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April 17, 2013
I really enjoyed this bit of satirical mayhem as a full on cast of stars, go ahead, count 'em, rip through undiscovered treasure of a gag on I'm-tougher-than-you mob films that I'd never even heard of before. Gabe Byrne particularly sparkles, given crazy dialogue, but then everyone's great. A very nice surprise.
January 29, 2009
This is one of those facinating train wrecks where you wonder how it got the cast and got made. Larry Bishop is Joey Bishop's kid, so I guess he's connected.

What does he decide to do with that? Make a kinda/sorta update/tribute to rat pack films. (Not my choice, but I find this more interesting than the Ocean's series.)

There's a convoluted story about a gangster boss coming back from a stay at the looney bin and the hitman that's been running the operation in his absence. (??!!)

It's got some OK performances from Diane Lane, Ellen Barkin and Richard Dreyfuss. Then there's some way out there stuff from Kyle MacLachlan and Gabriel Byrne. Somewhere in the middle is Jeff Goldblum looking like he might nod out from ludes at any minute, but trying to stay awake long enough to say his lines.

It's all put together so bizarrely that you can't look away. You can't believe the names associated with this and you spend as much time wondering how much they got paid and who ponied up the money? Your brain is more keen to know the behind the scenes story than the one being presented. Still, I'm curious enough to still want to see his next effort currently available: Hell Riders.
July 24, 2007
Mickey Holliday (Goldblum) is as cool as you like. He's quick on the trigger, he's a hit with the ladies and he's got style coming out his ears. Unfortunately for him, he has been a hit with the wrong lady - his boss' girl, Grace Everley (Diane Lane - "Knight Moves"). His gangster boss, Vic (Dreyfuss - "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Stakeout", "Lost in Yonkers") is getting out of prison (well, more specifically the nuthouse) in a couple of days and he is none too happy with the antics of Mickey. Pulling the strings in Vic's absence is motormouth, Ben London (Byrne - "Millers Crossing", "The Usual Suspects") who tends to believe in his own abilities a little more than everyone else does. He warns Mickey of what is going to happen when Vic gets out.

But Mickey says that he is finished with Grace and is instead involved with her sister, Rita (Ellen Barkin - "Sea of Love", "The Fan"). Mickey makes ready cash on the side by challenging other trigger-happy gangsters to a shoot-out normally arranged by his mentor, Jules Flamingo (Gregory Hines). Some of the other gunslingers looking to take over from Holliday include Lee Turner (former British rocker, Billy Idol) and Nicholas Falco (Christopher Jones). Fellow gnagsters Jake Parker (Kyle McLacLachlan) and Jacky Jackson (Burt Reynolds) are keen to eliminate Mickey in order to get closer to Vic's empire.

"Trigger Happy" (aka "Mad Dog Time") delivers a host of extravagant colourful characters and places them in tense and comic situations, sometimes simultaneously. Infact "Trigger Happy" is probably one of those films that could purport to be a jack of all trades and be a master of none. The jokes are at times, frankly, sad. For example, the snappy dialogue which includes the Vic, Mick (Mickey) and Nick (Nicholas Falco) names in quick succession and plays it as a 'joke' is very lacking. But on the other side there are some excellent one-liners from the witty Ben London.

Goldblum is very smooth here, Dreyfuss is his usual qualty self, Diane Lane and Ellen Barkin are very sexy. Enjoyable stuff for sure but not everyone's cup of tea, I wouldn't think.
½ May 28, 2007
it has the flare of a gangster movie and the comedy of a's unique and old fashion i like it
½ September 28, 2006
An extraordinarily bad crime movie that almost must be seen to be believed. SO MANY good actors are completely wasted in scene after scene of badly-written, trying-to-be-funny nonsense. Truly awful.
May 1, 2015
A fun time at the theater until this movie stared.
July 31, 2014
One of my favorite movies, apparently like marmite, you love it or hate it, I love it
April 24, 2014
Funny parody of Miller's Crossing type gangster movies... Helps cure one's 'ennui'!
March 1, 2014
My favorite! Also called "Trigger Happy"
½ January 6, 2014
An alternate reality, gangster flick. Slow paced, but still really enjoyed it. Proof that movie critics and myself are diametrically opposed in what we look for in movies. Plus, Billy Idol has a cameo. I wouldn't classify it as a comic-caper movie - it's a tad more serious, but still has some laughs.
December 10, 2009
MAD DOG TIME is such an abysmal and worthless waste of time, it's not even really worth reviewing. This film feels like it never ends, and the humor is so totally unfunny.
½ October 30, 2013
Also, known as "Trigger Happy," to describe this film is like this: some dark place where there is some turf war between I guess two different gangster squads who seem to be mental and obtain guns without permits or effort, leading to even more concern that the US government needs to enforce gun control. Other than that, I have absolutely no idea what this movie is about and this is how I would describe it: excruciatingly, annoying, incoherent, awful, and pure and utter torture. Everyone in this film is just dreadful. The scene featuring singer Billy Idol is putrid. The scene featuring Paul Anka singing with Gabriele Byrne is appalling (what on Earth was Anka thinking!). The shootouts are truly inept, slow, and stupid in every department. Dreyfus and Goldblum must be at low points here in their careers, as I cannot imagine movies with them worse than this. This is as bottom-of-barrel as it gets. You'll go mad and perhaps should the tape or VCR or DVD that you watched this monstrosity off of. Ranks among one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
½ September 24, 2012
The story is about Vic played by Richard Dreyfuss who is a crime boss sent home and is ready to resume his job as supreme leader of the mob. Mickey Holliday who is Vic's enforcer and right hand man played by Jeff Goldblum is trying to have everything squared away for Vic's return which may complicate his personal life since he is having an affair with Vic's girlfriend Grace Everly played by Diane Lane and Rita Everly played by Ellen Barkin both at the same time because they're the Everly sisters, get it? However, there has been a number of other gangster fighting over to take control of the territory especially Ben London played by Gabriel Byrne who is Vic and Mickey's rival. Then we have the comedy and OMG it is horrendous! All they do is constantly shoot each other and this just happens over and over! Roger Ebert quoted that this movie is the equivalent of staring at a blank wall and I totally agree with him because he hated this movie so much. There was barely anything going on in this movie. This movie pisses me off so badly! What was so funny about it? Nothing! I am forced to give it a rating I haven't given any movie a long time. Mad Dog Time gets a I-don't-give-a-fuck/10!
July 21, 2013
*Zero Stars*
I have seen bad movies, really bad movies, atrocious movies, and then there are movies that are unexpectedly worse then anyone can comprehend. That's Mad Dog Time. It's a painfully awful, stupid, idiotic, boring, and horribly scripted piece of trash. A complete waste of time and talent. Set in a different planet were men in flashy tuxes kill each other, talk, kill, talk, then kill. Worst part is that it doesn't make sense. The head bad guy wants to see which one of his men can shoot the best. So what does he do? He make them play in a cowboy-styled shootout. If they're both your best men, why kill one and risk the other just so you can see which one is the best? Roger Ebert gave this zero stars, so I figured that I had to watch it in order to see how bad it was. My expectation was already very low. But it was worse than I thought. Way worse. Do not, I repeat DO NOT watch Mad Dog Time.
½ May 9, 2011
Evidence that good actors can make legendary crap.
½ December 31, 2009
I'm afraid by writing a review I may come off as ignorant, I don't get this movie. Is it supposed to be a comedy? It was on Showtime, and judging by the cast, I figured a mob movie with these actors, how could I go wrong. I went wrong. Don't waste your time with this one. The cast must have had some bills to pay in 1996 and figured this would be an easy paycheck that no one would see. I did the math, and I figure it cost me 12 cents for each movie I watch on showtime.... I want my money back.
½ November 8, 2004
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeff Goldblum, Diane Lane, Larry Bishop, Gregory Hines, Kyle MacLachlan, Burt Reynolds, with Henry Silva, Angie Everhart, Billy Drago, Michael J. Pollard, Billy Idol, Rob Reiner, and Joey Bishop.
Written and Directed by Larry Bishop.
Rated [b]R[/b] (for violence, language and sexuality).
Running time approximately 1 hour 32 minutes.

Though it sports a wonderfully talented cast and a nice, slim runtime, Larry (son of Joey) Bishop's gangster "comedy" [i]Mad Dog Time[/i] is almost a complete waste. Almost every joke falls flat, the film moves at a glacial pace and none of these great actors are able to rise above the terrible dialogue and complete lack of character identity. It's a bad film, an while I did laugh a couple times, it's just not worth 90 minutes of yawning.[b] *1/2 (out of ****) D+
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