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½ May 2, 2007
This is one crazy little adult animated movie. Its about a little boy named Lil Pimp (voiced by Mark Brooks) who gets picked on at school by all the kids because he does not have a father figure in his life. Lil Pimp also has a friend who lives inside his pocket who happens to be a rat or something of some sorts named Weathers (voiced by Ludacris) that he talks to, weathers is a little horny thing and has a very bad mouth. One day Lil Pimps mom tells him to go out and find a father figure to be in his life at one of his little cub meetings. While walking home he happens to witness a prostitute (voiced by Lil Kim) being kicked out of a car, she asks Little Pimp to walk her to the playground. Lil Pimp assumes she is talking about the neighborhood playground but she was actually talking about a nightclub named The Playground. So they go the playground Lil Pimp meets Fruit Juice voiced by Bernie Mac who happens to be a pimp, from this point on Fruit Juice and the rest of the gang teaches Lil Pimp what it is to be a real pimp.

The movie is very funny but can also be hard to watch for some. I wouldn?t take this movie serious and I sure wouldn?t let the kids watch it, I have to sit this one aside because everytime the little ones come over they want to watch it but its filled with foul language, a prostitute /stripper dancing on a pole and a bunch of other adult content which is so not suitable for viewing by young children. This is an adult movie about a kid how ironic is that.
November 27, 2008
[font=Courier New][color=navy][b]Don't bother watching this....seriously, go do laundry, call that relative you can't stand, or just watch paint peel....anything but waste time watching this. If you have no other choice, have a few drinks,close your eyes and wait for the soundtrack selection; that's the only thing worthwhile here. [/b][/color][/font]
April 8, 2005
I rented Lil' Pimp because the box said that it had Ludacris in the movie, and who doesn't want to see a movie with Ludacris in it?!

Turns out the answer to that question is: NO ONE. No one wants to see this movie with Ludacris in it or not.

The movie was not funny and seemed incredably long for being 80 minutes. Can you imagine how bad a movie has to be to make it seem long if it's only 80 minutes?

It was a bad idea, bad writing, just a bad movie. Which is kind of weird considering the cast (Bernie Mac, William Shatner, Ludacris, Lil' Kim, Mystikal, Big Boy, Carmen Elektra, Dannie Bonaducie(sp?)) Oh...maybe it ISN'T weird when you think of the cast... at any rate I would not recommend it.

Recommended to: No one.
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