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March 24, 2011
Midnight Movie is a refreshing return to the good old fashioned slashers of old. Putting into context that horror nowadays is bland, this is an interesting film both in concept and story. The idea for the film is good and the story is pretty interesting. I'm sure if this film could have been given a bigger budget, and backed up by a major studio, it could've easily turned into a franchise. I have only one complaint, the cast were not that great, but considering that this is an independent film, it's understandable that its exactly not a top notch set of actors. But the characters weren't very likeable either. However the actors did a fairly decent job despite them not being that great. It now seems that Hollywood is all but interested in remaking classic Horror titles. Only a handful of directors are willing to take the risk and direct something new and fresh. This is the case with Midnight Movie, directorJack Messitt first directorial debut. This film is definitely a breath of fresh air. It looks cheap, the actors are unknowns and the film just has a gritty, raw feel that echoes classic Horror films. Midnight Movie is a fun ride. What I really love about this film is that it really delivers the goods on awesome Horror, it doesn't try to strain too far by being just another Halloween or Friday the 13th clone.
The cast is comprised of unknowns, like I said previously in this review. Which, in my opinion, gives this film an even greater sense of accomplishment. What I mean by that, is that Messitt uses new talent to his own advantage,and manages to get genuine scares and shocks out of these actors unlike shitty remakes. Messitt succeeds on every level. This is an awesome film worth checking out
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July 29, 2010
A solid little slasher effort. Not heard of it before, the production values are pretty good for the budget. It has a fair amount of gore, cool mask for the killer, it has some neat touches as well, some of the camera angles used etc. The best point though is the idea of a killer who can come out of the film and take his victims back inside the film with him. Maybe it could have been even better, great opportunity for more in-jokes etc. Overall for a low budget slasher it has some refreshing ideas. One for the fans for sure.
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December 12, 2009
This is what I call Horror!
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½ March 5, 2009
I really wanted to like this movie but it dug it's own grave with shoddy camerawork, unsurprising deaths and boring characters. If I had to say something positive...um...well...the mask was pretty cool.
Ryan M
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July 13, 2011

Before I begin this review, I must confess; I have never seen a Midnight Movie. I was born in an age where such a thing that was once popular has since become something less. This saddens me. Perhaps one day, Midnight Movies will be revived. But for now, most of the popular "Midnight Releases" are out on home video; so we can enjoy them in the comfort of our homes. This is how I watched this film, "Midnight Movie", which should feel like the kind of flick that its story is mostly about. Sadly, it's nothing more than a potboiler for its genre, and it's worth missing unless you're the most devoted horror fan. And even then, you still might not like it. Effort was put into it by its filmmaker, the for-now-independent Jack Messitt, but apparently, he didn't care much for his screenplay, and instead focused on the meat and the clichés.

"Midnight Movie" takes place mostly in a movie theater, although it begins in a mental hospital. There, a barking-mad patient, Ted Radford, is locked up; although the doctors decide to view a film he made with him. They leave him alone in the room before beginning, and when one of them leaves, he is gone, and so is everyone else; blood everywhere.

Then, we get to the theater. People start coming in late at night for a showing of a film called "The Dark Beneath", which is (surprise, surprise) directed by Ted Radford. Some interesting faces (laughs) amongst the audience members include the tough guy (a biker, and his tough-girl wife) a geek (who constantly jumps whenever a generic "jump-scene" ensues) and a douche (a...presumably Mexican guy...with a scar). Then, there are the nicer people; who, if you're wondering, die all-the same; whether they're particularly nasty or not. None of the characters are likable, so when Ted Radford starts to kill them off one-by-one though a curse, which allows him to come straight out of the film and get some striking new gory material, we don't really give a damn.

Yes, as I mentioned, this is an independently made horror film. There are a lot of those; and some of them are very good. There will always be those out there who believe that they can serve up some tasty morsels with their very own horror flick; but can they truly bring up anything new? "Midnight Movie" offers up little surprises, and frankly, it's rather boring. It sacrifices narrative and a sense of humor for overtones of seriousness, which is kind of funny, because it was only at the half-way point that I realized I was supposed to be taking this thing seriously instead of laughing at it, but I continued to do so anyways. The thing was that lame.

There's plenty of blood and gore for the gorehounds, I'll say that much. Messitt does a pretty good job there, but not much in other places. The jokes he writes in his screenplay aren't funny; and his directing is overall stronger than anything he wrote for this thing. He might make a fine career and learn from his mistakes, or he can go on and become another lost talent; who can't quite make up his mind, just as he can't quite make a movie work.

I suppose this could have been fun, but it's not. "Midnight Movie" is not as fun as going to a good midnight movie, and not as scary as better, more ambitious horror films either. I like atmospheric horror films over ones that present us with loads of gore, and it's more of the same here; the violence is not saying anything, and there's not enough skill or style to make it entertaining. It's watchable and decently acted, but come on. Freakin' "Birdemic" was more fun than this.
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June 8, 2011
A classic. This is an excellent idea for a horror story.
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May 10, 2009
In the 80's, the slasher movie was king. The horror movie landscape has changed quite a bit since then. This is a throwback to the old days. It's as formulatic as can be. Get a group of people into an isolated area, and dispatch them one at a time. A run down movie theater hosts a midnight screening to an old and infamous 70's horror movie that only a handful of people attend. But they get more than they bargain for when the killer has the ability to step out of the film, commit murder, and drag his victims back into the movie. It's a nice blurring of the line between film and reality, and provides a nice twist on the standard slasher genre. The characters are stereotypical, but the performances, for the most part, are solid enough. The scares are pretty standard, but there's a couple of good jumps, and ample amounts of gore. It makes a solid attempt to create a franchise killer in the vein of Freddy Krueger, able to slip between different worlds. The film has solid production values and better cinematography than you'd expect in a direct-to-video slasher movie. So gather some friends, break out the pizza and beer, turn off your brain, and have a midnight movie of your own.
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February 22, 2009
One night at a run down theater in a small suburban town a group of friends decide to attention the midnight screening of a cheap 70's slasher flick little do they know that before the nights over they will become the stars of the movie. As the movie begins they start to laugh and heckle the screen but when they are shocked to see when of there friends murdered on screen when they realize its not a prank all hell breaks loose as it seems the killer from the movie has come off the screen and there is no way out!!!. What i found to be a pretty good horror movie actually seems to have been made before as the 80's slasher movie Popcorn and that is also alittle better but this one still should be watched for horror fans as it wasnt that bad of a movie
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½ February 3, 2009
It's half good.
I love the setting (a movie theatre). Parts are fun and thrilling. The grue and gore are not CGed, or at least don't look so. And the movie within a movie if pretty fun too. Plus it goes in directions you wouldn't expect.
There are parts and characters that feel as is they were written by the same guy as a third-rate OC knock-off. The killer isn't really cool looking, and his weapon is silly, although it's put to good use. And scoffable moments are peppered throughout.
Being that it's in a movie theater and it shows a horror film, there is plenty of opportunity for clever genre comments or self-reflexivity, a la Scream, but it ends up just with a couple of (enjoyable) nods, borrows, and amalgamations of/to other proto and regular slashers.
It's like a mix tape of horror flicks, a random selection, the good and the bad.
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½ January 26, 2009
Pretty cool idea for a horror movie, guy writes and directs and stars in a horror movie that is rumored they actually killed the people in the making. The guy gets locked up in a mental hospital and later escapes when a doctor shows him his movie in an attempt to cure him. Ya he kills everyone in the hospital and escapes. Some time later a movie theater shows the movie and the killer shows up but he's not entirely there, I won't spoil anymore.
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½ December 20, 2008
It doesn't seem like anyone tried terribly hard on this one. Dull.
May 18, 2013
Gnarly looking killer, above average acting, awesome murder weapon, and pretty cool concept. All in all, a pretty good slasher film.
½ January 14, 2013
Just another generic slasher film with bad acting. Had a claustrophobic feel since the entire movie happens within the same building. The effects and makeup were done very well. There was a decent attempt at making the killer seem scary, although it could have been done better. Felt a little bit cheated with the way to beat the killer..."just dont be scared of him". Very unimaginative.
January 23, 2012
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" meets "The Purple Rose of Cairo" in a botched B-flick that takes a mildly interesting idea and executes it very badly. Rife with internal inconsistencies, continuity goofs (watch the wounds on the biker chick disappear between shots as she's dragged away), and poor acting. A child actor has a particularly bad time in this regard, but the whole cast is so stiff that it's hard to say he takes anything away from them. The idea of a Leatherface-like serial killer who steps in and out of a film isn't a bad one, but this flick really goes off the rails when it tries to bring us into the "cinematic" world. That and the whole "the monster can only hurt you if you're scared" bit wear out fast. Best not to lose any sleep tracking down this Midnight Movie.
½ December 12, 2011
A mostly stupid but also entertaining piece of self-conscious horror, Midnight Movie concerns the screening of an an ultra-rare exploitation film that supposedly contained real murders. The plot that plays out does not always make sense as it blends the supernatural together with the slasher in ways that are kind of just dumb. Still, the film is entertaining for those who are amenable to bad horror films. Watch John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns, Lamberto Bava's Demons, or Bigas Luna's Anguish for more sublime and intelligent variations on a similar plot.
½ March 18, 2010
This was cool. A movie in a movie comes to life. I tink Supernatural might have done something like this unless I?m just thinking of their title for the Black & White season I think 4 episode of Monser Movie. That was black & white with the old Horror movie monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula etc. The beginning is bloody, we start in a mental hospital with some guy who?s about to be shown some movie that he was in. He?s suppose to be obsessed with is. Well once they get to the theater portion with our main characters some who work there others that are just friends to go see a movie. When they get in the viewing room & the movie is about to start all I could think of (& was kind of waiting for) was The Blob starting to seep out of the screen. LOL (I?m such a geek!) The characters were ok., yet kinda lame. The Theater is one that shows the old movies who?s One sheets (posters) are brittle, frayed, & maybe even a little yellowed. The movie they are going to see is from the 40s. This way the owner of the theater can save money. (our independent theater here (if it would be called that) has gone. I think it showed the ?artsy? kind of movies foreign the ones most of us usually don?t hear of. I don?t think I ever saw a movie in it even though I wanted to but those I would want to see with someone oh well maybe I?ll win a lot of money some day & be able to buy my own & do whatever movies I wish.. I do have a page in my journal devoted to an outline of ?my perfect movie theater? or what I would have in my own! C+
½ February 7, 2010
In my opinion, the most horrible low-budget horror movie I have ever seen! Yeah, it had a few jumps here and there but either there was too much or too little or something else missing altogether. The story was a mess, like can we get more of a bio story on the killer? We actually had to solve that part out on our own. There was no creativity in the killings. Also it lacked mystery and suspense. And last, the poor acting, the little boy had about the same character expression through out the entire movie. Overall.....it was ok....I guess.
November 22, 2009
Interesting concept. Decent, if not amazing acting. Original villian. Terrible script, with forced and stilted dialogue, and the worst, most disappointing ending ever, it felt like a betrayal.
October 12, 2009
I really wanted to like this more than I did, but after setting up some fairly specific rules for itself, the film then starts ignoring them towards the end as it needs to keep things moving. There's some interesting no-nonsense stuff to get the ball rolling, then the rest of the film is spent in the theater in which the film is shown, with no real explanation given as to the origins of the supernatural occurrences.

It's worth a rental, but nothing I will be re-watching anytime soon.
August 11, 2009
Going into Midnight Movie I'm not going to lie, I expected it to be a low grade unoriginal slasher flick that wouldn't be anything more than an ok way to kill a couple of hours, but to my surprise Midnight Movie turned out to be a fun original movie that surpassed all of my expectations in a big way. Ok so the plot is based around an old movie theater that is having a midnight horror movie showing, of a movie that is presumed to be cursed. As the legend goes the director and star of the movie actually killed all of the people staring in his movie, and now whenever it's played the killer will return taking the members of the audience and putting them in the movie. So the plot might sound a bit done, I was really surprised at how original this really was. Acting, you don't get terrific performances but name one slasher movie without Jamie Lee Curtis were you do. For the most part you get enjoyable performances, although they might not all be completely believable I still found them to be rather good. Gore, this one has the gore; you get a throat being slashed, lots of guts and stabbings, fingers being ripped off, an impalement, and a bit more, some great stuff. Directing, after watching this movie I liked it so much that I decided to Google director Jack Messitt to see what some of his previous films were, only to find out that this was his directorial debut. This movie looks completely professional and not at all like a director first film, so I am most excited to see what Messitt brings us in the future. Like I said the movie looks like it could have been a big screen horror flick, the visuals are stunning, and the angles that were used were absolutely brilliant. As all movies Midnight Movie did have a couple of flaws. It takes a while to get going, the first twenty minutes or so are a bit dull and lead you to believe that you are going to be stuck spending the next 85 minutes watching rubbish, but thankfully that did not happen, and even with a slow start the film still manages to keep audiences intrigued. Another thing was that there were a few questions left unanswered. This is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to movies, although the questions are not huge the film still would have felt more complete if they were answered. As for the soundtrack, I loved the music in this one, at some points you get some fun heavy metal and at others you get great suspenseful mood music that fits the tone perfectly. And although some might find him unoriginal, I actually enjoyed the killer in this film; don't get me wrong here I don't think he's the next Freddy Kruger or could go down as one of the best, but he was still unique and fun to watch. Bottom line, Midnight movie was one of the best slasher films to come out in the last couple of years. With a fun vibe, that doesn't take the film to horror-comedy territory just makes it more enjoyable, good acting, some great ore, and some of the best directing I've seen in a while I say do yourself a favor and check out the can't miss slasher flick of the year.
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