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½ November 11, 2009
"Okay, here's what you don't understand: things just don't stay the same. Not on their own they don't. It's like grandma used to say: "If you leave the door wide open, everyone's just gonna walk right out." Just like Rob Gentry did!"

Former high school musical star, Marc Pease, finds himself still living in the past, eight years after graduating.

Often compared to Rushmore but is not exactly on the same level of Wes Anderson's earlier masterpiece, The Marc Pease Experience hits a couple of high notes with a playful Ben Stiller with the killer mane and Jason Schwartzman as Max Fisher-lite playing teacher and student respectively, Anna Kendrick also stars. The script is passable, its peppered with funny moments but fails to maintain its hilarity the whole way. The movie hits its high point when Jason's character Marc Pease serves as proxy to an injured performer and kills it with the closing musical number for "The Wiz".

Funny moments here and there but didn't exactly find its rhythm, The Marc Pease Experience is a watchable treat for those looking for a good night's chuckle.
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November 2, 2010
The Marc Pease Experience is a typical underdog story with the atypical Schwartzman at the helm, producing a unique adventure into the life of what appear to be normal people. Without Stiller, Marc Pease would truly feel like the low budget film that it is, but with the star power Marc Pease comes off more like the film Election, with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. Regardless of what draws you to the film, The Marc Pease Experience remains a solid little comedic production.
½ February 5, 2013
I didn't dislike this as much as most folks apparently did, but it wasn't great either. Anna Kendrick's singing was amazing, although sparse. Jason is also very musically talented in real life and it showed, and Ben's number from Pippin, which he played and sang himself, was excellent. Despite all the good music, the movie was just meh, maybe meh+. Still, it was entertaining enough that we weren't sorry to have sat through it, and that makes it a win.
January 3, 2012
This one is watchable, but also slightly hard to take, as the lead character of Marc is so ridiculously clueless about his music career, to the point that he's still living in the past and hanging out around the high school as if this isn't completely creepy and something you;d get arrested for.

Ben Stiller plays a giant asshole yet again, making it harder and harder for me to see him in any other capacity, and it's always nice to see Anna Kendrick being cute, but there's not a lot going on beyond that.

October 28, 2009
Well I would suggest everyone run right out and avoid this movie at all cost . I found this movie long boring and as funny as being laid up with the swine flu .
June 4, 2015
It starts off on a slow note and though a few moments seem to pick up, the film just isn't enjoyable. The jokes are humorless and it was overall pointless. Had the actors been given proper insight into the characters and then been allowed to continue development from how they see the character, as successful films accomplish, it would have turned out better. However, the directing was still bad and the concept even worse. I had high hopes for the movie, and it completely failed.
March 11, 2010
half for kendrick the rest of the movie is painful
July 23, 2013
The writers and directors should be fired for making such a convoluted film - the ending was terrible!
½ June 3, 2013
Looking back at The Marc Pease Experience, I had to wonder if any of the three main characters interacted with each other. I came to the conclusion that they each spent at least one, sometimes two scenes with at least one of the other protagonists, but that's it. It's weird to see a film almost completely devoid of interaction between key players, and it's one of the main reasons that this film doesn't end up working to any recognizable degree.

Ostensibly, the lead is Marc Pease (Jason Schwartzman), as we follow him for the majority of the film. He's a former high school a cappella star, whose band now only consists of four out of the original eight members. This is a delusional man. He thinks he's still in high school. He's dating one of our other main characters, Meg (Anna Kendrick), although we only seem them together a couple of times -- once at the beginning and once at the end; maybe there's a time in the middle, but I don't remember it. He is eight years removed from going to this school. I can't be the only one finding this just a little bit creepy.

Our third character is another person who doesn't understand what leaving high school is, the school's drama teacher, Mr. Gribble (Ben Stiller). Gribble once told Marc that if Marc's band ever wanted to record a demo, he'd help produce it. As a result, Marc continues to try to contact his "mentor," despite Gribble not actually wanting to have anything to do with him. Gribble is currently in the process of directing the school's play, a very impressive production of The Wiz -- a musical version of The Wizard of Oz, for those unaware..

Now, Gribble seems like he's just a grownup version of Marc Pease. Many of the personality traits found in one is also found in the other. Both are living in the past, and both are unable to give up the spotlight. The film does nothing with this concept, by the way; you're left to make any possible connection by yourself. Initially I thought that director/writer Todd Louiso was attempting subtlety, but without any mention whatsoever, I can only assume he could only write one type of male character.

Of course, the only important female isn't written any better. She wants to quit singing, or maybe she doesn't -- it doesn't matter and it's unclear; she changes her mind on a whim. By the end of the film she'll have made a decision, but how she arrived at the conclusion makes absolutely no sense to us, because we haven't been given even a semblance of genuine character throughout The Marc Pease Experience.

Very little of the film makes sense, really, because we have no idea why these characters act the way they do. We can almost understand why Marc is still holding on to his childhood spotlight -- he choked on-stage during a prior performance of The Whiz and might be trying to make amends for that -- but because the film gives us no insight into his head, or, indeed, the minds of any of the characters presented to us, there's no way to determine this. You can only guess, and when you have so little to go on, guessing accomplishes very little.

I mentioned earlier that the characters have very few interactons with other ones who are given names. This is true. Most of the time, they talk to extras about nothing in particular, or they sit alone in periods of self-reflection. Reflecting on what, exactly, is and will remain a mystery to us. I mean, is it too much to ask to at least understand where these characters are coming from? Even when all of the revelations occur -- none of which change anything, by the way -- you won't be enlightened on the events that transpired earlier.

For what's supposed to be a compelling drama/comedy, there aren't exactly many instances of this. Since characters rarely interact with each other, there's no possibility of good drama. There are a couple of funny parts -- the opening scene is kind of enjoyable, and many of Ben Stiller's scenes are at least tolerable because he's moderately funny -- but not enough to hold your attention. There also isn't a large number of musical scenes, although that might be appreciated by many potential audience members.

The actors often look lost, and they're forced to utter dialogue that both sounds stupid and doesn't have purpose. Since they rarely get to act across from any other "big name," you can kind of understand why they don't turn in great performances. Ben Stiller, Jason Schwartzman and Anna Kendrick are all strong talents, but, particularly in regards to the last two, none of that talent is utilized here. Stiller gets the only laughs, and they're few and far between.

The Marc Pease Experience isn't even an enjoyable one. It's dreary, filled with characters who are both unlikable and have nonexistent personalities, all of whom do things for no discernible reason. They don't get to interact with each other, they don't get lines that make any sense, and any depth they have has to be guessed or assumed by the audience. It's not funny, and it makes good actors look awful in the process. Forget that The Marc Pease Experience exists.
½ May 30, 2012
Which is a bummer, because it has some of my favorite actors in it.
½ July 24, 2011
absolute waste of time why ben stiller put he's name to this is beyond me.
½ January 16, 2012
The only good thing is the opportunity of hearing an essambled chorus, no more
August 2, 2010
Well, this is a funny movie. It's not great, but it was kind of fun to watch. Ben Stiller and Jason Schwartzman in my opinion were giving pretty funny performances in this film. Yes, it's not Ben Stiller's best work, but hey, no one's perfect. So, if you don't really care whether this is a well made movie or not, then what the heck? See Marc Pease Experience.
½ February 16, 2010
Thsi is one of those movies that couldn't decide what it wanted to be; a quirky, Juno-ish type of movie, a heartwarming comedy (a la Little Miss Sunshine) or a "normal" comedy.

Sad to say, by trying to be all of the above, it accomplished none of the above.

The acting itself by the stars was fine (Ben Stiller just got really creepy in one scene), but they weren't strong enough to rescue this "eh" film.

I didn't consider a waster of 2 hours of my life, but then again, there were other things I could have done (or better movies I could have watched instead).
½ December 29, 2009
(**): Thumbs Down

I expected something better than this because of the cast. Not really all that funny or memorable. Fair at best.
December 10, 2009
I completely dont understand this movie at first, what's the direction, and maybe I am the one not focused enough. But this movie is surely very boring. I thought cos Ben Stiller was in it, it must be good, guess I was wrong. But this movie is surely not for everyone to understand.
December 10, 2009
I think this movie was exactly what it was supposed to be. Not everyone will get it. It is not made for the world. It is made for a select group of people, such as myself, that are similar to the man behind the movie. Not every movie is made this way, obviously because of how it will do with critics, but I am happy to see someone go for something different.
December 8, 2009
More fun to Pease everyone.
½ November 16, 2009
I rented this cause Ben Stiller was in it. I never heard about it so figured it would probably be very bad but it surprised me a bit, had a few laughs and wasn't dragged out. Very short only 83 min.
November 10, 2009
Not funny. Annoying comes to mind. Waste of Stiller. He looked annoyed to be a part of this P.O.S. Don't waste your time. I fell asleep an hour in. My fiancÚ was pissed I made her watch it. No love for me last night.

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