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June 14, 2007
loved it.....Alex Haley is a genius...I love all of Alex Haley's Creations...ROOTS, MALCOLM X, QUEEN & MAMA FLORA'S FAMILY
December 7, 2007
I thought this movie was very well written. It is kind of long, but the storyline is wonderful & anything by Alex Haley is amazing!!!! I love watching real movies with real stories consisting of the history or America.

Tyson played the role of a woman who was treated so poorly & had so many negative things happen, but still had faith it would get better. Her story in this movie should show people not to take things for granted & it is possible for things to get better.

I thought all the characters had significant roles & problems. It just shows how much the world has changed since this time period.
March 11, 2011
Samson highly reccomends this.......if you can overlook the sometimes heavy-handed theme....this is a excellent treatise that chronicals the the black experience in America from the turn of the centry through 1970 from the viewpoint of one "lil ol' lady"
November 28, 2010
This Movie is NOT Historically Accurate, and Thus Perpetuates a LIE! This Movie Insults My Intelligence! Hebrews (Blacks) (Negro's) are Shown Living IN Plantations Owning Negro Slaves and Fathering children out of Wedlock with the Slaves. Ask yourself this, During Slavery How Many NEGRO'S Owned Plantations, much less Other Slaves. Alex Haley, Oprah's Color Purple, and Tyler Perry are SADLY Mislead and Mistaken! But it is Now on Record, the Roles Black Actors will take without Regard for its Accuracy or Impact on their Constituents...Israelites are Blind, and are still Dead as the Bones in Ezekiel..........!!!
June 2, 2005
This was a great movie to sit and watch on a dreary day...sure shows how families are needed to stick together through thick and thin.
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