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July 20, 2007
Interesting movie I happen to catch by chance. Good movie concerning a small group of seemingly unrelated people and how unique, exciting, dreadful and different life can be.
½ March 17, 2007
I really love movies that share stories about people and how crazy, wonderful, and insufferable life can be. This is one of the best of those.
July 2, 2006

This seems to be another of the "new" genre of movies that start out with various individuals/subplots that end up connected in the end in some way. Probably the most notable movie of this type is Crash, which I personally never could finish. Just couldn't get into it. I hear it was a "great movie" in the end, but to me it was too much work getting to even the midpoint to continue thru to the end.

This movie is in a similar vein, but not so depressing in the beginning. It tells the tales of several individuals with no connection to one another. There is the artsy girl who seems to have a totally positive outlook in life despite a dark secret. The father-son combo with some strange eccentricities coming about from the thought that "if the little dreams don't happen, how can the big ones?" The bitter, estranged father who falls into depression due to the loss of his son through divorce and distance. The young Jersey-girl singer/songwriter with a bad heart and a mediocre life. A mean-old-man on a journey to the end of Manhattan to fulfill a promise to an old friend.

Do these plots have anything to do with one another? No. But there is redeeming value in the end. I did have to force myself to complete the film. There was a long lull around the middle of the movie which was just very very slow paced and gives you little hope that there was going to be redeeming value to the film. In fact, when I picked it up at Blockbuster, I had forgotten that I'd tried to watch the movie in the past and never finished it at the time.

Anyway, in the end, all the main characters end up in NYC and some meet each other in pairs. With each pairing, there is a significant impact on each life. And the story ends.

To be honest, I'm not entirely fond of this genre of films (does it have a name?) The best of this type I've seen is probably Love Actually. The nice thing about that was the intertwining of the stories. It just seemed that there was a connection between the stories throughout the film and there was also a stronger unity of theme. In that sense, Mind the Gap was a disappointment, but at least the ending brought it together enough to get a "6"
½ September 4, 2005
Some may say a rip of [i]Magnolia[/i]. I am not one of those people. However, even if you end up being (or already are) one of those people, watch it anyway, if nothing else, for the acting. Personally, I enjoyed this collection of transformative moments in the lives of very different people, and was impressed the entire time by the high calibur of the performances.
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