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½ October 22, 2009
Not a bad film, had a point, but low budget filming thats for sure. Johnny is a vietnam vet who earns a dishoronable discharge and is sent back to the states where in 1970 not only is hard for a black man to get a job but a vet with a BCD, no way, so he joins the underworld in order to square things with a rival mob gang. Its Black Exploration at its height. And you only have to sit thur 90 minutes. I give it 3 1/2 stars.
July 15, 2013
Mean Johnny Barrows is a fun slice of 70's blaxploitation films. It has a corny plot, plenty of violence, mobsters, hot women, and more. What's not to love about such a combination? If you enjoy the corny films of this era, this one is worth watching because it might be stupid, but it sure is a lot of fun to watch.
½ November 30, 2012

"So long, sucker!"-Nancy (Jenny Sherman)

Williamson's directorial debut. Not to shabby.
April 21, 2004
The tagline reades, "He's lean, he's tough and he's mean!" With a tagline like that you'd think this film would carry more punch that what it actually serves. Granted there are moments of action, but no enough to sustain this film as it is the action which drives the plot. Couple this with some cinematography which leaves you clueless as to what star and director Fred Williamson was attempting to film. Just a sampling of camera techniques which throw this film in a tilt and alienate the audience from the story: the classic superimposed shot with two actions occuring at once, the funky mosaic shot which you can do with a home video camera and the always popular kalediscope shot which seems to go on forever. I'd like to give kudos to Williamson for this film, but, there is so much this film leaves to be desired.
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