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½ June 17, 2009
Ashton, suck my Kush... nurr.
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½ May 2, 2007
possibly the worst piece of slop ever foisted on an unsuspecting public
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April 23, 2007
Funny!!! An outstanding comedy performance by Ashton Kutcher!!! He just make me wanna kick him, punch him, and u know all the bad things because of his stupidity....
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November 19, 2006
Outrageously funny with Ashton Kutcher who 'babysits' his boss's house that becomes a 'madhouse'. But I like the accidentally scenes on Terence Stamp where he was hanging on the tree that makes me laugh!
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½ November 4, 2010
Tom (Ashton Kutcher) works as a researcher at a publishing company who likes his co-worker Lisa (Tara Reid) who happens to be his boss's daughter. When she asks him to come over to her house he assumes they would go out together. As it turns out, she needed him to babysit her father's owl named O.J. while he went abroad on business. From the time Tom enters this house things go haywire from losing OJ, who ends up going fly crazy after ingesting some cocaine or was it heroin, to having all sorts of unsavory characters just let themselves in the house. Terence Stamp plays the psycho father, Jack Taylor pretty good. Can Tom do anything to get out of the mess he's in, keep his job, and most important--get Lisa to like him?

Robber points a gun at Tom.

Tom: *unzips pants* I've got a gun too, but you're just too afraid to use yours.

Robber: *runs away*

Lisa: That was so brave of you!
Yeah right!!

[Jack Taylor introduces his pet owl]
Jack : This is O.J.
Tom : O.J.? Like the murderer?
Jack : No, like a football player. O.J. Simpson.
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April 26, 2008
This is a very silly movie with lots of unbelievable set-ups and jumps in story logic. However, it is a comedy and it is pretty funny for what it is, they do it joke a minute style so many of them miss but quite a few hit for me. Decent.
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February 14, 2008
This was very funny and left me wanting more Ashton is an actor im paying close attention too i predict seeing good things from him in the future
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September 16, 2007
Frustrating as hell. Watch this if you want to be stressed out for 90 mins or so.
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½ August 16, 2006
September 22, 2006
i wasn't interested in seeing this, but by chance seen it on starz free preview and ashton Kutcher is only reason i continued watchin.. will i ever watch again,intentionally... probably
August 25, 2012
How does Ashton Kutcher have a career? And why do I keep watching horrible movies just because they're on tv? But they end the movie with dancing. So it gets a star for that. Cause I'm a sucker for dancing.
May 9, 2007
All it took for me to dislike this movie was listen to Aston Kutcher's annoying voice narrate at the beginning. It was as if my entire body was infected with his stupid-cooties. 30 minutes into this hokey turd I turned the DVD player off because it was not funny and had Tera Reid, who aside from one line in The Big Lebowski, has no cinematic merit whatsoever. Terrance Stamp was the only actor with any acting talent in this mess. He must've gotten one heck of a paycheck. Or he just can't find work these days. I wanted to vomit.
April 17, 2009
I actually saw this in the theater for some reason...looked funny (and it did have its' moments) but overall was pretty bad. This movie is memorable to me for other reasons...
½ January 2, 2009
For years I hesitated watching this movie. Now, I know why. It was even worse than I'd expected. I thought it would be OK but it just got worse and worse. Ashton Kutcher makes the worst movie mistake of his career, since 'Dude, Where's My Car?' Tara Reid co-stars as the girl of Ashton's dreams, who asks him to babysit her father's house (and his boss)'s pet owl for the weekend. The rules: 1. No shoes in the house. 2. No people in the house. 3. The boss' son stays out of the house. 4. Don't touch the furniture.

Well, you can pretty much guess by the end of the first twenty minutes, how the rest of the film is going to turn out.

You know right from the start that bad things are going to happen, and they're mostly stupid things ( that are extremely UNFUNNY) that would never actually happen. None of the characters have any depth and the only person who was anywhere near believable was Tom, although the way he became so easily distracted just annoyed me after a while. The dialogue is ridiculous and the structure of the film almost completely non-existent. In an insulting attempt at comedy the writer/director introduces a new character or event in practically every scene, none of which are realistic, making it very confusing to keep track of what is going on. The plot is barely an excuse for a movie. It's an extremely frustrating movie to watch, and there were about three times when I nearly turned it off, because it was so bad.

A complete waste of time.
Don't watch it. You'll sincerely regret it!
½ October 16, 2008
Whatever you guessed - You're right. Very thin version of comedy and the story is so re used its not funny - Like Three's Company without the extra hot girl. I watched 'cause I like Trent's acting.
½ September 22, 2008
This was one of the worst Ashton Kutcher movies I ever seen. HE was funny but Tara Reed flippin ruined it. Molly Shannon and Kenan were good as usual and of course Asthon. But c'mon people! THIS SUCKED! Oh, and HOW WAS THIS RATED R?
½ July 3, 2007
Would be a decent movie. Except that everything sucked. Tara Reid and Carmen Electra (I recall seeing her, but she's not listed in the cast here...) are the only redeeming things about this movie. And they don't help that much.
½ June 24, 2007
ya....i remember this movie when it was called "Just Married" ...looks lke the kutcher is making clone films
½ June 12, 2007
I liked this movie. It was so funny and I was interested in it the whole time. It was a very good movie. Not great, but very good.
½ June 9, 2007
The biggest load of crap I've ever paid to see. At one point, a guy just started peeing on the curtains. I walked out.
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