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March 6, 2007
This came out at the time In Living Color was very popular and this movie employs some of the same slapstick type of comedy. Marlon and Damon are funny as brothers/scam artists. A young Stacy Dash looks absolutely fantastic.

This is one of the first and possibly the best of all the Wayans movies.
November 30, 2012
The action comedy can be one of my favorite types of films when do right. Many movies have balanced the two genres successfully, but unfortunately, "Mo Money" is as conflicted as its lead character. It's amiable enough, so much so that the unnecessary violence is jarring, and I found there to be no one to root for despite the fact that the three lead actors are all likable enough.

Damon Wayans is a talented comic actor, but it's hard to get behind him here because his character continually makes bad decisions. It's hard to feel any compassion towards him, and while Stacey Dash is almost impossibly attractive, she isn't given much to do here. There's not even any conflict between the two when the corporate executive Dash finds out that her new boyfriend from the mailroom Wayans has been lavishing gifts on her paid for by stolen credit cards.

The film is far more concerned with trying to get easy laughs from black film stereotypes such as the unattractive, love-starved female co-worker and the not-funny-enough-to-be-insulting gay humor. It's just mindless pandering to its target audience. The violence-filled finale seems even more outlandish when you stop to consider that these are white-collar criminals doing all of the damage. Not only does it feel out of place in a film as laid-back as this one, it's nonsensical as well. "Mo Money" is an uneasy mix that never quite gels like it should, It would have been more successful as a simple comedy.
½ May 30, 2010
Actually decent for a cheesy movie you would watch on TV. Though as a film I would not buy or rent it.
January 2, 2008
I loved this movie when it first came out because I was a huge fan of "In Living Color." Their silly humor continues in this flick and if you like Damon Wanyans, you'll get a few laughs from this movie.
October 9, 2007
classic wayans brothers cinema from the early 90s. hilarious in so many scenes. this is the brothers fresh during their time on in living color. the convenience store and bank scenes are the funniest in the film.
½ July 5, 2007
I have convinced myself this movie isn't great, yet any time it's on tv I almost feel obligated to watch it, so maybe I'm not giving it enough credit?
June 15, 2007
M0 MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY! Who doesnt like this movie? Definitely one of Damon Wayans best movies. Also, nice to see him with brother he shuns all his brothers other movies. Stacey Dash is pretty hot as well. Whatever happened to her?
April 23, 2007
I loved this movie especially way Damon Wayans was acting. It also didn't hurt that it had that fine ass Stacy Dash in it.
½ March 24, 2007
Marlon Wayans is so sexy n this movie. Anyway, Mo' Money is a really good movie. U should definitely see it
March 2, 2007
I think they were trying to go with more of a serious role, but it just ended up being funny at times and just okay at others
½ July 4, 2014
Uneven in both plot and tone, Mo Money entertains nonetheless based on Damon Wayans "In Living Color" influence and lively screen presence.
August 7, 2014
Funny shit best wayans movie
½ October 16, 2012
21 years later I'm still awaiting the sequel, "Mo' Problems".
October 7, 2013
Keith told me that joke
½ August 4, 2013
Classic comedy action. Damon Wayne what happen to the homeless man movie :( he was the best In Living Color character. Glad he was in the first part.
½ January 27, 2012
A weak film lacking in lots of potential humor. It was outdated 20 years ago, its outdated now. I honestly expected more from Damon Wayans
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