Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven Reviews

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½ February 11, 2012
Fassbinder's satire looks at the life of a middle-aged woman and her family after the death of her husband. Comic at times, dramatic others, and cynical throughout, with quiet desperation undercutting everything, here is a film bored with thinking and thought and the perception of better living through either.
February 7, 2011
As the tag line reads, this film was banned from the Berlin Film Festival in 1975, and I know exactly why. It's what you call a 'bleak comedy'. But the emotion that it carries throughout the whole movie is disturbing, yet riveting. I first watched this movie not knowing any synopsis of it at all and when it was over, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Foreign films can be quite moving.
½ July 31, 2010
Ach ja, der Rainer Werner konnte schon Filme machen. Interessant erzählt, gut gespielt und eigentlich so ziemlich gegen Alles und Jeden hat Fassbinder auch mit diesen Film bewiesen, dass man ihn einfach in keine Schublade stecken kann. Besonders angetan war ich vom alternativen Ende, das eigentliche Ende ist zwar auch in Ordnung, ist aber schon ziemlich absurd wenn man mich fragt.
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