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October 4, 2008
Impressive performance by Vince Vaughn in a straight dramatic role. Sultry tale of a twisted family dynamic and small town relationships. Ashley Judd at her radiantly beautiful best and Kate Capshaw as a fatally flawed harridan. This movie kept my interest from start to finish. Loved the relationship between Clay (Vaughn) and Flyboy (Davies). Think Oedipus Rex in the heartland.
February 1, 2012
This was agood movie. A lot of big name people from today. A little slow starting out but the ending was good.
June 14, 2009
I don't think I would want to see it again (especially because of the cattle stuff), but it was a pretty decent modern tragedy.
Very well acted.
I also enjoyed having a drifter that wasn't a bad guy, but quite the opposite.
June 8, 2004
What a big pile of crap! Disgusting crap that has been sitting in the sun for two days and then it rained for a day on it, and then mold began to grow!
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