• Unrated, 1 hr. 25 min.
  • Horror
  • Directed By:
    Steven Sheil
    In Theaters:
    Aug 26, 2008 Wide
    On DVD:
    May 5, 2009
  • Revolver Entertainment
  • Mum & Dad
    1 minutes 22 seconds
    Added: Apr 28, 2010


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Mum & Dad Reviews

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Super Reviewer

August 12, 2011
Yet another 'demented family' movie, this time from Britain where a 50-something couple and their adopted son and daughter kidnap a female Polish immigrant and try to add her to their sick household. It's pretty good, nothing too original or groundbreaking and certainly not "the best UK horror of the last decade" as said by gorezone magazine. It does manage to be a little disturbing and the family do come across genuinely unpleasant. There's a bit of gore and torture but nothing too graphic or disgusting. Well acted too, which is something British actors excel at no matter what the genre. Definitely a wothwhile watch, but nothing outstanding.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

February 20, 2010
The real life events of the likes of Joseph Fritzl make a film like this surprisingly believable. Mum & Dad may not be pushing the boundaries of taste, nor is it anything new or shocking, but it does what it can on it's budget. It also has a few sly punches at the disgustingly working class Brits. The Royle Family meets Hostel. The Christmas scene and the petty squabbles, are little comedic moments that suggest this film could have gone for all out satire. The acting is mostly of British-drama-TV caliber, so it's bearable, but not enough for what the film wants to achieve.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

January 18, 2009
Really horrible movie, gory,,, just... yuck. Good for a low budget film, and acting is good, particularly the actress who plays Birdie. Disturbing how normal she plays that role. LOL. I couldn't recommend this because it is pretty gruesome and horrible, but I'm sure anyone who likes stuff like Saw (which I personally can't stand) and Hostel would be all over this.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

November 25, 2009
This is a nasty and disturbing film, brilliantly realised as just that but it lacks a certain credibility. It's like a clean cut 70's Exploitation film but just 40 years too late. This might be the future of horror but it needs to be more convincing, otherwise it's a little too much to stomach and someone should have a word with Mr. Sheil's parents! Still, I have to give this film credit, it packs a punch and shouldn't go unnoticed.
Dr Blood  

Super Reviewer

August 5, 2009
Jesus wept! I just watched this movie after getting it from Netflix and it was brutal!!!!!
Now I've seen a lot of horror movies in my time but nothing prepared me for what was probably the closest thing we'll ever get to a movie version of mass murderers Fred and Rosemary West.
I'm not ashamed to admit that my heart was pounding all the way through because of the tension. I was totally empathizing with the Polish Girl (Lena/Angel). In fact, it got so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack!
I couldn't wait for the tables to be turned and the most satisfying ending that I've seen for a long time. Admittedly I would have liked to have seen a bit more and watch Lena get some really good cosmetic surgery to repair all her scars but, as it was, it was satisfying enough.
I expect a lot of people might be put off by the British accents and be on titter alert at the "commonness" of the "family" but it all worked for me in a completely serious way. It's no "dark comedy" and it's a lot more than a Brit "torture porn" version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". It's realistic and believable.
I have to give it 10 out of 10. I recommend you rent or buy this right now. If you are at all squeamish then just rent it because you will never want to watch this again afterwards.
I'm still buzzing from the shock of seeing more evil on screen than there even was in "Martyrs". This is the best British horror film ever!

Super Reviewer

January 25, 2009
Grisly Brit horror which goes nowhere but creates an effectively disturbing home environment.

Super Reviewer

March 30, 2010
I don't particularly enjoy films like this, and found myself watching it rather by accident. Within a minute it was clear that this was not going to be a rewarding and enjoyable cinematic experience, but in the interest of watching a British horror film and expanding my filmic horizons slightly, I elected to watch until the end.

Horror films come in all different sizes and flavors. Gore, ghosts, werewolves, suspense, torture and whatnot. Steven Sheil's Mum & Dad, is a little different though. Rather than hit the audience with full-frontal ugliness it gambles on weirdness and plays the freak card. Though some might call it another variation on the crazy family theme, (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) it does contain a more realistic feel. One thing about horror flicks is that you can often derive a lot from the title of the film. The cooler and tougher it sounds, the softer it usually is. And so you have to admit, Mum & Dad leaves a good solid base for some slick and freaky horror fun. Central to the film are both characters referenced in the title. Mum and Dad might look like ordinary people from the outside; they certainly are a little different from your regular household setup. The fun starts when one of their children drags in a Polish immigrant girl (Olga Fedori) who gets "integrated" into the family. It quickly starts to dawn that mum and dad are not as ordinary as they seemed at first and off you go for a good sixty minutes of weirdness. It plays on equal levels of awkwardness, grit and humor which make for a pretty compelling viewing. As much as you are repulsed, you can't take your eyes off the screen.

"Mum & Dad" is obviously a low budget affair and even though Sheil does his best to conceal this fact, from time to time it does look its budget. Visually there are interesting shots and sequences but the overall effect remains pretty inconsistent, with some rather amateurish shots in between. Same goes for the soundtrack of the film. Some dark ambient background music and good use of sound effects, but it never really gels into an audiovisual trip. Luckily mum and dad (played by Dido Miles and Perry Genson) have pretty good acting techniques, making the film a lot more watchable. Their appearance alone, especially dads, gives the film a pretty twisted feel. Fat English accents and an overly greasy facade only add more flair to the family. Both daughter and son are nice additions too, adding their share of weirdness to the whole setup.

While the level of gore is not noteworthy the film is pretty damn filthy in its own right. The creepiness of the family creates a bigger punch for what is actually shown on screen. Add some nicely built up tension near the end and what you have is a pretty well-ordered little horror flick that is sure to compel and repulse at the same time. In the end, enjoyable isn't the word I'd apply to my overall impression of the Mum & Dad, but, this was a job well done, and worth a watch despite the horrific subject matter. Just expect to feel like shit afterwards.

Story: C
Acting: B+
Direction: B
Visuals: C+
Overall: C+

**1/2 out of 4 stars
Adam M

Super Reviewer

March 24, 2014
Mum and Dad is a dark, twisted horror tale about a young, Polish cleaner at an airport who, after missing her last bus home gets offered a place to stay by her friendly workmate. But not long after they arrive at the house the Polish girl gets knocked out and later awakes tied up in a dirty looking bedroom. Getting introduced to 'mum and dad', she realises she is in the hands of one seriously fucked up family and is made to do chores around the house in turn for food and a roof over her head but this is a family whose dad regularly tortures and murders people to the delight of the mum and perverse pleasure of the daughter and brother, who seemingly were brought in in similar circumstances to our Polish cleaner.
Mum and Dad has quite an interesting, and chillingly familiar, premise as we see an innocent young person brought into a house and physically and mentally fucked with. Something that happens to young girls involved in Trafficing the world over. only fortunately not to this level. But it's brutal nature could well give hardcore horror fans a perverse thrill as things become more tense throughout and the nonchalant, this-is-normal behaviour of the family puts you on edge to. Plus the fact they watch porn at the breakfast table.
Some will no doubt find this repulsive and disgusting but for horror fans Mum and Dad is a twisted treat.
Henrik S

Super Reviewer

November 7, 2009
To be honest, the primary reason why is was interested in this movie was the fact that it is a British movie. I did not take too many films to immunize me against torture porn for good, so this was a return to old habits and while the movie is a tad more quirky and original, there is not much going on apart from the interesting premise which runs dry rather quick. The Britishness and low budget are a blessing in disguise and the sets, costumes and actors are refreshingly unrefined and thus more real. There is not as much "gore" as one would expect from the synopsis but also more subtle horror than one would expect. The film never crosses any lines and steers clear of any sexual or violent innuendo that would have the rating skyrocket into space.
Patrick D

Super Reviewer

June 3, 2009
Depraved, utterly depraved, but well done.
I feel it deserves more credit than it's getting, despite it's flaws.
One being: coming out at a time where we've seen a lot of these gory films with humans doing monstrous things.
Although among a pile of similar films, this one is notable.
David S

Super Reviewer

May 9, 2009
A well made low budget british horror that I admire rather than like. Good performances, especially from Ainsley Howard as Birdie and Dido Miles as 'mum' and nicely directed but the subject matter made me feel uncomfortable and a bit grubby. One to watch once.
Wu C

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2009
Pretty un-entertaining for me. A couple shock value scenes give it some cred, but overall a letdown.
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

January 12, 2009
A bizarre horror flick about a kidnapped gal forced to join a sick and murderous family. Sibling rivalry, parental approval and the search for independence are all turned on their head as the kidnapee tries to survive the ordeal. I've heard the film compared to a Mike Leigh kitchen sink drama combined with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and that seems very apt indeed.
Chris M

Super Reviewer

December 30, 2008
Just another torture film?
May 14, 2013
A somewhat unique take on the psycho-killer family genre that stretches back to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and includes such recent examples as The Girl Next Door and The Woman, Mum and Dad is a thoroughly brutal and twisted film that also features some pitch-black comedy. Mum and Dad concerns a young woman whose co-worker takes her home to get a ride, where she discovers that the family kidnaps people and makes them part of their "family." Torture, sexual depravity, and bizarreness ensue as she struggles to find a means of escape. Surprisingly well-filmed, always surprising in its twistedness, and funny in a way that will make you feel dirty, Mum & Dad is a must for fans of brutal horror cinema.
August 11, 2009
Wow. Umm, epic. I love that the family got what was coming to them...and the tables turned. Super satisfying ending. England (and other European countries) do horror way better than we do. Even if it is a b-movie or low budget...like this.
September 6, 2009
To my knowledge British films don't contribute much to the torture porn genre. Actually, British films in general never make that much controversy aside from the obvious A Clockwork Orange, as far I know. This is why I liked Mum & Dad. It's a rather generic captive-and-torture film and not very much disturbing film but it's interesting if deranged characters pique your interest. It's scary from the act following the normal one because the brother and sister seem like the most normal people and their conversations with the Polish girl was realistic and life-affirming. It makes you forget that you first intended to watch a movie where you wanted to be disturbed. The torture is never brutal but the psychological inference in seeing remains of victims is what gives you chills, disgust and suspense throughout the film. The voice silencing is original but I still think someone will be able to moan and groan like crazy when they're subjected to The Girl Next Door-style set ups.
August 9, 2009
This film is what the retarded baby of Hostel and The Girl Next Door would be like. You know, after you got him out of his cage and took the gimp suit off of him. Not very frightening, a little on the strange side but hilarious to watch and degrade when nobody's looking. I can clearly see what it's intentions were but it failed to meet them. The father is supposed to be terrifying but I just wanted to tickle him and the Mum (gotta love those wacky Brits) well, the father isn't very terrifying. If you liked The Girl Next Door, methinks you'll probably like this. But otherwise, it's pretty empty.
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