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March 13, 2009
a very entertaining 50s noir that somehow escaped my radar until yesterday. the banter of the supporting characters and the third man theme music made me smile. great existential vibe, better than blast of silence. and surely a template for le samouraļ. oh those crazy, irrational, trouble-makin women...
June 15, 2011
excellent noir thriller this is a B pix that really works. this is one martin scorsese's faves. the music score is very sparse only a single electric guitar but like welle's the third man (which it reminded me of) it works a the movie goes on and the characters get closer & closer the music add to heighten tension. final bonus: alot of the exterior shots r shot in my hometown of sta monica and it was interesting to see what it looked like back then.
½ May 6, 2013
Filmed in seven days, this noir follows the hit man in it for the money. He's suppressed all emotions (or so he says) and exercises when he gets restless. Scorsese claims to have gotten some inspiration for Taxi Driver here. The soundtrack with its loping guitar plucking (not too distant from the Third Man's zither or some Italian comedy) acts as a counterbalance to the potentially grim content. Well, actually all of the waiting around for the actual hit is a bit comedic in itself. This hit man operates by his own rules and is as efficient as this 1958 low budget quickie.
April 16, 2012
Fine noir thriller,with unexpected events and turns.Vince Edwards plays Claude,an ordinary man who becomes a hired contract killer,doing his work efficiently. Soon he is asked to take out a key witness in a trial,but founds out that his target is a woman. He tries out different methods,does he succeed in his mission?What happens next,watch it to find out. The soundtrack(mainly an electric guitar is apt for the film.
PS- This is one of Scorsese's favorite movies and at 80 minutes wont take much of your time.
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