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August 4, 2012
Back in the eighties, films could be bad because they were fun to watch. If there was a bad film, you can expect it to be campy, enjoyable, and filled with actors that would later grow up to be use sensations. Plus, some films that were okay would later become staples in Pop Culture. As such with Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys. The film was good by itself, help spark the vampire revolution, and to this day has only aged like wine in terms of being good. However, like with most films of the past decade, there had to be a Hollywood sequel to cash in on the love of the original. Some of these sequels have been good. Some have been bad. Lost Boys: The Tribe is a film that fails on all levels except for one.

First off, I do not really see the point in continuing this story. It ended at the end of The Lost Boys, there was nothing left to tell, so why was the point? Besides the money that they hope they would make (enough to finance a sequel). But in reality, it was to cash in on the Vampire Rennassance that was sparked in the mid 2000's. So, seeing this film as a modern vampire film, it does get some point of returning to the vampires that were grotesque, evil, cold, and just plain mean spirited. These vampires are as I described them, but they also resemble the vampires of today. The types that look like they are waiting to be in some teen magazine you would find in a drug store. If this film is creditable for anything, it would be that it showcases this generation's views of vampires and how the true vampire fans are expecting the return of real vampires. However, that would be one of only two good things about this film.

The other good thing is Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. Being the original vampire hunter from the first film, it was a huge breath of cold air to see him in this film thirty minutes in. In fact, next to the vampire designs and the soundtrack, he is the only real reason why this film is barely watchable. He does not take this film seriously, he knows it will not be as iconic as the original, but yet he has fun with it. He tries to make the film enjoyable somewhat, and while his attempts are honorable, it just fails.

And this is when the film goes down hill. Okay, first off: this film is cheap as crap. I mean, it feels like a made for television film you would catch late on Syfy when they are about to start showing nfomercials of weight-loss pills. Nothing about this film is pleasant to look at, nothing screams that this film was treated with love and care, and watching it, nothing about it keeps you interested. Plus, with the direction, the film goes no where and what we are left with is a dull, lifeless (no pun intended) film that you can pop in at any moment and know exactly who is who and what is going on. Also, the script of this film is so diluted with plot holes that it starts to become embarrassing. We are never told how the vampires even came about in this film, what was up with Tom Slavini's cameo at the start of the film, and how this film is even connected to the first film besides Frog. Then you have how this film goes against it's own logic in terms of the mythology of the first film. And do not get me started on how bad the script is. Half of the dialogue that is said is copied from the first film, the other half reads like someone trying to make the film hip and cool by adding in numerous profanity and scenes of nude women with hopes that it can cover it up. Film lesson: nudity, gore, and profanity do not make a good film.

The acting in this film is why we have the razzies. Nothing, at all, is acted out, nothing is notable, even the main actors are a bore. And this is sad considering Angus Sutherland (half brother of Kiefer Sutherland from the first film) is in this film blaming the same role as his half brother. I mean, my word! How much more bland can one get with this film? With the others, they are not even worth my time trying to figure out their names. They were all picked for sex appeal and that is that.

Looking at the director of this film, it comes to no shock that the director of the third 'From Dusk Till Dawn' film made this movie. Okay, listen to me: you can not direct vampire films. You can direct their action scenes, but not entire films. The Lost Boys was a film that was distinctively Stomacher, and here it is destroyed. However, while I despise this film, I can not completely hate it. The reason why is because this film is a staple in vampire history as showing what has happened to the vampire genre in the new millennium. This film looks and feels like a cheap porno, is cardboard, and is easily forgettable with the only redeeming quality being Corey Feldman's role.
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½ September 20, 2011
Being a diehard fan of the first Lost Boys, I had high hopes about this sequel. Boy, was I wrong, this film is terrible. Where to begin? The film takes the exact same plot as the first, recycles it, and changes a few things to make this recycled plot interesting. If you've seen the first Lost Boys, you've seen this one. Of all the horror sequels that I've seen, Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is one of the worst sequels there can be. The plot is predictable, the acting is awful, and the film is just a cash grab that milks the original's reputation. I felt that The Lost Boys was a stand alone film; the film didn't need a sequel. I can't believe that the studio went ahead and made this, as this is tone of the most uninspired films in the horror genre. Lost Boys 2 doesn't do anything interesting, and it travels the same exact road as the first film. There's nothing that will appeal to fans of the first, and watching this will make you realize that you wasted your time. The only good thing about the film was Aiden's cover of Cry Little Sister. I felt betrayed when they butchered this film. There's nothing that I hate more when a studio gets greedy and decides to make a crappy sequel to an excellent film. In the case of The Lost Boys, you get one of the worst possible sequels that you can get. Not even the Frog Brothers could save this one. If you've loved the first film, skip this one; you're not missing out, as this films takes the same story and switches the roles of the characters. Skip it, and forget that this one exists.
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April 14, 2009
OMFG the worst sequel in the history of sequels, not often are sequels good however this is absolutely terrible!
The acting is terrible the story is terrible and just a terrible movie all in all i loved the first one and was a little optimistic at first anyway but i wish i had never watched this because it really is terrible not worth a watch at all!!
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December 16, 2009
Never grow old. Never die. Never know fear again.
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½ November 14, 2009
Bad, bad, bad. This movie's biggest fault was that Joel Schumacher was not directing. This "Tribe" of vampires did not have the cool factor which Kiefer and his gang oozed in the original. It's an almost impossible task to recapture the magic of the 80's 20 years later; the fads and fashions have changed drastically. The original had such a great soundtrack; but this one was forgettable noise. Corey Feldman did an awesome reprisal of his Frog brother character. The lack of Corey Haim didn't help; he only appeared for a few seconds at the end; which doesn't count. I chose not to buy this on DVD. "The Lost Girls" would've been such a better movie idea.
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½ August 29, 2009
This is a film I had to see, I mean, 'Lost Boys' is a classic! And the fact that a sequel has been made! Well, like I said, I had to see it.

To follow up a film like 'lost boys' it's gonna have to be something special. When I first heard about it I thought 'It'll be just some B movie fan film', but then I found out both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are in it, plus the other actor that played the other Frog brother (can't remember his name) in the original film. On that basis I believed this could do justice as a sequel to the cult classic.

How wrong could I be! First up, Corey Haim and 'the other Frog brother' are both credited at the end of the film, but I don't recall seeing either of them in the film, in fact Edgar Frog (Feldman) mentions that his brother has died! And second, they tried to capture the humour of the original film and simply failed.

This film is more of a homage then a sequel, it follows the original story with only minor adjustments, eg. this time it's a brother and sister rather then 2 brothers, and this time it's the girl that gets seduced rather than the fella.

Another point - you would have thought that after 20 years since the first film the effects would be spectacular, but they're not, they could've been lifted from the original, which shows they're budget must have been tight.

Overall this film is very average, should've been a lot better, but then I've seen worse.
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August 20, 2009
I like True Blood, so am watching more Vampire movies. I have not seen Lost Boys 1 though. This movie was too type-cast for me. Vampires are after the hero and his sister, and he has to do the wooden stake thing to save her and himself. Big deal.
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July 22, 2008
Not as good as the original of course but not too bad. Basically its the same kind of setup (as usual) the 'tribe' arent too cool really, just adrenaline junkies who surf and ride motorbikes too fast, a kind of rip of from 'Point Break' really. The original vamp tribe had that 80's cool to em that you just cant beat hehe the rest of the cast is pretty good though Kiefer's brother is the new head vamp (actually looking really good and goth with his blonde locks) Hilgenbrink of American Pie (Stiffler's bro) fame is actually good and fits the role with his sister (Reeser) being sweet, cute and not annoying atall.
Feldman is back but is clearly the weakest link in the story and cast, his acting is shockingly hammy and what is up with his pathetic voice put on?? lol sounds ridiculous.
The effects are quite bloody in places and do look cool I gotta admit, some nice deaths and a good intro with a cameo from Savini :)
lastly, dont miss the wicked cameo by Corey Haim facing off against Feldman at the end, nice touch.
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July 17, 2008
You wait 21 years for a sequel to a cult classic and this is all we get? It's very poor saved at times only by Corey Feldman returning in his original role and not looking much older, maybe he is a vampire to? It's a bit like a not so good take on of Buffy, just with more gore and nudity, essential for straight to DVD horrors. Some parts were ok but the overall film just makes you think what a missed opportunity. Watch once if you curious.
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July 17, 2008
The sequel has the teen and the vampire bits, but replaces the angst, horror and comedy with, respectively, constipation, unintentional laughs and ennui. It is a Z-movie. The plot simply replays the original, but with a healthy dollop of Point Break. The second problems's the acting. Corey Feldman, as a vampire slayer Edger Frog (from the original), comes across like Laurence Olivier next to the rest of this lot.
Believe it, Angus Sutherland takes over his older half-brother Kiefer, from the original The Lost Boys, as the head vampire in this sequel.
And I was surprised to see Corey Haim (also from the original) appeared cameo after the closing credits.
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½ November 22, 2008
Disappointing to say the least. Relies heavily on too much gore and a few token topless teens to distract from the fact that, yes, they stuffed this up big time. Corey Feldman is okay in it, but what was up with his voice?! Corey Haim for two seconds at the end credits was an insult. If it weren't for title and the brief appearances by the Coreys, this could have been any random no-name C grade horror flick.
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September 13, 2008
Not as gut as the first, but not bad for a sequel at all. Just updated, I suppose...and kinda fun stuff. :]
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August 19, 2008
Bastards. The film started well, feeling like a Lost Boys film, then it showed its true colours. This wasn't a sequel this was a re-tread. Another try and save your sibling and kill the head vampire crap. I've seen this film already and it was done a LOT better. If that wasn't bad enough the main characters share a surname with characters from the first film, though this is never explained. Dialogue alludes to a much more interesting film featuring original characters. An after credits "ending" again shows us a snippet of a film we could of had AND the alternative ending on the DVD was better than the entire film. This film is nothing more than a reboot to try and snare in some younger viewers before hopefully tackling the original characters in another film. I felt horribly cheated.
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August 16, 2008
There's too much "grown-up stuff" (i.e. sex and nudity) for the type of film that it is and Feldman (in true camp form) is underused but it's still not bad for a sequel that comes 21 years after the first which I never really liked a whole lot anyway.

Check out the mid-end credits sequence--it's well worth the wait.
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½ August 7, 2008
The 80's remakes continue. First they tried to pretend they were original films when the stories were obviously complete copies: Karate Kid became Never Back Down, Dirty Dancing became Step Up, Escape from new York became Doomsday... Then they started calling them sequels: first War Games 2, and now Lost Boys 2. But these sequels are nothing but remakes in disguise.

I consider the original Lost Boys to be a decent, though overrated film. This one, however, is just what you'd expect from a direct-to-video movie. Mediocre and sloppy, but mildly entertaining. Oddly enough, its biggest flaw is its only connection to the original: Corey Feldman. It's like he's trying to be a bad actor here with his horrible acting and line delivery, and his badly tweezed eyebrows and bad wig make him almost unwatchable... Not to mention the fact that it feels like his character was shoved into the story last minute just to add some credibility to the sequel. If they'd left him out, I might've accepted this as the usual mediocre video fare. But Feldman's presence just reminds us of how inferior this flick really is.

p.s. - it loses an additional 1/2 star for mocking "The Goonies" as uncool.
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½ August 1, 2008
Where the heck was Jamison Newlander? Bah. Maybe I blinked.

I was going to type up a lengthy diatribe about all I thought that was wrong with this misguided debacle, but I've decided it's not worth the effort.

It can barely call itself a Lost Boys film. It offers no surprises, nothing interesting. All the actors are a vapid waste. The "connections" and references to the first film are nearly insulting.

It's not even bad in a good way.
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July 19, 2008
Watch the first one it's so much better!
this is just a remake and it not that good either.Shame after 21 years and they could'nt get it right a slap in the face to warner bros!!!!!!!!!!!!
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½ October 21, 2012
Lost Boys: The Tribe is an average vampire film that continues and expands the Lost Boys universe. The story follows a brother and sister that move to a small beach community, but when the sister is turned into a vampire the brother seeks out help from famed vampire hunter Edgar Frog in order to save her. The acting is subpar for the most part, but the script isn't that demanding; so it kind of works. However, Corey Feldman gives a fun and campy performance that livens up the film. Additionally, there are some nice callbacks to the original Lost Boys, and a strong soundtrack. It isn't an ambitious film, but Lost Boys: The Tribe delivers an entertaining vampire adventure that hits all the usual beats.
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½ May 10, 2011
This straight-to-DVD movie is fucking awful. I don't know I can explain that any clearer.
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½ December 2, 2008
The original Lost Boys took me by surprise when I saw it in theaters in 1987. I was blown away by it. It had a great story, great cast, good directing, good cinematography, and a great soundtrack. The studio should have left the film alone.

Instead, they make a misfire sequel. The acting is terrible. The special effects are cheesy. One scene, the love scene between Autumn Reaser and Angus Sutherland is almost an exact copy of the love scene from the original film with Jami Gertz and Jason Patric with the song "Cry Little Sister" playing during the scene.
On the positive, it was good seeing Feldman back in his famous role, however they gave him very little screen time in this film. They even threw in a cute Goonies joke, obviously cause of him in this film.

The best part of the film, comes during the end, when the credits role, and Corey Haim and Corey Feldman share the screen again for a very brief time. However, this scene shocks us as their friendship has changed drastically since the original film. That one scene, which could spawn a third direct to DVD sequel had a more interesting backstory behind (which is never spoken about in this film) it than the plot of this film.
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