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The Mangler 2 Reviews

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Super Reviewer

June 2, 2011
Not a direct sequel to the first, just another story of possessed machines gone murderous after a cyber virus infects the computer system of a high-tech school and starts to kill off the students and teachers. It's such a good damn idea that should have provided plenty of inventive kills and plenty of carnage, but the kills are lame, tame and out of frame. I accept that the film is low-budget but there was no sign of it's $4 million budget whatsoever! Movies with half the money have produced some amazingly creative and entertaining films. This one just started to get embarassing and I can't believe Lance Henrikson will star in just any old crap these days, though he is the best thing about the film really to be fair.
January 7, 2012
Almost completely unrelated to the first film or the Stephen King story, The Mangler 2 concerns a school that implements a new computer security system that a hyper-rich and intelligent student hacks and turns into a lethal killing machine. Three words sum up this film: dumb, dumb, and dumb! And, just in case you're thinking it, no, Lance Henriksen's presence does not redeem the film in any way.
August 31, 2008
Movie started very boring. It only starts getting interesting when your 40 minutes into it. Then the people start dying. The way they die are really cool.
May 15, 2011
No gore, blood or scares in this.
January 11, 2010
*1/2 (out of four)

If ever there was a movie that needed a sequel it is "The Mangler"! I really hope sarcasm can be read into that statement and no one takes me too seriously.

The students at a college need protection so the heads create a virtual demon to protect them. But this demon does what demons do best. It turns on them and becomes a killer. Who would have thunk it?
July 15, 2008
You pretty much have to be bored to watch the [u]Mangler 2[/u]. Well, at least watch the whole thing. I only give it a "3" because of the many [b]TRULY awful[/b] movies that I've seen before (for example, [u]Feeders[/u]. No, do NOT go watch that one. Seriously.). This is really, really generous.

Some say that Lance Henriksen is the kiss of death for a mid-to-low budget movie.... that may be a bit rough on a guy who livened up [u]Aliens[/u] considerably. In fact, he doesn't get a huge amount of screen time, probably because this movie could not even afford the poor-man's Christopher Walken for more than about 15 minutes of screen time. SIGH.

If you are a computer-savvy sort of person, you'll be even more appalled by this movie than the typical viewer (that is [b][i]extremely appalled[/i][/b], most likely). It suffers from an extreme case of the [b]Hollywood Computer Interface Syndrome[/b] (i.e., rotating skulls behind "Virus Program Downloaded", talking wireframe heads describing the hacker ware to be downloaded, and so forth until you're actually ACHING for a normal BSOD).

The protagonist is a gothy whiny hacker "babe". I say "babe" because she is really "made-for-TV cute" rather than "actual cute." Somehow her face manages to look both flat and puffy, like a skinny white Margaret Cho or something... it's really quite fascinatingly weird.

The female supporting lead is pretty cute but cannot act. Although they give her EVERY opportunity possible to bobble her goodies without resorting to actual porn.

There are so many other horrible things going on. The sarcastic French chef who never once approaches a decent French accent... the complete lack of connection to the original [u]Mangler[/u] movie... the ability for a computer to make wires animate and attack people... and yet they actually talk in an educated manner about the Mandelbrot fractal. WTF?

If you enjoyed [u]Carrie 2[/u] you might enjoy this, it would not surprise me one bit to find out many of the same scriptwriters / directors / goons put this together. However, I am fairly certain that Stephen King did not approach within a 1,000 mile radius of the [u]Mangler 2[/u]. Too bad. Even when King fails, he fails entertainingly (see [u]Maximum Overdrive[/u]).

[b]Worst moment[/b]: computer-zombified Lance Henriksen quoting the Spice Girls... I felt somehow spiritually violated at that moment.

In conclusion, I'm fairly sure that watching this movie actually damaged my brain. Take that warning as you will.
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