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½ June 16, 2015
A nice film about a dysfunctional family with a great script. Funny at times, but definitely original. Alan Arkin gives a great performance.
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½ September 5, 2010
Wonderful, touching, original, and engaging in every way. I rarely watch a movie twice; I've seen this one three times, and enjoyed it each time.
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October 14, 2006
A hugely enjoyable yet haunting film, which leaves you with a great feeling and an urge to better yourself somehow. The characters are perfectly formed and lovable and you go on the journey with them. You cheer and shout for Olive and hope she wins, but even when she doesn't, you know these people are better off for it.
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½ January 22, 2012
Little Miss Sunshine is the movie that's redefined the dysfunctonal family. Although marketed as a comedy it's more of a moving, inspiring and emotional drama than the next comedy flick. The directorial duo made this ensemble of messed up characters charming and lovable flawlessly and with the laughs, the character development flows smoothly. I watched it for the great chemistry of the ensemble and of course, Abigail Breslin's breakthrough performance and boy was it one to remember.
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April 20, 2011
'Little Miss Sunshine' is a tender but fierce film that never sputters as it reveals its intentions and brilliance. This is clearly the world we live in, yet its clearly the one we don't want. Filled with awesome performances from every character within the pointed script, 'Little Miss Sunshine' delivers on all promises and is hard to forget.
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September 25, 2010
"Little Miss Sunshine" is credibly gifted with an amazing cast, a fantastically plotted series of events, and classic film elements that will jump right off the screen. As we follow a broken family on a mission to bring happiness to their daughter, in the way of bringing her to the finals of the Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant. We are given heart-felt and sad moments along the way, comedy that will relieve any awkward or depressing scenes, and a final conclusion that will leave you scratching your head, thinking about which emotions you are supposed to be feeling. You may either want to cry, laugh, or just feel what each of the characters are feeling, but the true thing that really stands out to me, is when you are viewing this film, it does not feel like a film, but rather a life journey that could happen to anyone in the world. I absolutely love this movie, might be one of the best Drama/Comedies (Dramadies) that I have ever seen. "Little Miss Sunshine" is breathtaking!
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October 8, 2011
The family on display here is so dysfunctional and cramped that you feel the frustration build inside of you, just as it does in these characters. While sometimes uncomfortable and dreary, "Little Miss Sunshine" succeeds in its goal of revealing the dark side of family life, and the good that can come from sticking together, no matter what. Coupled with great performances and a rightfully acclaimed script, the film manages to be funny, depressing, heartwarming, and suspenseful in equal measure.
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January 22, 2011
OVERRATED. Not amazing. Laughed maybe once.
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June 9, 2011
The beauty of failure, laid out with honesty and fun in this ridiculously amusing family film of dysfunction.

Every character has their own dreams, their own shortcomings and their own resolutions. When they all come together for each other though, that's where this movie finds its place.

Still, I can't help but wish they pushed the chemistry between the entire family just a little more. Maybe it was too subtle for me but in the long run the only impressionable repertoire was between Carell and Dano.
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½ August 18, 2010
Love this movie! From the introduction scene with the family dinner, to the final scene with the family dancing with Olive, this little film is pure genius! Every second is smart funny, yet utterly real and touching. Little Abigail Breslin is so perfect, especially with her special talent. This is the second film I've seen Paul Dano in he and gives another performance that I really enjoyed. Alan Arkin is great as well. The whole cast is great in this great movie!
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½ January 9, 2011
A dumb road-trip movie on a route that's downhill all the way through.

Oh yeah, the climax sends out a fascinating social message though - life is not all about winning every race and contests, it's all about making a complete ass out of yourself, even if that means the people watching you are disgusted to their guts.
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May 26, 2011
Little Miss Sunshine is a terrific, well crafted film thats very funny, original and refreshing.The cast did a great job and the Directors did a wonderful job at combining drama and comedy in one fhe film. The great thing about the film is that it has a very simply story, and works so well by being different than all the other run of the mill road films. This is a well made comedy drama film with a smart cast. Onbe thing that stood out for me was Steve Carrell's toned down performance that was a welcome change, and it shows that he's able to do something totally different. Little Miss Sunshine is a well made comedy that brings effective laughs by witnessing a dysfunctional family helping their daughter go to Little Miss Sunshine. The film is very funny and it has a well written story with great characters. Though this is not a film for everyone, those who want to watch a different style of comedy film should check this film out. The fact that its different makes it much more enjoyable. The film may not appeal to everyone, but Little Miss Sunshine has a great heart. The film is different and I love it because of that, it takes such an original, refreshing idea that you don't normally think would be a good idea for a comedy, but it works the film is brilliantly written, acted and directed. In time Little Miss Sunshine will surely become a classic of the genre. The film superb acting a d good story are the highlights of this film qand it's impressive how such an ordinary idea can be this funny and dramatic at the same time.
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April 24, 2011
A great mix of drama and comedy. Being realistic and relate-able always works for a movie, and not many movies do it better than this one.
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½ February 27, 2011
It was not funny like people said but take that away you have a great film, it truly deserved the Oscars and the praise, I loved it.
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February 6, 2007
A dysfunctional family go on a road trip from Albuquerque to Redondo Beach to enter their daughter in a beauty pageant. Another one of those quirky to the core indie comedies, Little Miss Sunshine actually has a lot more depth to it than most. It's essentially about the family as a loosely associated group of individuals who somehow manage to live together. Every member of the cast brings a pathos and likeability to their characters in their own particular way, from Greg Kinnear's hilariously desperate motivational speaker, to Steve Carell's suicidal voice of reason to Alan Arkin's to-Hell-with-it-I'm-gonna-die-soon-anyway grandpa. It has loads of laugh out loud moments and a warmth that skillfully manages to sidestep contrived schmaltziness. It all ends up in a genuinely funny parody of the child beauty pageant mentality that's pure celebration of individuality and although I often quickly weary of movies such as this, it was just as enjoyable on a second viewing. And props to Paul Dano for managing to be the only emo I've ever come across who I didn't want to stab in the neck.
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½ July 29, 2010
I liked the movie. I didn't love it though. I didn't find it hilarious like a lot of people did but it's still enjoyable. It's got some sweet moments too. I didn't really like the last scene though where everybody was dancing. I found it silly an slightly stupid when I think it was suppose to be heartworming.

Grade: B
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½ February 19, 2011
Little Miss Sunshine is a delightful little film about a family at odds with themselves and each other but find solidarity in Olive, their very own Little Miss Sunshine.

Charming to its core, each flawed character is endearing in their own way from the mute son to the heroin snorting Grandpa to the suicidal Uncle. As they road trip their way to a beauty pageant we are treated to a story with real substance that will make you laugh, cry and gasp in horror.

Abigail Breslin is a breath of fresh air as the beauty queen Olive in the disturbing and somewhat sickening world of 'Little Miss' Beauty pageants.

It took me a second watch to truly 'get' the film as first time round I was expecting a standard Steve Carell cheap laughs flick but once you realise that's not what this is at all, you can appreciate it for the brilliant film that it is.

"A real loser is someone who's so afraid of not winning he doesn't even try. "
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December 29, 2010
Distinguishable movie (in a good way) where every actor seems to have unique character of their own. Looking at the tagline "Everybody pretend to be normal", the movie tend to be true in anyway. Abigail Breslin is so cute and she shines in this movie. The conflict around the movie is outstanding and irresistible. I found it very surprising one and it deserved the attention.
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½ August 26, 2010
Oh-Em-Gee!! This is way too overrated. I didn't find this that much funny. If this rating was basically for Abigail Breslin's dance in the contest then yeah, that was pretty hilarious and also shocking (I expected something mind blowing, in a positive way).
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February 25, 2007
really good. it was only an average comedy until the last 10 minutes, but they were 10 of the funniest minutes in a movie that I have ever seen. abigail breslin was very good.
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