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September 14, 2010
Really a great movie in every respect. A very distinct visual style, unique story and an a perfect cast. The 70s atmosphere somehow fits perfectly into the plot, maybe because Jake Gyllenhaal's character emulates the generation almost exactly. The sense of loss is done well, it's not like every other movie where someone dies. This shows the true awkwardness that comes along with a funeral service, false attachment and mixed emotions. Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon play pretty different characters than they're used to, there's a very weak and childish way in how they act. This is a movie that is very particular in its message and it succeeds completely. It becomes such a powerful experience by the end.
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November 9, 2006
Heartbreaking, but beautiful. The film was honest and real and really pulls you in at the heartstrings. I liked it... Great cast, great music, and great story.
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August 26, 2009
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Ellen Pompeo, Holly Hunter, Dabney Coleman, Aleksia Landeau, Careena Melia, Mary Ellen Trainor, Lev Friedman, Bob Clendenin, Jim Fyfe, Richard Fancy, Marcia Mitzman Gaven, Allan Corduner

Directed by: Brad Silberling

Summary: Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman co-star as the grieving mother and father of a recently deceased girl who take in their daughter's fiancé (Jake Gyllenhaal) because he's the only living connection they have to their only child. Problems arise when the young man falls in love with a woman (Ellen Pompeo) whose boyfriend has gone missing, prompting his former in-laws-to-be to come to grips with the new relationship.

My Thoughts: "The story pulled me in almost instantly. Great job by Gyllenhaal. His court room scene was very emotional. Sarandon and Hoffman both have their tear-jerker moments as well. Sarandon has this scene where she's sitting on her daughter's bed drinking as Gyllenhaal is climbing through the window, and she just breaks down and its just really sad. She's such an amazing actress. She always makes her characters feel real. Never seen Ellen Pompeo play such a big part in a film. I thought she was great in this. Just really good acting in this film. Although this is an emotional film, there is also quite of bit of humor throughout the film. The relationships between the three leads are honest, and realistic. This film has a great script with a great cast. Also the music in the movie is pretty great as well. Just a sad, honest, real, emotional, and funny film."
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June 4, 2010
"In life and love, expect the unexpected."

As he copes with the death of his fiancee along with her parents, a young man must figure out what he wants out of life.

Strong acted and character driven drama about the aftermath of a family's sudden and violent loss of their beloved adult daughter and the bonding between them and her fiancé (Gyllenhaal effectively conveying awkward grievance) in a small New England hamlet circa 1973. Before starring in a hit drama medical show, Ellen Pompeo gives a nicely nuanced performance as a potential love interest/soul mate-in-waiting he meets. Hoffman and Sarandon are especially effective in their muted emotions that frequently spring freely into painful turmoil. Written and directed by Brad Silberling loosely based on his own true-life account in the tragic murder of his fiancée actress Rebecca Schaeffer.
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½ May 14, 2007
A movie that is not great but I liked anyway. Good cast.
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½ October 27, 2006
Great cast, slightly weak story.
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½ June 2, 2005
[font=Century Gothic]"Moonlight Mile" starts out on the day of the funeral for Diana, fiancee to Joe Nast(Jake Gyllenhaal) and daughter to Jojo(Susan Sarandon) and Ben Floss(Dustin Hoffman). Diana was shot and killed by a man while waiting for her father in a restaurant. Joe is now living with his would-be in-laws as he prepares to become a partner in Joe's commercial real estate business.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]I did not realize at first that "Moonlight Mile" was set in the early 1970's which got me thinking about how cliche-free it is. It perfectly balances pathos with humor in showing the awkwardness surrounding the funeral and mourning of a loved one. (And despite it also being about the violent death of a grown child, it puts the unconscionable and incompetently made "In the Bedroom" to shame.) There is a perfect use of period music. The movie is well-filmed, often in natural light. And nobody can do awkward as well as Jake Gyllenhaal. This is the best role that Susan Sarandon has had in the past decade. Even with this great cast, Ellen Pompeo nearly runs off with the movie playing a winsome postmistress. [/font]
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½ April 7, 2011
In "Moonlight Mile" a middle aged couple (Dustin Hoffman as Ben and Susan Sarandon as Jo Jo), along with their prospective son-in-law Joe (Jake Gyllenhaal) attempt to come to terms with the sudden, senseless murder of their daughter Diane who was killed in a domestic dispute between two other people just three days before her wedding.

Unbeknownst to Ben and Jo Jo, Joe and Diana had broken up, but Ben is so determined to keep him a part of the family that Joe feels compelled to stay. He decides to remain in town living with her parents to help them deal with their shock and grief. They also have to deal with the murder trial of the gunman, whose wife and his intended target awakens from her coma just as the trial is about to start.

Joe struggles to move beyond the emotional and material expectations which his broken engagement has left him to fulfill, trying not to disappoint his would-be in-laws while at the same time wanting to embark on a new life and a new relationship with a woman he has recently met. Ellen Pompeo is also wonderful as Bertie, the mail clerk and part-time waitress who is no stranger to tragedy losing her own boyfriend as well. Her uncertainty about her future provides Joe some insight into his own psyche.

Holly Hunter's plays the tough, single-minded prosecutor prosecuting the man who is responsible for Diane's death who needs Joe's help to bring Diane's murderer to justice.
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October 17, 2006
Quite possibly one my favourite movies (yes, really); it portrays grief and guilt realistically and is poignant without being sentimental (aside from a just-about-forgivable courtroom scene towards the end). Gyllenhaal gives a performance that surely would have had directors speed-dialling his agent, had the movie been the box-office success it deserved. Five stars.
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August 12, 2007
This movie seems like a major buzzkill but it's still really awesome and has a lot of humor.
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½ March 4, 2008
Good performances, but still missing something.
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December 26, 2007
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½ November 7, 2006
The portrayal of grief is compellingly realistic. Unfortunately I found the timing of the script to be somewhat slow in some places and then too fast in others. Overall a pretty great movie with excellent performances.
½ February 22, 2012
Stellar performances all-around, though I still find Jake Gyllenhaal off-putting. I suppose it fits in this movie, so I'll let it slide. The religious imagery is a bit overdone, but I like the way this movie deals with the psychological factor of overcoming tragedy. Plus, Susan Sarandon's character is just so fascinating (at least, to me.) Pompeo really shines here, too.
October 29, 2011
"Moonlight Mile" is so good because it sets itself up in a really intriguing way, and has a pretty unique follow through. The cast is excellent, the story is intriguing, and Brad Silberling's direction allows you to have pretty strong ties with all of the characters. It's really well done.

A husband and wife lose their only child, and her fiance moves in with them. Over the course of him staying with them, we learn new information about everyone, including relationships, and whereabouts of specific people. If it sounds like this synopsis is a little vague, than your right. It's been kind of a long time since I've seen this movie. I think it's been about a year, so its kind of hard to remember all of the story. But I remember how well done it was. And I think that's all that counts.

Anyway this movie was particularly great because of it's acting. Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman, and Jake Gyllenhaal were all absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Seriously, they really brought out the big guns for this movie. I think what was so good about it was how real the entire execution seemed. Each character has such depth, that its hard to comprehend that your actually watching a movie for some of the film. I think my actual favorite was Sarandon in this one. There were just some scenes where she really made you tear up. She was absolutely perfect. But it's hard to pick a favorite from these 3 heavy-weights. They were all really good.

From what I remember, the cinematography was really well done. The funeral scene in the beginning, and the ending of the film had such vibrant colors and a distinct style from what I can recall. The film had this great aesthetic presentation, and you know that that always helps a movie. Really good stuff here.

This review isn't long because like I said, I don't really remember a whole lot, and I guess that's a problem. I don't want to say that I don't remember a whole lot, because if I don't remember it, how can it be a good movie right? Well lets disregard my shortcomings and discuss how this movie is great. The acting is brilliant, the story is brilliant, the cinematography is brilliant, everything is brilliant. "Moonlight Mile" is a movie to watch, because of it's realism, and because of it's proximity to the heart. I highly recommend it.
July 17, 2011
Jake and Ellen - what a great pairing. I love these actors, and they are joined with an awesome ensemble cast, including Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman. The characters are believable as they depict a story of grief, guilt, and figuring out life and their place in it. It's so far removed from a fairy tale that it makes loving it so much more beautiful. The real-ness, the honesty, the emotion - it makes a great film. Not to mention, I think the soundtrack is phenomenal, too.
½ October 18, 2010
This is a very forgettable film. Can't quite pinpoint why. The acting is topnotch, but the story and script itself just drags on so long.
½ August 30, 2010
Review #309 Drama-Courtroom

I've been wanting to watch this film for a while. I recently took the time to watch it yesterday, Now, I'm not quite sure If it was a letdown or if really equated my expectations.

I really must say that the peformances were pheonomenal. I must say Hoffman doesn't really dissapoint often. Surandom was pretty good. Some said Gyllenhaal wasn't his best in this film, but I kind of found him refreshing.

I was really intuned in the film, although it is a film that starts out slow, and takes a minute to get good. It does get better has the movie rolls on. I just wished it didn't quit toward the end. It slowed down. Atleast the romance part was nice.

"Moonlight Mile feels like one long mile, but in retrospective, some great performances, with a pretty good plot, overpower some of the bad direction, and weak ending. Making it a film that passes by the positive and sensational leads."
March 17, 2007
I gave up on this movie as well, but about 3/4ths of the way through. I may come back to it.

I like Dustin Hoffman and he delivers another great role, but the kicker in this movie is that the boyfried of his murdered daughter lives with the family after the funeral and lets it be known late to a postal worker girl acquaintance that he broke up with the girl before she was murdered. He humors the family by acting otherwise, fearing they will hate him for hanging around.

Invitations for the wedding had recently been mailed and he had to retrieve them from the post office. Anyway, he gets involved with this girl postal worker.

I found the premise of this movie a little incredible. The family acts rather detached from the funeral... almost like they had just gone fishing somewhere!

Maybe they are in denial about it all. The daughter was killed in a random act of violence so they are still in shock no doubt. Maybe that was it.

Anyway, I gave up on it when the boy had a bed scene with the postoffice worker.

That kind of casual thing with no buildup or storyline really freaks me.

Maybe I will go back to this one, but it seemed to drone on forever, not going anywhere. Decide for yourself.
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