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½ June 5, 2008
I was completely surprised at this one. I enjoyed Jackie Chan and Lee Evans together. I laughed alot and had all the Jackie Chan great moments.
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June 8, 2010
I do love Jackie Chan, but this movie was not as good as I expected to be.
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December 15, 2009
The Medaillon. I tried so hard to watch this Movie to end but it just bored me.
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½ March 8, 2009
Funncy and cheerful light hearted kung fu movie with jack chan,lee evans and the really good looking claire forlani (meet joe black)
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½ October 20, 2007
Mediocre Jackie Chan Stunt Movie. Mildly Entertaining
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½ June 7, 2007
i can't help it; jackie chan movies are just so amusing!
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November 12, 2006
Jackie Chan makes funniest accident scenes after he empowered with superhuman strength.
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½ April 16, 2007
Very good movie and just like any Jacky Chan's movie, very entertaining and cool fighting.
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October 30, 2011
Eddie Yang is a Hong Kong cop working with Interpol to try and bring down criminal `Snakehead' (played by Julian Sands) who is after an ancient medallion and it`s keeper, a young Oriental boy, who has been chosen to give life, power and immortality to whomever he heals with it. After the boy is kidnapped during a failed attempt of capturing Snakehead, Eddie is sent to Dublin, Ireland where he joins forces with Agent Nicole James (the fantastically eye-pleasing Claire Forlani) and the less-than-competent Agent Watson (Lee Evans), a nerdy Interpol officer, who can't seem to get anything right.

After a near-fatal accident Eddie is suddenly transformed into a 'Highbinder'--an immortal warrior with superhuman powers and must go face to face with the menacing Snakehead who desperately wants the medallion back. Jackie is fun to watch as is Christy Chung (Lee's wife) who has a hidden armory in the broom cupboard ~although there is no given explanation for that~ lol. Eerily reminiscent of Eddie Murphy's "The Golden Child." But I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys Jackie Chan movies!
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February 12, 2006
Once upon a time, I thought Jackie Chan could do no wrong. A god if cinema, who's comic timing and entertaining martial arts could save any film. And then I saw ... The Medallion.

Lee Evans is a funny guy, and he's also funny in The Medallion, but I think he's the wrong person to pair with Jackie. The action was also a bit underwhelming. Not without it's moments, but still disappointing.
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August 22, 2007
All jakie chan movies are good!
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July 3, 2009
Pretty much a mistake with Jackie at 49 trying to preserve his action star billing by using wires and some digital tricks. The big problem here is that he's a victim of his own past brilliance - during every scene where he's assisted by wires, we think back wistfully to earlier movies when he performed similar, more dangerous stunts without so much much as an elbow pad. Consequently the best moments spring from old-school Jackie, with assistance from action director Sammo Hung, like his dash through traffic (even getting painfully clipped by a car as seen during the outtakes) and a creative boat fight featuring a hilarious solution to a two-man gun-wielding standoff.

The action is the least of the problems with The Medallion though. Somehow they needed 5 writers to come up with this story that has the least amount of character development and story arc of any Jackie movie, and that's really saying something. Then there's the wrongheaded casting of Lee Evans as comic relief, performing exaggerated physical shtick analogus to his crippled bookworm character in There's Something About Mary. If you think that sounds like a bad idea, you'd be right. And the soundtrack is godawful! You'll find new appreciation for Avril Lavigne with the lone worthy song "Mobile" during the closing credits when compared to the cacophony that came before.

At least Claire Forlani, Julian Sands, John Rhys-Davies, and Christy Chung gamely add flavor to their hopelessly emptily-written characters. To put in perspective, even the Rush Hour sequels are preferable, this one's only for the Jackie diehards.
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½ July 12, 2012
Utterly disappointing, with the plot mainly and somewhat bad actors that pissed me off.
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½ March 6, 2007
A little better than average Jackie Chan Vehicle sporting a high kicking Clair Forlani. Ovarall decent action and comedy..Some funny moments but nothing to write home about. .Final analysis of this movie...Claire Forlani is hot!
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April 12, 2009
This is probably the worst Jackie Chan movie I've seen. It's got the worst villain, the most unfunny sidekick and the stunts were not as exciting as his previous works.
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½ December 23, 2007
Fantastic movie! Julian Sands portrays a remarkable villian. Great story plot.
October 29, 2012
Mixture of feelings in this movie where a undesirable plot meets a clever blend of comical moments in the movie. Instances of action in the movie seem dull at times and others brilliant,
January 19, 2012
I enjoyed this movie alot, Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, and Claire Forlani were all great in this movie! Very funny and plenty of action!
½ June 13, 2008
Oh no jackie! what happened?! im not exactly sure what happened in this movie. many of jackies western films hes done such as the rush hour series or shanghai movies have turned out very well in bringing a funny commedian, a sexy chick and a big budget, BUT this movie turned out to be a pretty big disappointment i think. the comedy in movie was almost like they tried too hard and lee evans was the completely wrong commedian for jackie to work with..(maybe he should stick to something about mary). i dont like to see jackie in bad movies, but this one was pretty bad..the storyline also was not very well thought out and there were too many dragonball z-like fights/ideals..not that the show is bad, but cartoons should stay cartoons and kung fu movies should stay good ol fashion fist on fist, not immortals shooting lasers and running the speed of pretty sure anytime the dwarf from the lord of the rings series is in a kung'll turn out bad, just the nature of how cinemia works..stay to what you know best, and in jackies case, good old fashion kung fu, not computer annimated dragonball z fights.
July 13, 2007
This is what American cinema does: take something great (like Jackie Chan); add special effects, wires, a sexy chick, and Lee Evans. It's a far cry from Chan's best films. Most of the fight scenes are too dark to enjoy (another western technique). However, the stunts are decent and there's a great chase scene to be found. The plot is laughable but in all the wrong places. This film reminds me a lot of The Tuxedo, but this one is much better and at least has a hilarious outtake montage that ranks among Chan's best and funniest.
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