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½ March 6, 2011
Lou Diamond Phillips (Bart) and his gang of renegade motorcycle buddies rob the local establishment, Sean Patrick Flanery (John) a local citizen, takes him into custody while Bart calls on the rest of his motorcycle gang to get him out of jail and terrorizes the town whilst doing so. It seems only Sean Patrick has the gumption to stand up to them along with Robert Forster who plays Gus, a cranky old tough guy who is good with a gun and his only ally.
½ May 13, 2012
The script is intelligent, with several instances of clever dialogue and serious moments that don't feel awkward or out of place.
December 13, 2009
Lou Diamond Phillips smacks around one of the Boondock Saints for 80 minutes. Forgettable yawn fest with some chuckles here and there, mostly for Phillips.
September 8, 2010
I don?t think you?re as tough as I am mean

John is an extra at a local cowboy reenactment in a small southwestern town. There isn?t much in this town so people generally appreciate what they have. A biker and his friend roll into town and start causing trouble. When the biker robs the local bar, John takes it upon himself to arrest the biker. When the biker?s gang arrives in town to save him before he goes to trial, John will have to become a real life hero.

?They?re going to roll into town, tear it up and rip it down.?

Ken Sanzel, director of Scar City, Dodge City, Num3ers, and Nomads delivers Lone Hero. The storyline for this film was entertaining and better than mediocre for the action genre. The settings were interesting and the characters were well presented. The cast includes Lou Diamond Phillips, Sean Patrick Flannery (Boondock Saints), Robert Forster, and Tanya Allen (Silent Hill).

?I have some chiba in my car. Do you want to kill some time??

The Lone Hero is a movie I came across while flicking through the channels on Cinemax. The storyline seemed interesting and I have a soft spot for action pictures. I found this picture to be a unique take on the genre along the lines of Road House. This film is for action film junkies only; but for fans of the action genre, I recommend seeing this picture.

?You stopped him with a gun loaded with blanks??

Grade: C+
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