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½ May 11, 2013
Nowhere near a good movie but it's sweet natured in its way.
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½ February 4, 2012
Cast: Mark Feuerstein, Melora Hardin, Paul Wight, Dennis Farina, Rebecca Creskoff, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Will Patton, Saul Rubinek, Wendie Malick, Kurt Doss, Raziel Jordan, Lurie Poston

Director: Michael W. Watkins

Summary: Drowning in gambling debts to his bookie, Memphis (Dennis Farina), former mixed martial arts champ Eddie (Mark Feuerstein) starts training gentle giant Walter (The Big Show) for a high-stakes fighting competition with a $100,000 grand prize that would solve all of their problems.

My Thoughts: "Another wrestler film that failed. Honestly, it wasn't like I didn't know It wasn't going to be that when I started it. The concept was as ridiculous as most of the acting was. There was bits that were laughable. But what you end up with is a somewhat funny predictable film with a semi watchable cast. Not much else to say about this train wreck."
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½ February 21, 2011
A Knock Out Comedy

The movie and the story is kinda likable but it's really cheezy, predictable and not funny. I knew exactly what to expect from this movie and got just that.

KNUCKLEHEAD follows con artist Eddie Sullivan (Mark Feuerstein), who, after incurring a large debt with a local bookie (Dennis Farina), creates a get-rich-quick scheme by enlisting a sweet gentle giant named Walter (Paul The Big Show Wight) as his unwitting accomplice. Walter's orphanage - the only home hes ever known - also needs funds desperately. Upon overhearing Walters predicament, Eddie convinces the no-nonsense head nun, Sister Francesca (Wendie Malick), that Walter can win the money as a fighter and pay off the church's debts. Eddies plan: travel from town to town with Walter and enter small, unsanctioned fighting competitions for prize money. Sister Francesca dispatches Mary (Melora Hardin) as a chaperone for both Walter and the money and gives Eddie a week - and a prayer - to make it happen. During their journey across the south to the annual Pro-Am MMA tournament in New Orleans, Walter discovers what life is like outside the orphanage, while Eddie becomes morally conflicted over whether to take all the loot for himself or keep his promise to Walter, the one person he can actually call a friend.
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March 15, 2013
Huge misfire. The film needed a major rewrite and another director. They had a good idea for a film but didn't execute it correctly. The film is kind of like movies like Nacho Libre, Billy Madison, and Here Comes the Boom. Those film are better than this one. Too many fart jokes. The scene on the bus was the funniest scene in the film. The film is also too predictable.

The Big Show was great in The Waterboy and Jingle All the Way. He needs better material than this. All the other actors must have been paid a lot to be in the film. They all seem to have done the film for a huge paycheck.
½ November 23, 2013
Goodhearted but silly family comedy. Melora Hardin is always good, as is Dennis Farina, but they cannot bear the weight of this anchor around their necks. Extended and repeated fart humor gets old. So do endless balls jokes. Small children may enjoy this despite itself.
October 19, 2010
it may not be great but it has laugh and it is fun to see The Big Show in some of the no fight scene of the film
½ May 24, 2011
WWE Studios Half-assed, halfhearted attempt at a comedy film. As bad as I thought it would be. I can probably see the 3 to 5 year old demographic relating and possibly enjoying this film due to its heavy use of fart gags but anyone above that age will have a hard time sitting through this disaster. Dennis Farina and Will Patton should be ashamed of themselves....
January 8, 2011
When the movie started I was a bit impatient and bored with its attempts at being funny, it was funny from time to time.

But as the story went on, the characters grew on me, and it turned out to be a pretty fun movie.
½ January 7, 2011
I've always enjoyed a good family comedy with a good solid story about doing the right thing and a good happy ending. And Knucklehead did just that. I honestly might not have checked out this movie had it not been for the great cast, most of which I have enjoyed in other things before. First and foremost, I absolutely love The Big Show! He seems like one of the nicest, most down to earth giants in the world, whether he is pounding on people in the ring or playing it cool on film or tv. I however, am probably one of the few people who actually like watching professional wrestlers in movies. Anyway, aside from him, I also happen to enjoy a little tv show called "Royal Pains" on the USA Network, which happenes to star Mark Feuerstein, the other start of this here movie. Mark plays Eddie Sullivan, a former fighter, turned boxing manager who owes some money to a con-artist named Memphis Earl, played by the amazing Dennis Farina. Mark promises Earl that he has a fighter who can win a big MMA tournament happening in New Orleans in just two weeks. If his fighter wins, then Earl will get paid and Eddie will get to keep on living. The only problem that Eddie faces is he doesn't actually have a fighter. Eddie doesn't know what to do, so he goes to a local church and preys. He asks the Good Lord above to send him a sign of what to do. Just then, the giant Walter Krunk (The Big Show) comes bursting through a stained glass window after getting shoved by the head Nun, Sister Francesca (Wendie Malick). Walter has just recently let a room become engulfed in flames that caused several thousand dollars of damage to the orphanage portion of the church. Oh, and did I mention that Walter is a 30-something year old orphan who still lives at the orphanage! As you can imagine, Sister Francesca has had it with Walter and his damaging ways and Eddie has just set his sights on his next prized fighter. Promising that Walter will get half of the purse from winning the tournament, he agrees to go with Eddie. Mary (Melora Hardin), herself a former orphan, who nows works there, goes along for the ride as a chaparone. The movie then turns into an on-the-road adventure as the trio of misfits encounter everything from a broken down bus, stomach issues on a Greyhound, crazy truck drivers, bears, motorcycle gangs and an assortment of amature fighters, backyard wrestlers, and an underground Hasidic boxing league! The three bond over all the zaney moments they are put into or forced into and when they finally get to New Orleans, Earl has a big surprise in for them that will force them to either trust each other or turn against each other. Knucklehead was co-written by legendary screenwriter Adam Rifkin (The Chase, Small Soldiers, Zoom, Underdog) and directed by renowned tv director Michael W. Watkins. Amongst the main stars, the film also features memorable cameos by Saul Rubinek (The Unforgiven), Bobb'e J. Thompson (Role Models) and the always great Will Patton (playing Eddie's father), who all help make this a very very fun movie!
December 24, 2010
LOVED it. i though it was hilarious. Loved the story, and that he just wanted to change an he succeeded, he started his life the minute he stepped out of the orphanage. he was 35 an had a nice heart, he's funny. but at the end he had a family, a girlfriend, an apartment, and a best buddy- his new kid.
Like it if you agree(:
December 21, 2010
This really isn't worth anyone's time. A predicable tale about having to raise money to save an orphanage. Yawwwwn.
½ November 23, 2010
(*): Thumbs Down

Very unfunny. There was really nothing here that I liked. One of 2010's worst films.
½ November 11, 2010
Very mediocre in every way possible. Although I was surprised how many familiar faces there were in it. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the best parts already.
September 15, 2014
Watched it twice, loved it twice.

Very good comedy. Lots of laughs, entertaining for the whole family. Characters are great, as is the plot. The only criticism I would leave is that the storyline became a bit predictable, but otherwise, it was quite good.
½ June 26, 2014
It's rubbish but who cares?
½ January 3, 2014
Remember when WWE movies were entertaining, like the first Marine.... wait... was there any other good ones? Anyway, this one was pretty dumb.
½ September 16, 2013
OMG. How bad can WWE movies be? We found the answer with this film. So bad, and do we really need to see Big Show in a diaper? Really?
½ November 23, 2013
Goodhearted but silly family comedy. Melora Hardin is always good, as is Dennis Farina, but they cannot bear the weight of this anchor around their necks. Extended and repeated fart humor gets old. So do endless balls jokes. Small children may enjoy this despite itself.
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