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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning Reviews

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Luke B

Super Reviewer

March 5, 2011
Judge it compared to the original and it looks awful. For a direct to video film, and compared to the sequel, it's pretty darn good. The best thing about it, is that it doesn't go for bigger action. Had it done, it would lesson the impact of the adventure in the original. This does mean that the villain isn't particularly awful, nor is the adventure THAT exciting. What it does do is present a solid prequel. It adds some layers, with the death of Ariel's mother, and gives us a plot that doesn't effect/change the original. Characters are also able to learn valuable lessons, without contradicting their future selves. The film also has a great character in a softly spoken manatee. It makes a nice change to see an engaging Disney character that isn't obnoxious and loud. Can be watched before or after the original.

Super Reviewer

January 28, 2010
This was boring :|
Dannielle A

Super Reviewer

April 22, 2009
Much more chessey than the first two, but if I were younger I think I'd love it. I enjoyed getting to know Ariel's sisters in this movie, who we were very briefly introduced to in the first movie due to cut scenes. I think a younger audience would enjoy this one.
Jackson W

Super Reviewer

May 25, 2011
I surprisingly liked Little Mermaid 3 and I'll tell you why. It was an original story that answered questions left unsaid in the original (i.e. Ariel's mother) and also provided a background to Atlantica that makes the first film all the more enjoyable than it formerly was. The animation is it's only flaw.
Remi L

Super Reviewer

June 14, 2009
I tried to sit through the whole thing, but my attention span is only so long. I used to watch the Little Mermaid television series and I think if this movie had come out then, I would've been mildly entertained. The FIRST sequel was better than this one. I didn't even finish watching this one!
Sunil J

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2008
Interesting. Not especially good but watchable. I was interested in seeing if it would go anywhere
July 12, 2011
A cute, charming prequel to the lovable original classic that still lives on with the magic and heart. (A)
November 6, 2012
I can't lie i really enjoyed this film. This movie was laugh out loud funny. GRADE:A-
July 4, 2011
A marked improvement over the last sequel, this Direct-to-DVD movie feels like it is made for the less discriminate. There are definitely lulls. The plot borrow elements from The Sound of Music and Footloose, and is pretty much a bummer. Once the music starts, the movie does take off a bit, but why not write a new calypso tune instead of recycling Shake Shake Shake Senora? They wrote other songs for this movie, why not one more. Hearing Senora made me want to watch Beetlejuice. The kids are sure to love another Ariel movie, mine did. Overall a disapointment, but again, fathoms above The Little Mermaid II. Not recommended.
July 12, 2010
I have a feeling that I was not the only one who thought that it was strange that Ariel was the only sister who looked like their mother. Not very good. Ariel is my favorite and I was not very happy with this.
January 21, 2008
Its nice to know the back story, but this did not impress at all. First, there were only 2 of the original cast, second the evil lady could not sing to save her life, third, the manatee, Benjamin, had an annoyingly quiet voice so you could barely understand him, and forth the music was not that impressive compared to what is usually in Disney movies. The only highlight was seeing what Ariels mother looks like.
June 3, 2009
What was with the Manatee that lived at the bottom of the ocean? Cuz that totally happens in real life.
January 21, 2009
This movie wasn't all that bad, but I think the only reason that it got made was to milk the franchise even more which they should have just stopped at the first one. That being said there are a few cute parts in it and maybe once worth one viewing.
January 2, 2009
Cute but nothing close to the original. Film makers were smart to move this straight to video. Little Mermaid fans should enjoy seeing Ariel as a little girl.
October 18, 2008
everything was beautiful! the animation, effects, songs, music. the only problem i had was flounder. in this movie, he was NOTHING like he was supposed to be.
October 18, 2008
It was good.
I was happy to have know who her mother was.
In the other princess movies you don't ever see the mom, they either don't mention her or she was mentioned very little.
September 7, 2008
Yep, I actually saw this movie with my little sis. I used to love the original. Songs are no way as good as the original as is obvious by it's directly to video status, or its' plot.
September 3, 2008
Very cute movie. Went back to when Ariel was a little baby. Shows how Ariel's mother died. After the death of his wife King Triton does way with music. Of course Ariel loves music and helps his father understand. I loved the movie very musical and fun to watch. One of the BEST Disney movies.
September 1, 2008
I was excited about this movie from the first preview I saw months ago. I am happy to say it did not disappoint, especially when you consider it is a direct to video Disney prequel! The animation was absolutely gorgeous and top notch. The script was well written and very funny. The villain was entertaining and you can't help but love her sidekick. The music was great as well, although I wish there had been maybe one or two more original songs. As a passionate music lover, I could certainly relate to the storyline and the characters. Fans of the original movie will especially enjoy seeing Ariel's mother for the first time, more of her sisters and discovering how Ariel and Flounder became best friends. This film was even better than Cinderella III, which I also loved, and one I will revisit many times. Great job Disney!
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