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January 10, 2011
Meskada is another direct-to-video feature I knew nothing about ahead of time. I choose it because the story sounded interesting and I love the cast. In these cases, the film is usually hit or miss, with no in-between. In the case of Meskada, it's definitely a hit! The story follows a local detective, investigating the death of a child, during a home invasion. What makes Meskada different from the rest is that 15 minutes into the film, you know who did it and why, it's not a mystery. Nick Stahl who I usually don't like and Jonathan Tucker who I've always liked are both fantastic in this film. It's roles that neither is really used to playing and both stepped up to the challenge. The story wasn't all that strong, but the acting was, and what I really liked about this film is how it came at a common story in an unconventional way. It's defiantly worth checking out!
June 2, 2012
An slow-moving indie drama that starts off as a typical small-town crime story but quickly becomes more complex. I liked the deliberate pace of the movie, and how the director lets the story unfold without gimmicks or over the top drama. The narrative is uneven at times as it's complex enough for an inexperience director to pull off, but he manages to keep it on track, and while the acting is uneven as well, especially from unknown supporting cast, it doesn't stop it from being an engaging movie.
December 2, 2010
The movie is about the brutal murder of a young boy in a peaceful town and the small town detective that struggles to solve it. I'll tell the twilight fans here... Kellan Lutz is not in it enough. The small town is suffering from economic troubles so Eddie (Lutz) & Shane (Jon) break in & rob from a home a couple towns over so they ca help their families. The movie was a decent story tho being so tired I did fall asleep watching. It wasn' bad but wasn't good or great. It was pretty average as I really can't remember much from it. C
½ January 2, 2014
Um... okay, movie with no point and no resolve.
January 14, 2013
Monday, January 14, 2013

(2008) Meskada

Straight to rental and as the film called "Meskada"- it's really a name of a town where a particular sheriff works at, his name is Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) whose been assigned to investigate a murder/ death of an eight year old infant. It is soon found out that the perpetrators lived in Hilliard and that it was only an accident since it was only supposed to be a robbery where they assumed no one was inside. Hilliard also happends to be the town where Noah the sheriff grew up in. Much of the town's residents eventually reject his presence and the negative reputation that evolved within the community since their was supposed to be some employment attraction and the result of this death kind of prevented it from happening.

All I can say is that the police not caring about how that last person was killed was totally stupid and a total contradiction about how the police really operates. It also has some similarites with "Mystic River". Written and directed by Josh Sternfeld.

2 out of 4
½ May 9, 2012
Meskada - CATCH IT (B-)
Meskada is a complex story of young boy's murder during a burglary in a peaceful town Hilliard. The town' police investigator thinks that men coming out for work from nearby town Casewell may be involved in the burglary and accidental death of a child. His investigation about the murder leaves him trapped between people of two towns. On one side it shows the story of the police investigator and on the other side it shows the story of two young men involved in the burglary.
Meskada managed to bag impressive ensemble considering the indie criteria. As the story is complex, the movie did stumbles at the end. Instead of giving a proper ending it leaves an innocent man taking all the blame. The situation was irrational and very harsh considering the scenario. I won't spoil the ending here but the movie is defiantly worth giving time.
Jonathan Tucker, Kellan Lutz, Rachel Nichols, Nick Stahl, Grace Gummer and Norman Reedus did a nice job and given the material provided came onscreen very natural.
May 5, 2012
It was pretty good, but I agree with some of the "official" film critics in that it felt incomplete. Following some of the critical action near the end of the film, I found myself wanting to know more about some of the ancillary characters and events that are never fully depicted or even introduced, but that seem to lend a great deal to the plot and to the central murder mystery. I loved the socio-political aspects of the film, however--a side plot of a young boy needing surgery to heal a chronic illness illustrates why the U.S. so desperately needs universal healthcare, if only its rural residents would stop voting for Republicans, for the love of Hashem. OK, not to get too political, but another flaw I saw in the script was the introduction of too many layers in an effort to enhance the complexity of the murder mystery. Again, not enough substance to fully flesh out these layers before the film ended, and I found myself wanting to see and learn more. Could've been longer than the 98 minutes to accomplish this, but overall, a well-acted and -directed movie, and a worthy effort.
½ March 25, 2011
**1/2 (out of four)

Nick Stahl does a pretty decent job, as does Jonathan Tucker and Kellan Lutz, but the overall film feels a little unfinsihed. Unresolving things can work for certain types of films, but when it pertains to mysteries, I like things to be more wrapped up.

Stahl plays a detective in Meskada County. He has been given the intimidating task of investigating a bunch of roughnecks to see if any of them are involved in a brutal murder.
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