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July 13, 2012
a window into the life cycle of a viral video super star and the addictive nature of fame, Me at the Zoo is another good doc from HBO. The film chronicles the rise of you tube and viral videos through the life and times of Chris Crocker of "Leave Brittany Alone" fame. through his compulsive and constant video taping reminiscent of Thierry from "Exit through the Gift Shop", Chris is established as a fish out of water in his remote Tennessee town and his only solace and portal for freedom and personal normalcy is through the Internet. as he rises to internet stardom, the proverbial shit get closer and closer to the fan and concludes to a spectacular burn-out and bittersweet rebirth for Chris. definitely get around to watching this.
½ June 28, 2012
Very good documentary about Chris Crocker, shows a lot you never knew and gives you back round about how he grew up. I really liked how it showed how Youtube took off and reminds you what happened to Britney Spears when he made that famous video. It just pretty depressing at points of what happened after that video when viral and basically his down fall from that. The one thing I didn't like was how it ended, they could have done a better job with that one thing. As for the rest of the movie it was a great documentary, and everyone should check it out even if you didn't like him. HBO did a great job.
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