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September 6, 2010
A fun college themed movie, one of the best from 1980. The story deals with a scavenger hunt, so it's both a comedy and an adventure. I loved it.
April 17, 2010
A fun movie that is non-stop silly. I always wanted to do this, participate in a huge all night scavenger hunt.
June 21, 2009
I don't care about whatever sentimental value this may hold, this movie blows. I don't go rating Homeward Bound 5 stars because it blew my 9-year-old mind (and happened to have Michael J. Fox in it).
September 3, 2008
Fun movie, kinda silly, but very enjoyable. Plus Michael J. Fox is cute and young in this movie, so you've gotta check him out.
January 2, 2009
Lucille: Harold, how long are you gonna keep driving around without knowing where we're going?
Harold: Barf, have you finished unscrambling those letters yet?
Barf: [finishes unscrambling letters] Fagabeefe? Haha. Fagabeefe. Hey, Melio - fagabeefe.
Harold: [shouts] *Shut up*!

Leon: See you at the finish line... wherever that may be.

Melio: Ha! It's easy!
Harold: Well, what is it?
Melio: It's like a lookout off a cliff or something.
Melio: It means Cherry Point.
Harold: How'd you get that?
Melio: Well, there's one of a chair... that's a chair. One of an 'E'... that's an 'E'. One of a pin... that's a point. Chair-E-Point: Cherry Point.
Harold: What about the ball?
[Melio knocks the ball off the table]
Harold: [shouts] You idiot!

Bratty kid: [looking through telescope at a girl getting undressed in window] If I'm lucky, I may get a view of Venus' two moons.
Adam: [pointing at the sky in the other direction] Hey, Einstein - isn't Venus over there?

Melio: [loudly, to wake up Lucille] No, Harold, there *aren't* any cookies left!
September 3, 2008
I happened to stumble upon this movie again, late last night. Midnight Madness is another 80s movie that I adore.
It stars Michael J. Fox, in his movie debut, as Scott Larson. It's the story of an all night long scavenger hunt between five teams of college students. All the stereotypical movie groups are represented; the nerds, the meat heads, the sorority sisters, the cheaters, and the good guys everyone loves.
In true 80s fashion, the acting could use some improvement, and there is the slight smell of cheese in the air. If you haven't seen it at least once, you should.
It's a fun, good time film.
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½ August 19, 2008
A very simple but fun movie that the whole family can enjoy. Severeal recognizable faces, but the acting at times was way over thw top. The interaction between the members of the blue team was hilarious and at times I could not stop laughing at their antics.
May 28, 2007
An interesting film about a group of people going on a scavenger hunt and work in teams. This film is Michael J. Fox's earlier films. A classic movie with some funny moments.
½ August 18, 2007
This is a good family movie. It has the feel and similar comedy as Rat Race! Excellent for the family.
July 31, 2007
This movie had my friends and I scrambling to get the clues in (The Great AllNighter)

Leon planned "The Great Allnighter" by picking college students to participate in his night long scavenger hunt. The five teams, each designated by colors white (nerds who hate green),green (meat mach...( read more )ine who hate red), red (sorority sisters who hate green), yellow (good guys who play fair), and blue (cheaters who hate yellow) are given clues to solve, leading them to the next clue site hidden in the city. Michael J. Fox plays Scott,the younger brother,in his movie debut.
March 4, 2007
Yet another childhood favorite of mine. Biggest stars are Michael J. Fox and David Naughton, of the Makin' It show. I'm assuming he was still riding the coattails of American Werewolf in London and that's how he got the leading role. It's all about 5 or so groups of people designated by color and their class of life going after this all night mystery game, headed up by some geek named Leon. I'm not one for giving higher reviews to family oriented movies, but this one holds nostalgic value to me. I was fortunate enough to find it on vhs a few years back but don't think I'll be buying it again on dvd. It's worth watching once, but that's about it.
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February 19, 2007
an awful, cheesy mess...i couldn't stand it when i was 12 & then had an awful flashback about it in college...don't waste your time
January 23, 2007
Scavenger Hunt for teens. Good movie with lots of great character actors. Could have been better but not bad.
January 11, 2007
Love it! David "I'm a Pepper/Makin' it" Naughton and a young Michael J. Fox on an all-night Scavenger Hunt.
October 27, 2013
A timeless easy on the noggin cult classic. Perfect for the young or young at heart. A scavenger hunt between teams of college students through out one night in LA. Plus Michael J Fox's screen debut!
November 23, 2012
Really? This has no score on the Tomatometer?
February 26, 2012
One of Disney's first PG movies, it is a delightful romp with 5 sets of college kids romping around L.A. one night. It is rather dated (disco skating, anyone?) and the sets of college kids very stereotyped, but that helps in just kicking back and enjoying the film.
½ April 8, 2004
This is a common occurance in my life. A film exists that I adored as a child. So much so that I would watch it incessantly, near to the point where my parents would prefer to scrape our their eyeballs with rusty forks than watch it again. [b]Midnight Madness[/b] was one of those movies. Any time it would appear on HBO I would sit down to watch it. I loved it. I thought it was hilarious.

Oh, how cruel is time?

After SpikeGirl reminded me of the flick, I rented it from Netflix to see if it might stand up to my adoring memories. Sadly, it did not. Maturity is a curse in some ways because our minds become more critical ... flaws are easier to see ... bad acting is much more obvious.

And WOW was the acting bad. Bad with a capital B-A-D.

Basically, Midnight Madness is a raunchy comedy for kids. I don't know whose bright idea it was to put so many off-color jokes into what was essentially a child's flick. I mean, the only swear word in the entire movie is "hell," and yet there are a ton of breast and nudity jokes, (though, no actual nudity).

So, with all this dislike going on, why did I give it 3 and not a 1? I have an easy answer to that: Eddie Deezen. The man is the geekiest human alive and any scene he appeared in had me grinning. Plus, he was the only actor during the entire course of the movie to evoke some laughs from me. It's his schtick ... it's just too funny.

Plus, there are so damn many holes in the story I wouldn't know where to begin. But, then again, I seriously think it was intended for children, who are not as demanding as adults ... which makes all the light raunch even more confounding.
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