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½ January 8, 2011
A spectacular film that left me astonished. Xavier Dolan is so young but already so incredibly talented and full of ideas, and he proves it once again, starring, directing and producing this fascinating work about passion, obsession and the idealized nature of unrequited love.
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December 8, 2010
As with his first film, Dolan's "Heartbeats" is interested in the passive-aggressive, and his style brings these little things that people do to the forefront. A subtle and by times surreal film about a presumably bisexual Adonis and the man and the woman who are in love with him, this film goes even further, punctuating itself with interviews Ó la When Harry Met Sally, allusions to classic films (Breakfast at Tiffany's) and raw, personal moments as well. In my opinion, Dolan wrote a little past the ending in this one - there was a beautiful ending about four minutes before the actual ending - but I can see how it works both ways. Another hit from the French-Canadian Fellini, though. Dolan is one of the world's best up-and-coming directors: get in on the ground floor and see ths movie!
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½ July 27, 2012
In "Heartbeats," Nicolas(Niels Schneider), a friend of a friend, is in Montreal after completing a temp job on an oil platform. Considering how handsome he is, it is no wonder that both Marie(Monia Chokri) and Francis(Xavier Dolan, who also writes and directs) are attracted to him. That's especially true after he formally invites them both to this place to watch a movie. After which, they all sleep in the same bed together.

As dull and flat as "Heartbeats" is, the movie does make one valid point when Francis says that some vintage nostalgia should be done away with. Applying that to the French New Wave, I personally think it is alright to venerate those films, but not imitate them which is what is going on here with Dolan adding little of interest or personality of his own. The interviews serve no purpose except to test the zoom function on the camera and might have worked if they had all been about the same person, which would have complemented the rest of the film nicely. In fact, the movie turns completely on a single conceit that while it makes perfect sense could be read in two ways, both equally cruel. Instead, I would have preferred a positive message about how adults need to share, too.
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March 20, 2012
Delightful Canadian drama with a French taste directed by Xavier Dolan. It is a story about romantic obsession of two friends who both fall in love with the same man. It premiered in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and I am really sorry I didn't had a chance to see it earlier! There is lots of movies which think that they are dealing with obsession mixing up that subject with just an ordinary crush. By contrast, Xavier Dolan's movie gives us a feel of almost aching because of the unrequited desire. I liked his light-footed style of directing which was full of life, and that life brings joy when they are together and pain when a fierce erotic energy has to evaporate before reaching the object because it was one sided!

Inclusion of the recurring set of interviews with love scorned young people brings us to reality today's inclusion of heaps of sarcasm (communicated through tongue-clicks, snide smirks and eye-rolls) in "modern relationships"... Youthful and enjoyable if you don't mind a little bit of pain .
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September 11, 2011
Did you think in a million years you would ever see another movie as good as Jules and Jim that dealt with the same issues? Xavier Dolan has crafted that film.
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½ December 27, 2011
'Heartbeats (Les amours imaginaires)' (2010) is Xavier Dolan's introspective and exquisitely filmed romance of impossible love. It's not as influential as Dolan's debut film, 'I Killed My Mother' (2008), but it's quite pragmatic and naturally appealing despite how 'parlez-vous-franšais' pretentious it can be at times. I would recommend it.
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November 9, 2010
From a technical standpoint, the film is flawless, with gorgeous shots, beautiful cinematography, fitting soundtrack and great performances - but the characters are never truly established from the beginning, therefore their actions, instead of being truthful and cute/heartbreaking, are just... well... very pathetic and the two main protagonists come off as rather shallow (she borders on psychopath).
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August 10, 2010
Continuously refrained from coming alive by an arsenal of exhaustingly mannered flourishes, but very much aware of what makes a young adult relationship triangle tick. Drifting away from the dour, angsty self-involvement that characterized J'ai Tue Ma Mere, Xavier Dolan's second cinematic offering in a year has a better-adjusted melancholy to it than its predecessor. If some character sketches feel somewhat incomplete, the obvious filmic influences strain to pass as necessary and many of the screenplay's patterns circle back on themselves, it is the the spot-on depiction of a typically Montrealish microclimate of aesthetic-obsessed hipsters that gives the film some of the significance it truly desires to wield. Dolan orients his well-chosen cast (including himself) in a recognizable, if not entirely convincing, sort-of neurotic spaz. For the most part, it's Monia Chokri who molds the strongest, richest character out of a familiar figure. One has to wonder, though, why this game of illusions and projections feels so tortured when it's mostly built on misunderstandings and is virtually sexless. Despite some heartfelt evidence that this isn't quite just some surface mood piece (and despite the succession of such lovely framings), the fading of the central friendship also unfortunately feels like it's not given enough weight by Dolan's eye, bringing Les Amours Imaginaires to the finished line as a pretty spotty, dodgy affair.
½ September 24, 2015
A little too slow and uneventful for me, but I can still see the talent apparent in spurts throughout. Nobody is better at shooting people walking than Dolan! None of Dolan's stories or characters have blown me away yet narratively, but I'm still mostly fascinated with his movies. Solid, but unremarkable for me.
½ August 22, 2015
Whenever I'm asked why I'm not enamored with Xavier Dolan as a filmmaker, I tell them I watched "Heartbeats" first and resent them for telling me the man who directed this was the future of filmmaking. I hate to use this word when reviewing a film, but here, it's warranted: "pretentious." That's, to me, what "Heartbeats" is to the T: a pretentious, shallow update of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "The Dreamers", but with more of an obsession with slow motion applications of perfume over deeper character understanding. Thankfully, his follow-up film "Laurence Anyways" was a vast improvement.
April 13, 2015
His second feature, HEARTBEATS is not Xavier Dolan's best but as always, the film shows an energy and talent that's modern and truly captures the way we live now. However, this is the only one of Dolan's features that feels immature. A film about the young from the young. And Dolan is young. Only 22 when he made HEARTBEATS but still a step back after the amazing I KILLED MY MOTHER.
January 28, 2015
"Heartbeats" features far too many empty stylistic interludes (Dolan regularly layers French pop songs or classical music over slow-motion shots to little or no meaningful effect), but there's enough of the talented filmmaker's potential peeking through the pretension to make the experience entertaining and original.
December 9, 2011
For a few minutes at a time - it works, and those minutes are a pleasure - but those minutes are gradually buried by the mass of the film which doesn't work and the audience is finally just rooting for the film to end.
½ August 13, 2014
This movie is good. I really hated the guy that tries to tear the two friends apart. This director is pretty good.
February 17, 2012
don't like it at all. Seems as the director didn't quite know what he wants... The characters are so annoying, it really isn't pleasant to watch.
November 12, 2012
Xavier Dolan explores the eminently romantic theme of the 'ideal love', or to be more correct, the love of the ideal. Beautiful visuals, just well done to the backbone. This film blew me away, I will call it a masterpiece. Well done! A+
½ July 20, 2012
Very impressive movie. Every frame was gorgeous and the plot, while light as a feather, charmed me and everyone I saw it with. Big recommendation.
½ March 4, 2012
An unusual movie about a usual subject. With ups and downs and still in an experimental phase, the director has certainly a bright future!
½ January 2, 2012
Heartbeats is clearly the work of a young, aspirant filmmaker (Dolan was 21 when it premiered at Cannes) -- it wears its influences (particularly its stylistic ones, of which it owes much to Godard and Rivette) on its figurative sleeve, and its eagerness to evoke such influences more than seldom oversteps its handle on its own narrative -- but it's a beautifully shot one that frequently finds truth, and it certainly holds value against alike films.
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