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June 10, 2011
Cast: Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn, Dean Waite, Jael Elizabeth Steinmeyer, Kara Wang, Brittany Hingle, Carolina Sabate, Trigve Hagen

Director: Michael Goi

Summary: Employing a mix of storytelling techniques (including webcam footage, video chats and dramatized news reports), this chillingly realistic thriller charts the disappearance of two teens who vanish three weeks apart under mysterious circumstances.

My Thoughts: "This isn't your normal type of scary film. It's a scary film on a realistic level. It's disturbing, intense, and hard to watch at times. But the message is clear and scary, especially for those who have kids. I don't have any kids of my own, but I do have custody of my niece and she will be thirteen next month and these girls are the same age or a year older. So seeing this film makes me want to keep her off the computer all together. I know there are more scary predators out there and they are not just on the computer. But this film shows you just how vulnerable young girls/boys can be to people who tell them what they want to hear and who feed on their insecurities. The Internet is a big world with many people pretending to be who they are not. So this is a great film to maybe watch with your older kids, or at least discuss with them to make them aware of how scary the net can be. I will admit that some scenes are a bit on the cheesy side, but the message rings louder. The last twenty minutes is the hardest part of the film to sit through. If you rent this film make sure to listen to the "statement" in the special features. The mans story is sad but also inspiring considering the awareness he has brought to the issue."
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February 29, 2012
As a kid I was an absolute gorehound but the older I've gotten the more my tolerance for onscreen violence has waned. What disturbs me most now is any kind of violence towards children so this found footage effort was particularly hard to watch. The fact it's partially based on a real-life case makes it all the more horrifying and even more exploitative. It tells the tale of two fourteen year old girls who disappear after befriending an older boy on the internet. The movie is schizophrenic in tone, the satirical feel of it's fake news reports are in stark contrast to the rest of the film's darkness. Twentysomething actress Amber Perkins is wholly convincing as a teen and her vulnerable performance will literally break your heart. I've seen some tough stuff over the years but the final twenty minutes of this film are probably the most disturbing, depressing and just plain sad I've ever sat through. If you have a daughter you'll never let her leave the house after watching this.
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½ May 5, 2011
If you can make it through the teenage girls "acting" and the director's creepy ideas of what teens do, you get a crappy ending. Terrible.
October 26, 2013
A "found footage" movie detailing the disappearances of two young teen friends, both female, only weeks apart. The dramatization is "inspired" by actual events, but is mostly the writer and director's imaginings of what truly happened. Interspersed within the dramatization are video and audio clips of actual events. The acting is mostly poor, but the story is a cautionary tale about giving too much information and "hooking up" with guys you have only met on the Internet. The last 22 minutes is actual footage from the video camera of one of the girls. Riveting.
½ January 5, 2012
I reaaaaally dont get why im seeing all these positive reviews out there of this. Its like people are giving it a pass because its about the real life fear of young kids being taken by these stalkers online. Yes, its definitely something parents should be afraid of and kids should be careful of... but does that mean this is a good movie? Fuck no. For one, if the director is right and 13 and 14 year olds are like this now, i weep for humanity. A 5 minute scene showing a 14 year old girl talking about the first blowjob she gave and how she gagged and... yeah not fun to watch. Nothing happens till 45 minutes in and then after that its really nothing that hasnt been seen before. I give them credit for one decent makeup job but otherwise it was pretty poorly done. I think there could have been a good and creepy movie in this but they just screwed it up.
½ December 3, 2011
A found footage film comprised of a young teenage girl's video diary coupled with news footage, Megan is Missing is a tale of the darkness that can envelope teenagers at extremely young ages--the two girls are only 13 and 14. The dark underbelly of teenage life reminded me of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks, but the girls are much younger. At the age of 14, they already have sex, take hard drugs, perform sexual acts for drugs, etc. A tale of childhood abuse and its repercussions, Megan is Missing is a slow building horror film that is perhaps most disturbing in its depiction of early adolescent promiscuity and drug abuse. But the film ultimately takes a turn for the twisted in its final moments. Still, it in falls a little flat because it feels like an after-school special using the torture porn genre to convey its message. Still, it is a dark, twisted, and unnerving film that examines the abyss underlining the seemingly utopian exterior of instant communication.
May 8, 2011
This movie was difficult for me to watch. I don't dislike horror films but, this movie was just so depressing... It really shows that monster's really do exist in the real world and that many of them will and do use the internet to gain access to the ppl that they want to do harm to. It didn't help that the character's in the film, specifically with their behavior, are downright stupid; but, at least that's honest. Many ppl, in the real world, really are that dumb! As depressing as it is, I think it might be a real good idea for every h.s. student in the country to be forced to watch this film before they graduate, in much the same fashion as that idea has been discussed in regards to at least a few other films, such as Requiem For A Dream.
May 10, 2011
This was a good movie, even if it was sick an twisted near the end. The scaryest part was it was a true story thats what really makes it sick knowin what happen to those girls, really did happen
½ July 31, 2015
No have sense... Definitively no.
July 26, 2015
This movie is extremely stupid.
½ March 10, 2013
An unrealistic and poorly acted portrayal of a very serious topic.
June 4, 2015
It looks raw and a creepy sociopath stalker than those foundfootage paranormal entities we've seen. The transition from a victim's point-of-view to a suspect is kind of unique as well.
½ May 19, 2015
Amateurish is a fitting word to describe Megan is Missing. It's horribly acted, with some truly hilarious dialogue, and it all leads to a stomach churning finale involving child rape and murder. Great stuff for the whole family!
April 27, 2015
You know what I don't get in this movie, why can't they freaking text each other more then use Skype all the time? Teenagers don't do that, I know they go on Skype but not all the freaking time!.

Meagan is Missing is a horrible movie, there I said it and it's true this movie is not that good as some people are putting it out to be. The reason why people are defending this movie is because it's mostly the fact that the movie advertise it's self as a "real shocking found footage film", even when these scenes where I can hear the director in the background saying "Cut" at the beginning of each scene. These another scene where there go to this party and these really loud music going off in the background and you know in these found footage films where music is playing in the background and when the camera will cut away the music will also cut away, I'm kidding you here every time the camera cuts away the music wouldn't audio drop, how on earth can you f**k that up. Oh one last thing I want to bring up at the party scene where everybody at the party is suppose to be smoking weed and everybody's having a good time even when they haven't lit it or inhaling it.

I'm getting pretty sick and tried of people defending this movie giving it such high ratings that doesn't even deserve it. I know I'm coming off really tough on this movie but that's called being honest and it looks like I have to be the one naming off the flaws that seemed to be overlooked by many. Don't get stress or angry with me for a movie that wasn't even trying to be something great in the first place.

The acting was horrible, the director had no sense on reality when it comes to teenagers and what they do or say.

Now the last couple of minutes of the film that's suppose to be "real footage" and I'm not going to believe that because most of it feels set up or a better to sum it up fake. At one point in this "real footage" a girl get's raped and I don't know about you but I swear to god she was smiling and looks like she's kind of laughing during it, I'm not pulling your leg here it's actually in the damn movie and it looks fake as shit. I know people are going to bring up the footage file thing that the two girls recorded themselves on Skype but the last time I checked Skype doesn't have a native or built in feature to record calls. You need to install a separate software or an add-on in order to save your audio or video conversations. And if they did recorded all that then they computer files most have no more room for storage.

Overall if you like this movie that's fine good for you, but for me this movie was freaking terrible and unrealistic.
March 23, 2015
This movie is terrible. The director clearly is trying to cater to the "oh no my child is on the Internet and I don't want to be a parent or actually learn about the Internet so I'll be scared of it because I don't know what it is. Everyone defending the movie talks about how raw and real the final 22 minutes are. I saw through that so easily, other than that, boom mic shadows, impossibly bad acting and even worse editing.
February 25, 2015
Megan is indeed missing. You know what else is missing? The story and the scares. I wanted so badly to like this movie; the concept sounded scary as fuck, but it's ruined by its characters acting like idiots. There are some legitimately creepy moments (the tree camouflage bit in particular) but they are far and in between and having to sit though he final 22 minutes to get a lame non-ending is just insulting.
½ July 10, 2014
What a piece of garbage
½ December 24, 2014
This is totally scary. OMG.
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