

June 8, 2009
this is really a one star film, but when have William Shatner, a hint of Woody Strode, and hundreds of tarantulas, how can you not watch?
October 16, 2013
This is pure WPWR Channel 50 viewing. For a kid growing up without cable you had to rely on a few stations to randomly play movies like these. I always enjoyed the majority of what I watched on Channel 50.
September 2, 2011
I finally re-watched this on cable recently, in hopes of it living up to the memories I have of it from late night television as a child.

I can happily report that it is every bit as corny and fun as I remembered.

Well worth a look for fans of silly animal attack fare.
May 11, 2011
Despite its cheesiest (but that's normal for a horror film,) Kingdom of the Spiders makes more sense to actually scare people cause most people are actually scared of spiders. I know I am. I found this creepier than a lot of horror films that involve clowns. I watched this in my bed and I was actually looking around for spiders. I usually don't look around for clowns.
April 12, 2010
Loved this movie! It's funny, scary, silly, and it's got William Shatner, what else could you wish for?
May 29, 2008
It just goes to show you how when you are 12, you critique things a lot less harsh then when you are 34.
February 2, 2008
This film made me like tarantulas more and more,,lol. I love the plot of this movie. A small town out in the southwest is being invaded by tarantulas. William Shatner is awesome in this classic 1977 movie.
November 29, 2007
Overall, pretty good cheesy 70's horror flick. Freaked me out when I watched it back then. The ending--Aaaaahhhhh!
June 24, 2007
My first favorite movie as a youth. Used to watch it with my fucking grandmother every single day. Basically got me fired up and into movies. Very unique because of the realistic portrayal of the invading arachnids, as well as the shocking, and uncommon ending.
April 17, 2006
Campy? Yeah. Stupid? Yeah. Creepy crawly, heeby-Jeeby? Hell Yeah. I HATE spiders. But I LOVE William Shatner! Great mix.
Joel F.
May 13, 2014
I went into Kingdom of the Spiders with extremely low expectations and my predictions weren't wrong. From horrible acting to just outright stupid plotlines, this movie had more problems than I can count. And don't even get me started on the ending, if you can even call it an ending. First of all the way the characters acting towards the spiders was very strange. Nobody in their right mind would go up to these spiders that were becoming more aggressive and killing their livestock would pick them up like they were pets. Also, for some reason the spiders in this movie were intelligent enough to sabotage a fuse box and take out the power in a house. But even after saying all this, I still recommend this movie to you. It was one of the funniest movies I have ever watched.
Justin R.
May 13, 2014
Kingdom of the Spiders
Kingdom of the Spiders was a very bad movie. The overall concept of the movie was a bad idea. First of all tarantulas don't even make webs, so the spiders could have never incase the people. In addition the cow scene with the multi cam was poorly done. The camera was really jumpy and the cow looked fake the whole time. The acting was not good with the emotions that the characters showed. Also the movie was not realistic in how the main character never died. He got bit just like everyone else but he didn't die somehow. Some scenes had random cuts where people popped up in different places so you could tell where they had cut the scenes. Finally I didn't like the ending of the movie. There seemed to not even be an ending and that it just cut out leaving you hanging. In all I would not give this movie a good rating at all.
May 13, 2014
An encrypting tale of suspense, horror, and spine-chilling scenarios, Kingdom of the Spiders presents a tale that will certainly have you checking under your sheets, around corners, and jumping at every vague scratch you feel throughout the rest of the day. Taking place in the Verde Valley, Arizona, Dr. Robert Hanson (William Shatner) has been investigating the mysterious "plague" afflicting a local farmers ranch. The nearby university, having analyzed the blood of the deceased cattle, sends in arachnologist Diane Ashley (Tiffany Bollings.) She concludes that spider venom was the cause of death among the cattle, inciting a tale of romance, suspense, and terror down a spiraling path of web-slinging tarantulas, and live spiders crawling up people's backs, this film is poison to the arachnophobic.
The movie begins insanely slowly, at least in my opinion, but it does begin to pick up into what has become an icon of the classic horror film about an hour into the movie. The dialogue and environment establishes the scene and scenario for the classic rural town that gets plagued by a mysterious force, this force amounting to the presence of venomous tarantulas attacking the townspeople of the Verde Valley.
All in all, this movie is an account of your classic horror film- not to say that a classic horror film can't send chills up your spine. This movie is filled with many, many, movie clichés. Ranging from spiders suspiciously appearing behind car seats and windows, crawling through air vents, and creeping up your leg, this movie will have you checking under your covers when you go to bed at night. This movie is a taste of your classic sci-fi horror film. One thing that sets this movie apart from other classic thrillers is the use of real-life spiders for all of the scenes. Although this has provided concerns from many animal rights groups, this characteristic is what makes the movie.
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