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½ June 2, 2009
this is pure crap and there is no reason for Val Kilmers name to be on the cover but to get the 5 people that actually saw it to agree to see it.
February 3, 2010
The graphics were good. Keep me interested in the film. Val Kilmer should have a bigger role in the film. He was depicted as a back ground actor.
½ December 23, 2009
My wife checked this one out from the library. She saw Val Kilmer's name and thought to give it a shot. He got first billing but is in this piece of trash for about 4 1/2 minutes or so. Must have a decent agent, but made a mistake being a part of this. The story had an intersting premise, but does not deliver anything remotely interesting. Don't waste your time like I did...
August 31, 2009
I?ve stalled with watching this for a long time because it just didn?t seem good, but I?m a fan of Kilmer and possible fan of Oksana, so it stayed in queue for a long time. I bumped it up finally. And I can?t say I was disappointed, because I didn?t expect much. And it still underdelivered. And too much blue filter in the above ground scenes. I get it. Stop it.

A strange aside, Vincent Gallo plays a priest in this movie. Was this casting a joke because he?s been in movies like Trouble Every Day and made Chloe Sevigny go down on him on film? Not to mention this priest is in a wholly illogical and inappropriate relationship angle.

Kilmer plays the guardian to the Moscow underground and gets the accent down pretty good but seems like he just wanted a free trip to Spain to film the movie. Poor Lilya didn?t even learn enough English for the movie, as she speaks Russian most of the time to her costars who speak English back like they understand everything perfectly. And the movie isn?t scary at all. There are a couple of creepy moments, but not nearly enough to carry on, which makes this very boring. The digital camera fun house POV shots aren?t explained right away, which makes you wonder if it was an added effect at first. And the ending doesn?t bring closure to much. Oh, and this movie has Sage Stallone in it. I don?t remember him having a line in it, but it was hard to stay awake during this movie.

½ June 20, 2009
When I rented this movie I thought with the actors that it would be a well made movie. How WRONG I was!! This movie had very little plot and was very difficult to understand what was being conveyed. It is two hours of my life that I will never be able to get back. I wonder if they could give a refund of time. Val Kilmer on the box gives the idea that he will have a major role, however, it was a secondary charcter. The main charcters I hope did the best with what they had as a script. I have seen better independent films with smaller budgets. The ending will leave you with a feeling of anger that you spent two hours to get nothing but a speech. The climatic scenes are anything but. This was billed as a thriller but I had to continue to get up and stretch to keep from falling asleep. I think I would have spent my money more wisely by watching a Barney or Teletubie movie. Whoever made this movie needs to be drawn and quartered or tarred and feathered for insulting us with this crap. If you have a choice between this movie and one you can recite every word to, choose the latter!!
December 11, 2008
Val Kilmer is my favorite actor which is why I rented this movie. This was a non-story with a non-ending. The only way to make sense of this is to believe that everyone involved with this movie was playing a joke on the world of movies as they set out to make the worst movie ever. They might have succeeded. I'll forgive Val (he must have needed the money), and I'll still see his next movie.
½ November 23, 2008
It's amazing that I even sat through this movie all the way through. This movie is the biggest piece of crap I've endured since final destination (I could only endure the first one). It's like a joke that goes on and on with no punch line and then you realize that your the punchline - that you even watched this is the kicker.
[b]Don't waste your time with this!
½ October 31, 2008
What a stupid and lucicrous plot. It seems that just about all of Val Kilmer's films of late are just dreadful. It lacks suspense, it's not frightening but it is a waste.
½ May 12, 2016
Padded, repetitive, almost entrancingly awful and amateurish. Val Kilmer's screen time is possibly five minutes....
November 23, 2008
It's quite an accomplishment when the summary of a film offers more intrigue than the film itself. That being said, the concept itself is interesting, and the decent into the caverns of hell is tense and well shot with a number of veteren actors such as Joss Ackland making appearances. Unfortunately, after almost an hour of buildup and suspense, the end result is nothing more than a group of people trying to escape from a haunted house. 80 minutes of groping around in the dark with little or nothing to show for it is far more than anyone should be asked to sit through.
½ July 28, 2012
Lost souls imprisoned in the past waiting for their liberation towards the light.
March 14, 2012
Dark, Gloomy but AWESOMELY ORIGINAL!!! And the Blonde Actress is a knock out!
February 12, 2012
low budget movie... i would make one like this with an amteur camera and with only one camera
November 30, 2011
I can't even rate this film, is how terrible it was. I turned it off after the scenes with Val Kilmer in it. Also, for some reason I didn't have subtitles, which was a pain in the ass as some of the film was in Russian. Don't bother with this one. Trust me. It's not even worth it for the blip-on-the-radar that was Kilmer's appearance.
August 11, 2010
I am now dumber for watching this total piece of crap
½ March 23, 2010
I rented this while doing a Val Kilmer marathon with a friend.
March 22, 2010
"Movie Zero" as well. Dull! dull! Dull! dull!, my god was this movie dull and very "dark! dark! dark! dark!" the whole way through. Avoid this one at all cost. Muscovites probably wouldn't want to see this piece of cinematic brilliance (not!).
½ March 15, 2010
Horrible horror film that is just awful in every single aspect, does however feature a good cast too bad they left their talent at home. The film is about a group searching underground tunnels in Russia for a lost friend that is researching some sort of ancient evil. The plot makes minimal sense and the fear elements are laughable, eww shadows are so scary. Contender for the worst film ever!
March 12, 2010
low budget movie... i would make one like this with an amteur camera and with only one camera
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