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The New Daughter Reviews

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Jens S

Super Reviewer

August 9, 2013
This horror flick about an unknown force from burial grounds changing Costner's daughter has little to add to the genre. It still works pretty okay for most of its running time, mostly thanks to the cast: But it all falls to pieces during the disappointing showdown and the pretty insulting ending. Meh.

Super Reviewer

October 3, 2012
Didnt make much sense to me. If it makes to anyone PLEASE let me know.

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2012
It wasn't that much creepy. When I saw the trailer I thought this would be creepy but it was alright. Story doesn't seemed to me that much catchy. But I did liked the ending.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

September 12, 2010
I was so excited when I saw the first creepy crawly thing on the roof at the beginning of the movie. Then, somehow, the movie just never really developed into anything overly exciting. Not a bad movie, just didn't seem to put forth much effort to be a really good one.

Super Reviewer

May 30, 2011
This spooky story is very average with Kevin Costner about a man dealing with a family related loss which has a haunting outcome.
This is a gorgeously shot film, where the nights are cold, eerie and evocative, and the safety of home is warm, glowing and golden. The best shot in the film is the last one, which barely makes up for the utter stupidity of the ending. There is much left to explain, but in the end, I don't really care.
This is occasionally interesting but is less so than it is sloppily executed and badly acted.

Super Reviewer

November 29, 2010
Cast: Kevin Costner, Ivana Baquero, Samantha Mathis, Gattlin Griffith, Erik Palladino, Noah Taylor, James Gammon, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Margaret Anne Florence, Martin Thompson

Director: Luis Berdejo

Summary: Luis Berdejo directs this supernatural thriller centered on John James (Kevin Costner), who moves to the country to get a new start -- only to be confronted by a new nightmare when his daughter, Louisa (Ivana Baquero), begins acting stranger by the minute. With unsettling events besetting the South Carolina home, John begins to believe that something on the edge of the forest nearby might have the answers he needs.

My Thoughts: "If I hadn't seen the creature early on in the film, I don't know if I would have continued to watch. The film moves at a rather slow pace with not much going on. But I thought the acting was good. I really liked Ivana Baquero and Gattlin Griffith in their roles as the children. I thought they did a great job. The film did get interesting about three fourths in. It takes awhile, but it gets there. Story-line was OK. Not too interesting unfortunately. But what really made the movie even more so a frustrating one to watch was the ending, I absolutely hated it. Leaves you with a huge question mark. For some movies endings like these work, not the case for this film."

Super Reviewer

September 26, 2010
Yes, ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Kevin Costner stars in this messy wannabe-thriller/horror flick about a writer father who moves to a rural area with his kids after his wife leaves him for another man. Costner is extremely bankable, which explains why he could take any role and make at least some the film's money back on it no matter what. But, he's only had limited success the last 10-15 years. This movie is then pretty forgettable as it's at times confusing and never gets anywhere except THAT MYSTERIOUS MOUND!!! A PILE OF DIRT!!! Pretty spooky, eh? Long-dead indians? Aliens? What's causing his daughter to be slightly possessed? Who cares? You sit through the entire film and at the end...nothing is solved. Direct-to-video sequel anyone? Raise your hands! I bet I know who WON'T be doing the second one!
Nani V

Super Reviewer

June 28, 2010
Kevin Costner plays John, a father to two kids, Louisa and Sam. They move in together to a new house out in the middle of nowhere after their mother ran off. Louisa starts spending her evenings in the woods playing on this mound and her attitude seems to change with each passing day. John tries to figure out what's causing this change and if it has anything to do with the mound in the woods.

Overall, it was watchable and a little bit creepy. I think it's worth a watch.

Super Reviewer

May 15, 2010
Not particularly good, but beautifully shot.
Joseph E

Super Reviewer

June 3, 2010
Obviously we have a film that was much to be liked, although it was actually much to be hated, because it wasn't omly outdated, and clich'ed, but it was long, dull, and overwrough!
Sarah P

Super Reviewer

August 8, 2010
Like many horror films now a days, the lead up was interesting and creepy, but then once you find out what's actually causing everything, it's all a joke.

Super Reviewer

June 7, 2010
Little girls grew up fast, that was the thought when I saw Ivana Baquero (the little girl in Pan's Labyrinth) in this thriller The New daughter. A divorced man played by Kevin Costner moved with his family to an isolated house, so it was obvious it was going to be cliché from beginning to end. Creepy noises and things that bumped out was not enough to trigger interest. Costner delivered some unconvincing acting and the plot was so thin that the viewer could never get a chance of getting to know the characters, much less care whether they live or die. No explanation was given for much of what happened with only passing the creatures in back yards, and people acting strangely around them. If you like cheesy acting and poor special effects,with a disappointed ending, I really hate when the movie end and leaving you guessing what was going to happen next.
Jason R

Super Reviewer

June 3, 2010
To be completely honest it could have been worse! Kevin Costner is one hell of an actor and he is joined by two very good child actors most notably Ivana Baquero who was phenomenal in Pan's Labyrinth.
The story feels like a mix between The Uninvited and The Descent, the best way I can describe it is that The New Daughter is a creature feature with a killer kid.
I really enjoyed the film it dares to be somewhat different and I never fault a filmmaker for trying to think outside the box.

Super Reviewer

May 3, 2010
"The New Daughter" has all the elements to be great movie but it just became a decent one. The movie has a slow, moody pace similar to movies such as "Signs" and "The Others" which also helps to enhance the atmosphere BUT with a shorter running time it would have been better.
There's hardly any blood, and it does contain a couple of good scares. Special effects are very good by the end.
May 28, 2010
Kevin Costner in a 'scary' movie is the scariest part of this train wreck of a movie. I couldn't make myself watch more than 30 minutes of this before I had to turn it off. The story has been done so many times that you don't need to watch this one.
March 12, 2013
Kevin Costner dives into the horror genre and provides a good albeit forgettable flick with The New Daughter. Costner plays a single father who moves his two children to an isolated home in the middle of the woods. Strange things start to occur when a mound in the backyard is discovered. The New Daughter starts of strong with a creepy figure on the rooftop next to Costner's daughters window but slowly becomes a bit dull before picking up the pace and finishing strong. Ivana Baquero gives an admirable performance as Costner's daughter and while the movie has its moments nothing significant sets it apart as a classic of the genre.
October 6, 2012
When I was first told of The Nude Otter, I was intrigued. No documentary had investigated nudism among aquatic mammals before, and here, I thought, is an overdue film that will make a lasting impression. Instead of naked, frolicking mustelids, however, the film instead turned out to star Kevin Costner... and he kept his clothes on THE WHOLE TIME.

Aside from that, it's a by-the-number, if a bit uneven, creature feature about ant-people living in a mound in South Carolina. There are some spiders, too, but they're never explained and quickly forgotten about. It's watchable and fun. Nothing special, just an entertaining monster movie lacking any nude otters and starring Kevin Costner.
December 31, 2011
Just a terrible movie. Even with a great cast this movie is just not good. The acting is good but the writing was horrible. It's actually more ridiculous than anything else.
February 20, 2011
Hmmmmm, weird movie....Kevin Costner being a favorite was the reason I watched this. It was definitely creepy and scary as we waited to see why after moving to the country the daughter started changing. Every time she spent time outside on a Big Dirt Mound she, along with her little brother had found, she seemed to get weirder and weirder. So we waited to find out what was making her change...was it aliens, some mythic monster, what? The movie was a bit confusing and messy and just didn't do the trick...hated the ending....dumb.
January 4, 2011
Why would such a great actor take such a crappy role is beyond me.. This short story should have stayed just a story. Cheap scares and a wtf plot makes me kick myself for spending the time to finish it.
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