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April 15, 2014
The Love God? is hardly Knott's best vehicle, and in that sense is probably pretty unknown to most. But, it has a quirk and a charm that almost makes you like it.
February 27, 2013
Probably Don Knott's funniest movie! It's just so abnormal and so akward it just works!
½ September 27, 2004
THE LOVE GOD? (1969)
July 8, 2010
Another Don Knotts vehicle with more than a dash of influence on Austin Powers; great omn-the-town montages & costumes . . .
April 14, 2010
Having seen this many years ago, can't exactly remember what it was really all about. It failed to impress me however and as a testimony I can't remember much about it.

Don Knotts, a peculiar stage name, carries his Mayberry personna to the big screen several times. In this one, he is portrayed as a Love God rather saracasticly, of course. Thats the comedy of it all. While not a thinking man's comedy, there are some incidental features of the film you should watch.

Primarily, this film captures the era so very well. At least, the era of the sixties we THINK happened. Psychodelia happened everywhere but where I lived. It actually was a Hollywood construct. Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco might be the only place psycodelia actually existed as a lifestyle.

Would suggest all my RT friends and wannabes to find this film and comment. Not for the humor, but for the setting.

Interesting look into an era as strange as it was captivating.
½ December 15, 2007
Clever film with Knotts playing a failing birdwatchers magazine publisher (The Peacock). While Abner is on safari looking for a rare bird, a pornographer takes over his magazine. On Peacock's return he is quickly hauled into court on "free speech" pornography charges. Of course for the movie the "skin" is limited to bikini type photos.

Formula Don Knotts, but with the twist of him becoming a Hugh Heffner, all while still the "Barney" at heart. Clever commentary on the sex publishing business in the 60's and the clothing outfits are over the top -- Austin Powers would be envious.
½ August 14, 2006
The Love God?
Starring: Don Knotts, Anne Francis, Edmond O'Brien, Maggie Petersen, and B.S. Pulley
Director: Nat Hiken

After his bird magazine is bankrupted, Abner Peacock (Knotts) is conned by a producer of pornography (O'Brien) into using the magazine's title and 4th class mailing permit as a way to print a new dirty magazine. When journalist Lisa LaMonica (Francis) takes control of the magazine's editorial direction--turning it into an upscale "swingers" magazine, she convinces Abner that it's his patriotic duty to be the magazine's figurehead and lead the life of a swingin' ladies man... because publishing smut is a 1st Amendment right! Soon, the meek bird-watcher finds himself a symbol of sexual liberation, even as he is assuring his sweetheart (Petersen) that they'll be getting married any day now.

"The Love God?" is a comedy that pokes fun at the American "sexual revolution" in the Sixties, though a fictitious version of the "Playboy" company. However, there is a lot more to the film, namely the commentary on mass-media, politics, and how the two converge and often share the same agendas. The film's satirical examination of how no one in the media or political life ever are what they seem, and the statements about the media can make anyone into anything, even if that person isn't at all like the image that is being put forward, are as biting, accurate, and fresh as they were when this film was first released some 35 years ago. In fact, the commentary on the media and "civil rights advocates" on both the liberal and conservative sides of the argument are perhaps [i]even more[/i] accurate than 35 years ago, because neither politicians nor media companies have gotten less manipulative and cynical as the decades have passed.

Although it has a timeless script that is more relevant than ever, the film is still a product of the garish Sixties, so one has to look past that. Another weak spot is that this is one of those movies that just doesn't know when to quit. While the final plot complication is amusing (the minister father of Abner's sweetheart will only let him marry her if he holds a press conference and announces to the world that not only isn't he a swinger--he's a virgin) it stretches on for too long and the movie drags itself toward the finale. It's a shame, because until the last 15 minutes, "The Love God?" moves along as a steady pace, with new twists and complications being added at just the right times.

"The Love God?" is a film with a fine cast (although Anne Francis is a bit of a dead spot), a nice soundtrack, and a 1960s style that is fun and psychadelicious. In addition, the script has numerous timeless elements that puts this film firmly in the category of "classic." It's not without its flaws, but it is well worth your time if you like comedies that come with political commentary that skewers everyone.
October 12, 2004
Better than I expected. Obviously dated, but in an endearing way. Knots is most always enjoyable.
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