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½ December 21, 2009
European cinema at its best! Producer Paulo Branco has been producing some of the best films and best directors in Europe and this is one of the latest ones. Absolutely amazing, in depicting obsession, incest, dysfunction, love, selfishness, acceptation, pain... It's particularly brilliant how time and space is (not) presented.

The ending is terrific and the perfect conclusion to the story. Absolutely superb, a film I think only French could have the audacity to do... I hope European Cinema gets more protection so that we can keep watching these master pieces, otherwise we'll just have to stay dumb watching the main pop corn stream...
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½ January 11, 2009
Pierre is the product of a very unconventional marriage. Both his parents lead promiscuous lives and he spends most of his childhood in a Catholic boarding school. Soon after he returns home, now a young man, his father dies and his mother, undeterred by her husband's death, draws her son into her perverse lifestyle.

I'm not sure I'm open-minded enough to fully appreciate Ma Mere. It attempts to titillate by venturing into those dark places where most people feel VERY uncomfortable. If there is a moral to this story it's simply this: "Don't hump your mother". (Frankly, I didn't need an artsy French film to figure that out.)
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½ July 6, 2006
[font=Century Gothic]"Ma Mere" starts out with Pierre(Louis Garrel) arriving at the vacation home of his parents in the Canary Islands. Soon after, his father has to return home to[/font] France on business where he is killed in an accident. Distraught, Pierre withdraws almost completely while his mother, Helene(Isabelle Huppert), hardly misses a beat. In fact, she gives him the key to his father's study before she heads out to party. Inside the study, Pierre finds a rather large stash of pornography. At first, he masturbates, then urinates all over it. Later, while he is nude sunbathing, Helene approaches him and tells him that it is time he got a first hand look at her hedonist ways, starting out with an introduction to her friend, Rea(Joana Preiss), who is even wilder than she is...

"Ma Mere" is a sexually explicit and provocative movie about intimacy and sex, and how dissimilar they really are. Helene has sex in copious amounts, but it is intimacy and love that Pierre desperately needs.(Pierre was raised by his grandparents since apparently Helene is so carefree as to be incapable of raising a child.)

And the scenic locations are very well photographed.
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April 2, 2007
Pretty disturbing, controversial, but stunningly acted French film. Pierre, fresh from boarding school, returns home to his somewhat estranged mother. After learning about the death of his father in a car crash, Pierre soon enters a world of alcohol drugs and sex.

What follows is something of a numbing experience: full frontal nudity, strong sex scenes and incest are all thrown up on screen. Had it not been for the powerful performances from Louis Garrel and Isabelle Huppert and some interesting camerawork, I may have lost interest in the whole thing (despite the subject matter), especially considering its inordinate running time.
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September 15, 2009
SPOILER ALERT - I really thought I knew what I was getting with this movie. I knew there was a sexually confused son, back from boarding school who has an odd relationship with his mother. And I knew it was NC-17. And I actually thought most of the movie was pretty B/B- worthy. BUT the last 20 minutes or so goes from unconventional, to uncomfortable, to just plain FUCKED Up. And just when I thought it was over, the son jerks off to his dead mom.
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½ August 30, 2008
It lacks a proper and developing potion so it can be revived as a unique work of art.Honore's magic couldn't possibly advance the logic of this project to an erotic masterpiece (perhaps as a commentary to family ties..),Bataille I bet wasn't too insulted by the result,I 'm feeling here though that there wasn't much passion/lust for depravity...
½ April 1, 2011
Admittedly, this film will offend the sensibilities of many an American movie goer. However, Isabelle Huppert an actress without a rival. As I am often wont to say, she is Meryl Streep on steroids.
½ October 7, 2010
It shouldn't even get a rating. It's one of the worst movies out there. DO NOT WATCH IT. An hour and 49 minutes I will never get back. It's something.
September 10, 2010
(** 1/2): Thumbs Down

Huppert gives another fine performance but Louis Garrel (as her son) annoyed me greatly and made me dislike the film. A near-miss.
August 5, 2010
Honestly? The movie wasn't half bad. It WAS wierd, and very strangly acted and played out. With some very strange things attached to the ideas that this film kind of offers to you, the movie just screams every perverse thing you could possibly think of. The movie just had some very wierd scenes and how it ended up playing out....well i'll let you decide. Worth a view, but like Hupperts Piano Teacher it's just really wierd to watch. Good but not great either.
½ July 13, 2010
One of my favorite films that is filed under 'films i love that everyone else hates'

Huppert can do no wrong in my mind, but even here she proves once again that she is a fearless actress, and also the best french actress working today. Louis Garrel also delivers a raw and naked performance (sometimes literally.) Another fearless actor, who is as sexy as he is talented.

Other than the great performances, the film is also incredibly filmed and edited. The opening credits are stark and silent and brilliant. And I've never heard the Beach Boys song so happy together put to better use.

Companion piece: Ken Park
½ April 26, 2010
I wish I could give this movie something less than 10%. It put me in such a foul mood after watching it, that I felt the need to warn people that may be remotely interested in watching it. While the movie starts out with what seems to be the plot of another boring French movie, it continues to show content that make you feel sick to the stomach. I went from a state of being enraged at the author of the book, to being enraged at the director, and finally, enraged at the actors. This movie touches on every taboo imaginable, and culminates by leaving viewers with the foulest taste in the history of cinema. I don't only want my time spent watching this movie back, I also want back my sanity and emotional well-being.
½ September 4, 2009
This film went through moments of intrigue; wondering what it was trying to say about family, power, beauty and sex. However much of it seemed mean and manipulative, separating me from the messages about societal pressures.
May 22, 2008
it was so disturbing and inappropriate. I dont even want to know the mind of someone who would make a film like this.
½ May 19, 2008
Disturbing? Perhaps. A marvelous film? Absolutely. One might be tempted to call it 'sleaze for the sake of sleaze,' but that hardly does justice to the carefully crafted structure of morality (or lack of it) underneath.
October 31, 2014
While it lacks from human touch, '' Ma mère'' achieve it's purpose: disturb, and it's quality is incremented by Huppert's performance.
½ January 12, 2015
This film looks at taboo subjects honestly. I do not like films that profess to be erotic or to portray sexual subjects while showing explicit female nudity but not male. In Ma Mere this is not the case. As such it is, in my opinion, far more equitable then "The Dreamer" by Bertolucci which shows no frontal male nudity and thus is heterosexist and sexist. Ma Mere is not this. Kudos to an open fearless exploration.
December 31, 2013
Horrible film, the story is so disgusting i couldn't believe it. A son falls in love with his wicked mother and they have sex together... ok if by now you still want to watch it it means you are either a fan of this director's work or just weird as this film is.
October 1, 2013
Once again, I was the lone man out in loving this film when it was released in the US. Dark, grim, transgressive, disturbing and unsettling -- Ma Mere is a sort of allegorical look into the slow collapse of western culture. The film is perverse for a reason. Isabelle Huppert is perfectly cast and holds nothing back in Christophe Honoré's experimental film of family dysfunction and Existential Ennui. A bold and brave performance that cannot be ignored. And it would be unfair to not comment on the exceptional cinematography by Hélène Louvart. Certainly not for everyone, but I feel the critics missed the mark on this film.
December 4, 2012
Sick, weak, unimpressive.
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