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Last Vegas (2013)


Average Rating: 5.3/10
Reviews Counted: 133
Fresh: 62
Rotten: 71

Critics Consensus: The cast of Last Vegas keep things amiably watchable, but the film is mostly a mellower Hangover retread for the older set.

Average Rating: 5/10
Reviews Counted: 29
Fresh: 8
Rotten: 21

Critics Consensus: The cast of Last Vegas keep things amiably watchable, but the film is mostly a mellower Hangover retread for the older set.


Average Rating: 3.5/5
User Ratings: 52,530




Movie Info

The ensemble comedy follows four old friends who decide to throw a Las Vegas bachelor party for the only one of them who has remained single. LAST VEGAS is being produced by Laurence Mark (Julie & Julia, Dreamgirls) and Amy Baer. Nathan Kahane and Lawrence Grey are serving as executive producers. Good Universe's Matt Leonetti is co-producing.

PG-13 (for sexual content and language)
Directed By:
In Theaters:
Jan 28, 2014
Box Office:
CBS Films - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Last Vegas

All Critics (133) | Top Critics (29) | Fresh (62) | Rotten (71)

It's a celebration of something the movies never celebrate anymore: being old.

Full Review… | December 10, 2013
Top Critic

The film, directed by Jon Turteltaub, has an easy but mediocre charm.

Full Review… | November 11, 2013
New Yorker
Top Critic

The actors perform with multiple safety nets and the closest the film ever comes to taking a risk is having Freeman dance to a cover of Earth Wind & Fire's "September."

Full Review… | November 1, 2013
Top Critic

"This is the like "The Hangover Part 43."

Full Review… | November 1, 2013
Top Critic

It's bad enough when Hollywood casts women over the age of 30 as grandmothers-in-waiting. Now we have to endure an onslaught of famous veteran actors complaining about their hips.

Full Review… | November 1, 2013
Christian Science Monitor
Top Critic

A preholiday trifle that's mildly risquť and a lot sentimental.

Full Review… | November 1, 2013
Globe and Mail
Top Critic

Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline may all be pushing or past 70, but there's a surprisingly jaunty spring to their step in this breezy comedy.

Full Review… | June 15, 2014
Movie Talk

"(It) could have been and probably should have been more accurately titled 'Jokes about Elderly Aches, Pains and Complaints: The Movie.'"

Full Review… | May 12, 2014

Mercifully, the actors are not degrading themselves here - they only stoop as low as mere slumming.

Full Review… | April 8, 2014
Movie Mezzanine

Five Oscar-winning actors working for a paycheck on a film that lacks a genuinely funny backbone.

Full Review… | March 24, 2014
Cinema Sight

It's far from perfect but there's a layer of sentimentality that makes Last Vegas easier to digest.

Full Review… | February 14, 2014
ABC Radio Brisbane

It's Old Men Gone Mild in this ultra-predictable, decently funny mashing of The Hangover and The Bucket List.

Full Review… | February 9, 2014

Jon Turteltaub's ''old men behaving badly'' romp does more than merely pander to expectation. Beyond the noise of the strip lies a buddy comedy with heart.

Full Review… | February 9, 2014

Belly-laugh material it isn't, but Last Vegas fits the prescription for a happily undemanding piece of entertainment.

Full Review… | February 7, 2014
FILMINK (Australia)

No surprise to see Robert De Niro here. Write him a big enough cheque and he'll do the school play of your choice.

Full Review… | February 7, 2014
Herald Sun (Australia)

With stars of this calibre, the movie can't be all bad, and it ain't. It's just hollow

Full Review… | February 1, 2014
Urban Cinefile

Not one of Fogelman's good scripts. Like The Guilt Trip, that relied on the casting of Seth Rogan & Barbra Streisand, this flimsy premise of four 60 something guys heading to Vegas for a last hurrah is counting on star power with little else to offer

Full Review… | February 1, 2014
Urban Cinefile

The mild misadventures and late-life epiphanies don't so much suggest a Geritol 'Hangover' as an all-male special episode of 'The Golden Girls.'

Full Review… | January 24, 2014
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Last Vegas is double AND nothing. It wins big with Freeman's cool and Kline's surgeon-like timing and flails miserably with everything associated with relationship between Douglas and DeNiro.

Full Review… | January 19, 2014
2UE That Movie Show

A funny, touching and surprisingly fleet-footed comedy about a quartet of 60-plus male friends who are determined to grow old (dis)gracefully.

Full Review… | January 10, 2014

It's one thing for Morgan Freeman to coach an ignorant young buck on respect for the ladies, another for the same flick to ogle them, patronise them and position them as plot balm to reconcile two male characters.

Full Review… | January 7, 2014
The Ooh Tray

De Niro, Douglas, Freeman and Kline set about Last Vegas with the panache of a lifetime's experience.

Full Review… | January 5, 2014
Observer [UK]

[Michael] Douglas's ability to laugh at himself by proposing at a funeral is priceless ( ... ) the film succeeds mostly through the warmth of its camaraderie overpowering the adult tone of its humour.

Full Review… | January 5, 2014
Birmingham Mail

More than just a geriatric cash-in on The Hangover, this likeable crowd-pleaser is surprisingly funny and enjoyable. It's great to see Morgan Freeman playing drunk, while Kevin Kline steals the show.

Full Review… | January 5, 2014
Flix Capacitor

The one ray of sunshine: surely anything with the word "Last" in the title is incapable of spawning a sequel?

Full Review… | January 3, 2014
This is London

Far from being liberating, the film ends up swinging two fingers towards the retirement home.

Full Review… | January 3, 2014
Irish Times

Audience Reviews for Last Vegas

When i first heard that these four actors were going to be in a movie together, i thought it was going to be legendary and i got exactly what i wanted from this film. It's true and dazzling five star entertainment with some of the best actors around. One of the funniest, freshest and most enjoyable movies of 2013. It's an utterly wonderful, laugh-out-loud funny and heartfelt film featuring for the first time together Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas. These four are a dream team, they have such outrageous and brilliant chemistry and character development together. These great actors still got it, and shows the older they get, the better they get. These four Oscar winners make this film one of the big events of the year. A buddy movie that will appeal to younger and older audiences. An excellent movie that has true heart and magic in it. I truly and utterly loved it from start to finish. Director, Jon Turtletaub has crafted his best piece of work in years since Phenomenon. A hilarious and tremendously entertaining great time at the movies. This is pure fun that no one could pass up.

Al S

Super Reviewer

You would think a film like this, that rips off of almost every Hollywood comedy for it's story, (mainly "The Hangover") that it would be very dry and forgettable, but it has many heartfelt moments that surprised me, and a group of old guys saying they are "too old for any of this stuff anymore" and "we need to appreciate life more" seems too much, but it's not. I really enjoyed watching "Last Vegas." It's not the greatest film in the world and I may be tired of seeing these actors over and over again, but they do the best with what they are given, and it is a pretty funny turnout. It's written well enough as far as comedies go, and the performances are great of course, making it a fun ride. "Last Vegas" would be a good recommendation if you are drinking with a bunch of people and want to throw a movie on.

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

Whenever someone would ask me about this movie(even though I hadn't seen it) I would describe it as "Hangover with old people". That isn't exactly wrong, but it's not right at all. What should be a stupid geriatric comedy with lots of Viagra jokes is actually a very funny, touching comedy. The stars really make this movie better than what it should have been. The premise is simple. 4 old friends(as in been friends for 60 years) reunite in Vegas for a bachelor party/wedding weekend. The friends are played by Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline. These 4 are just awesome, even in their old age. They also have great chemistry. You can really believe that they have been friends all these years. The movie is sometimes silly and has the typical drama, but it works. It really does. Kind of like how I expected "Grudge Match" to be awful, this really goes above expectations. Good flick that I'm sure people of all ages(especially the older crowd) will enjoy. On a side note, I watched this using a new service called M-GO, and I gotta say it worked great! If you haven't tried it out(it's on roku's), give it a shot, gets the Everett seal of approval.

Everett Johnson
Everett Johnson

Super Reviewer


Amusingly superb Movie with a few of the greats, it would be a great coming of Age movie if they weren't already in there 60's!

Film Crazy

Super Reviewer

Last Vegas Quotes

Maid of Honor:
You don't want to have sex with me?
Oh, oh, no, no, no, I do, I do. Oh, God, I want to have sex with you. A lot of it. It would be spectacular. It would be the most spectacular thing that's happened to me in 25 years. But. The thing is whenever something spectacular happens to me, first thing I want to do is tell my wife about it, and, after 40 years of marriage, if I can't tell her about something wonderful that happened to me, it sort of stops being wonderful.
– Submitted by Nandu J (47 days ago)
These Red Bull/vodkas are strange. I feel like I'm getting drunk and electrocuted at the same time!
– Submitted by B K (11 months ago)

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