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20% Into The Storm $3.8M

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The Last Airbender Reviews

Nigel Floyd
Time Out
Top Critic IconTop Critic

One is bored and stupefied by what seems like an eternity of vacuous spectacle, cod-Buddhist tosh and clunking dialogue.

Full Review Source: Time Out | Original Score: 1/5

August 12, 2010
Christopher Orr
The Atlantic
Top Critic IconTop Critic

[T]he film works so hard to explain its plot developments that it scarcely has any time left over to dramatize them. Exposition has not merely vanquished mimesis, it has burned its homes to the ground and sown salt in its fields.

Full Review Source: The Atlantic

July 2, 2010
Lou Lumenick
New York Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Stilted dialogue, wooden acting, glacial pacing, cheesy special effects, tacky-looking sets, ugly costumes, poorly staged and edited action sequences, all shown in murky, cut-rate 3-D.

Full Review Source: New York Post | Original Score: 0/4

July 2, 2010
Mick LaSalle
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A dull, boring, poorly acted, limply written and thoroughly unappealing fantasy, featuring bland characters locked in a struggle of no interest.

Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle | Original Score: 0/4

July 1, 2010
Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal
Top Critic IconTop Critic

M. Night Shyamalan's big-screen live-action version of the popular Nickelodeon animated TV series constitutes a form of Chinese water torture in which tin-ear line-readings take the place of drips.

Full Review Source: Wall Street Journal

July 1, 2010
Richard Corliss
TIME Magazine
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Please, Hollywood, if there's to be another Airbender movie, hand the job to some efficient hack, and not to a once mesmerizing artist who's lost his way.

Full Review Source: TIME Magazine

July 1, 2010
Peter Rainer
Christian Science Monitor
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The Last Airbender is like a Care Bears movie that got waylaid in the fourth dimension. It's insufferably silly.

Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor | Original Score: D

July 1, 2010
Cliff Doerksen
Chicago Reader
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The current national priorities should be as follows: reduce carbon emissions and stop funding the films of M. Night Shyamalan.

Full Review Source: Chicago Reader

July 1, 2010
Mary F. Pols
MSN Movies
Top Critic IconTop Critic

All the while, Shyamalan creates an ever-growing sense of 'Who cares where we are; when will this be over?'

Full Review Source: MSN Movies | Original Score: 1/5

July 1, 2010
Robert Wilonsky
Village Voice
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This is one muddled attempt at franchise-making: confusing, drab, sluggish. (Ugly, too, if you're forced to see it in 3-D.)

Full Review Source: Village Voice

July 1, 2010
Tom Long
Detroit News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Stiff, fuzzy-looking, cloddish and disastrous in nearly every way, The Last Airbender looks as if it could have been made by the spoiled son of a studio mogul willing to waste gobs of money.

Full Review Source: Detroit News | Original Score: D-

July 1, 2010
Liam Lacey
Globe and Mail
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The puzzle of Shyamalan's racial casting soon becomes secondary to a much more pressing concern -- trying to follow the cluttered story.

Full Review Source: Globe and Mail | Original Score: 2/4

July 1, 2010
Rafer Guzman
Top Critic IconTop Critic

It's rare to see a film so choppily edited, poorly scripted and spastically directed that you can barely understand what you're watching.

Full Review Source: Newsday | Original Score: 0/4

July 1, 2010
Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

It gets real old real fast.

Full Review Source: Washington Post | Original Score: 1/4

July 1, 2010
Bruce Demara
Toronto Star
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Even 3-D technology can't inject a much-needed extra dimension to The Last Airbender.

Full Review Source: Toronto Star | Original Score: 1.5/4

July 1, 2010
Joe Neumaier
New York Daily News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

If you thought it was bad when writer-director M. Night Shyamalan was channeling Rod Serling, wait till you see him try to be George Lucas.

Full Review Source: New York Daily News | Original Score: 1/5

July 1, 2010
Colin Covert
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The Last Airbender is one of the most visually luscious and exhilarating entertainments I have seen this year, full of giddy fireworks and kinetic pleasure.

Full Review Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune | Original Score: 3/4

July 1, 2010
Stephen Whitty
Newark Star-Ledger
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The TV show created an incredibly complex world over three seasons. This picture (the first in a proposed trilogy) tries to accomplish a year's worth of work in two hours. So we get titles and flashbacks, baldly expository dialogue and clumsy narration.

Full Review Source: Newark Star-Ledger | Original Score: 2/4

July 1, 2010
Andrew O'Hehir
Top Critic IconTop Critic

I can see why Shyamalan was attracted to this material, but the results are clunky even by his recent standards.

Full Review Source:

July 1, 2010
Keith Uhlich
Time Out New York
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The camera swoops and the music blares, but we might as well be watching a tolerant, teeth-gritting parent filming his son's karate class demonstration.

Full Review Source: Time Out New York | Original Score: 2/5

July 1, 2010
James Berardinelli
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This is bad filmmaking and bad storytelling. It also sounds what should be the death knell to M. Night Shyamalan's career.

Full Review Source: ReelViews | Original Score: 1/4

July 1, 2010
Kenneth Turan
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

By specifically critical and broadly adult standards, this film is undoubtedly a disappointment, but it is disappointing in a way that its intended audience may not notice.

Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times

June 30, 2010
A.O. Scott
New York Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The long-winded explanations and clumsy performances are made worse by graceless effects and a last-minute 3-D conversion that wrecks whatever visual grace or beauty might have been there.

Full Review Source: New York Times

June 30, 2010
Carrie Rickey
Philadelphia Inquirer
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Shyamalan compresses a ton of plot exposition in every line and the resulting heavyosity is too much for the younger actors to carry.

Full Review Source: Philadelphia Inquirer | Original Score: 2/4

June 30, 2010
Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Shyamalan takes the beloved Nickelodeon anime series and turns it into 103 minutes of overproduced, stilted nonsense.

Full Review Source: Miami Herald | Original Score: 1/4

June 30, 2010
Owen Gleiberman
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The Last Airbender keeps throwing things at you, but its ultimate effect is, in every way, flat.

Full Review Source: Entertainment Weekly | Original Score: C

June 30, 2010
Scott Bowles
USA Today
Top Critic IconTop Critic

He hasn't mastered the craft yet, but M. Night Shyamalan may be on to something with this action-movie thing.

Full Review Source: USA Today | Original Score: 2.5/4

June 30, 2010
Michael Phillips
Chicago Tribune
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Not since Kyle MacLachlan's whispered voice-overs about the worm and the spice and the worm IS the spice in Dune has a fantasy franchise tripped all over itself trying, simply, to please a fan base while creating a new one.

Full Review Source: Chicago Tribune | Original Score: 1.5/4

June 30, 2010
Tom Keogh
Seattle Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The sprawling story is so dramatically compressed there is barely enough oxygen for relationship growth (crucial in Avatar), let alone traces of an interesting director's personality.

Full Review Source: Seattle Times | Original Score: 2/4

June 30, 2010
Peter Debruge
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This is all enormously disappointing, of course, since the best we could hope for from a live-action Avatar adaptation is the mind-blowing equivalent of our first encounters with wire-fu, rather than this cartoony nonsense.

Full Review Source: Variety

June 30, 2010
Keith Phipps
AV Club
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Where to start with this one? How about this: If any movie ever warranted a class-action lawsuit against the filmmakers, it's The Last Airbender.

Full Review Source: AV Club | Original Score: F

June 30, 2010
Joe Williams
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The movie has been criticized for racially inappropriate casting, but that's the least of its problems. The acting is laughable, the effects are phony, the editing is addled and the dialogue is disastrous.

Full Review Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Original Score: 1.5/4

June 30, 2010
Kirk Honeycutt
Hollywood Reporter
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Even during the climax, the film still is struggling to introduce the world of the film and its strange rules.

June 30, 2010
Ty Burr
Boston Globe
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The Last Airbender is dreadful, an incomprehensible fantasy-action epic that makes the 2007 film The Golden Compass, a similarly botched adaptation of a beloved property from another medium, look like a four-star classic.

Full Review Source: Boston Globe | Original Score: 1/4

June 30, 2010
Bill Goodykoontz
Arizona Republic
Top Critic IconTop Critic

While the special effects are impressive enough, M. Night Shyamalan's film doesn't make a lick of sense.

Full Review Source: Arizona Republic | Original Score: 1.5/5

June 30, 2010
Roger Moore
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This colossal folly, the fiasco of the summer of 2010 - gives us all a ringside seat at the sight of Mr. "I See Dead People's" career gurgling down the drain.

Full Review Source: Orlando Sentinel | Original Score: 1/4

June 30, 2010
Christy Lemire
Associated Press
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The Last Airbender is a joyless, soulless, muddled mess, but the worst part of all doesn't come until the very end. That's when it makes the clear suggestion that two more such movies are in store for us.

Full Review Source: Associated Press

June 30, 2010
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The Last Airbender is an agonizing experience in every category I can think of and others still waiting to be invented.

Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Original Score: 0.5/4

June 30, 2010
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