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½ January 5, 2011
Total garbage. The characters are undeveloped. The storyline is predictable. The horror is non existent.
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½ April 13, 2009
Entertaining enough I guess. The end was predictable and not very exciting.
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½ April 3, 2009
"I'm in it for the money. What's your excuse?"

"My Little Eye" was an original piece of work at its release date. The film mixed the reality TV and horror genres together, resulting in a surprisingly good movie.

The story skips the character development and goes directly to the last week of their 6 month stay in the house. If they manage to stay in the house they win 1 million USD's. But the competitors are so terribly wrong, this ain't no Big Brother bullshit..!

"My Little Eye" was easy to predictable at times but it gave some good shockers. The final 30 minutes delivered twists that you could never have imagined. The film also has a creepy atmosphere that helps build up the tension.

The camerawork is something that all reality TV fans will probably not have any difficulties to adjust. I especially liked the night vision photography.

Fans of the horror genre should take a look at this movie. It wasn't that well advertised but I do think that if you're into horror movies, you've at least heard of this.

As a curiosity I recommend you to check out the special features of the DVD. Some good interactive stuff there.
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½ April 21, 2007
I liked the way this was shot through webcam feed style cameras, which reminded me a bit of The Blair Witch Project (as that's shot through the cameras the 'cast' were meant to be using, making it somewhat more realistic) although I was slightly disappointed by the ending.
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August 1, 2007
This was boring and a bit incomprehensible. I was expecting a horror version of the "Big Brother" TV show mixed with some "Blair Witch Project", but nope...
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May 6, 2007
Effective chiller
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March 4, 2007
Very underrated horror. Slow to start but bare with it, very violent and will make you jump. Very good film and almost interactive on DVD.
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October 28, 2006
A reality show as filtered through dial-up (pre-broadband) era Internet, My Little Eye takes the concept of the Big Brother TV program to its next "logical" step, with five contestants tasked with living in a house somewhere in remote North America for six months. But just as they're verging on finishing their stay (and by doing so collecting a million dollars), strange things start happening. My Little Eye was one of the first horror films to explore the possibilities of playing around with 'reality television' (in this case, reality internet) before the sub-genre got over saturated with copycats like Halloween Resurrection. Though played as being seen through the webcams fixed in strategic spots around the house and surrounding areas (and in weirder places like on video games controllers and fountain pens), director Marc Evans gets quite a lot of scares from a surreal sonic mix, which emphasises some sounds to be louder than reality (like the crow - a bad omen - getting stuck in the attic that reeks of piss), and ads reverbs, echoes and distortion. Far from taking you out of the film, this is a trick that works surprisingly well, building tension and getting quite a fair few of well earned scares in the first 35 minutes, until the enigmatic Travis (a small part played to great effect by Bradley Cooper) enters the house, causing curiosity, tension and doubt with the housemates. The truth behind the webcast is easy to work out but nonetheless quite shocking, and despite some technical illiteracies with computer technology (no worse than in episodes of X Files or CSI) the revelations continue to thrill and horrify as gradually the housemates appear to meet sticky ends. This is an underrated horror film, one of the best of the early 'noughties', with a gut-wrenching and powerful ending. It should also earn a place in film history by having one of the first truly 'interactive' DVDs, which included multiple viewing angles for the entire film using a webcast-esque portal, allowing the viewer to become even more of a voyeur.
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½ August 7, 2007
"My Little Eye", as its size, offers TOO LITTLE...
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½ May 27, 2006
A twisted and thrashy low-budget horror tale featuring adequate performances and a good dose of absurdity, My Little Eye is, to say the least, an intriguing gimmick that almost, ALMOST ends its elaborate track run with a 'winner' ribbon.

Unfortunately, the third act here is strictly 'freaked out people kill each other' stuff, which is not nearly as satisfying as the masterful buildup promises. So, yeah, it basically sucks that it eventually turns into something that sucks, but what can I say... My Little Eye eventually overstays its welcome, and the screenplay skids off-track to the point where you won't give a damn anymore about what's happening to who during the final ten minutes. Bummer, bummer.
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April 17, 2008
Five strangers to spend six months in an isolated mansion as part of an international internet webcast. If all remain at the end, each win $1million. 'My Little Eye' is ultimately a moderately interesting, usually conventional but at times intriguing horror flick, disguised with a cloak of psychological debate and sociology that isn't half as deep as the film-makers want it to be. With it's CCTV-footage style and cast of unknown actors, we are drawn in with a relatively suspensful build-up, despite the moments of fear being familiar and somewhat artificial, yet the sense of voyeurism does add a sense of authenticity about it, not to mention making us feel uncomfortable. The story appears to go in the conventional route of past mistakes resulting in modern slaughter, but luckily the narrative twists and turns for a few moments, and we are genuinely excited at the prospect of such a different story-arc. But then the director cashes this in, almost desperate to reverse and follow the road of teenage massacre, in an array of styles, all unnecessary considering a gun is just lying around. The film too, contains some of the most dull, almost pitch-perfect stereotypes for 'characters', none of whom interest on any level; they are bland, false and lack any sort of real personality. The ending does break convention, and in a frightening way, but it's all dealt with so typically, and the prospect of exciting, enthusiastic debate is never fully realised; the film is almost afraid to acknowledge what the story says about society, the lure of fame and fortune and the underground world of voyeurism we all ignore. In the end, 'My Little Eye' doesn't deliver what it promises, opting for convoluted plot devices, cheap, illogical horror and inexplicably boring characters - you can't help wondering how good it truly could have been.
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½ February 13, 2008
Great, slow burn horror film about a bunch of young adults staying in an isolated cottage to win a contest. Their every move is being recorded for the internet and if someone leaves, they all lose. I thought the film was pretty good on first viewing, but it's on of those rare films that the more I see it the more I love it.
½ January 27, 2012
Partially found-footage, My Little Eye is an entertaining little horror film about a group of people who answer an online reality show ad that requires them to live in a house together for six months without anyone's leaving. A series of webcams broadcast their lives to a subscription-based internet site. The film jumps quickly from the online ad to the final days of the group's predicament as things begin to take a decidedly sinister tone. Featuring an early appearance by Bradley Cooper (his first film after Wet Hot American Summer), My Liftle Eye features genuinely creepy moments and is engaging throughout. Not great by any stretch of the term, it is a solid little film that explores the voyeuristic aspect of the human condition and our desire to see torture and death years before Hostel.
½ October 18, 2010
Gave this a re-watch as part of my little Halloween marathon, it holds up pretty well, though the idea of a slasher set in a Big Brother/Blair Witch type environment is a little hard to swallow, as everyone is under constant surveillance.

Not bad, though it's never as 'chilling' or 'nerve-jangling' as the box art might suggest.

Well worth a rental.
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½ December 5, 2009
Nothing overly spectacular and it is something that has been done over and over again. It is kind of bland and the characters are kind of painful to watch. But this isn't that bad of a movie. It takes its time to develop the story and the circumstances around it. Acting wasn't all that bad at times either. But it doesn't bring anything new, so it was kind of a waste.
October 12, 2008
This one also had a great level of just all out creepiness. We are a society that feels like we are being watched 24/7 as it is, but how about for sport? Flipping the idea of reality television and turning into a Roman feast, the movie got a little weird (or MORE weird, anyway) towards the end, but definitely worth checking out, especially if you are an avid fan of the horror genre.
August 14, 2007
I caught this little gem on late night cable and have to say that I really enjoyed it. It did create a creepy atmosphere with the group isolated and I liked the revelation in the end. Worth a viewing.
July 7, 2007
Rather boring, confusing and there is no victorious moment at the end... its just very blah. Leave you feeling like crap quite frankly.
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