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½ November 29, 2010
Well this certainly isn't quite in the same league as the new remake. Yes its a gloriously silly 80's flick but it really is basic in terms of sets, acting and casting, all very cheap and cheerful.

The only reason to watch this, again, is simply for the pretty decent makeup and effects by Steve Johnson. Good old fashioned hands on halloween masks, prosthetics and blood.

The new film is chock full of more seedy outfits and flashy visuals but the gore is about on par with this original. This older film isn't a big rave like the new film, its more low key with obviously smaller production values which gives it a better darker look. Lack of funds can often lead to better results in visuals methinks, you can't simply rely on CGI.

Naturally this is a grittier affair and more of a sensible scare fest of course, but by today's standards its quite tame and humorous.
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November 17, 2010
Kevin S. Tenney's original film is a horrifying, fun and amusing piece of Halloween viewing. Film stars Horror veteran Linnea Quigley and Amelia Kinkade. Night of the Demons is a terrific blend of horrifying blood and gore. Tenney's excellent directing effects a fun mood of terror on screen, and the film succeeds in being horrifying, and amusing all at once. The kids spend the night in a haunted funeral home for Halloween, and they discover an old mirror. Soon each of them become Demons and the rest that aren't try to survive the night. Night of the Demons is a definite Halloween seasonal classic. Night of the Demons is a fun, thrilling carnival of horror extravaganza that will definitely appeal to every old school horror fan. Night of the Demons is a definite must see classic. Kevin Tenney's directing is superb, and he directs this stellar cast of actors in the amusing spook fest. The special effects are very well done and the film is meant not to be taken too seriously, which is a must for a film like this. Night of the Demons may be a flawed film, but it definitely delivers all the necessities that good horror film needs to deliver to appeal to its audience. As a diehard Horror fan, I personally think that this is one of the best Horror films of the 1980's. If you love all the classic 80's Horror films, and you haven't seen this film yet, then give this one a shot. Night of the Demons promises to be one terrific night of spooky enjoyable fun.
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August 29, 2011
Night of the Demons is one of those 80's horror flicks that I just never got around to seeing, until now that is. It's much better than I assumed it to be. It's totally 80's with a hard rock soundtrack, it has a generous helping of sex and nudity and also has the classic "a bunch of friends get together for a party and everything goes to hell" formula. It's also great that they spend the night in an old funeral home instead of just an old house for a change. The make-up effects are great, as is the gore - and there's also a generous helping of it. I recommend seeing the unrated version to get the full effect. It's not altogether perfect, as you might have guessed. The acting and dialogue are both atrocious, but it's just too much fun to dismiss. I think it would be a great pick for a Halloween movie party.
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September 6, 2010
Not only is this a good old fashioned story of a haunted house and the teenagers who dare to spend a night there, but it's also a very 80s gory and disgusting horror flick with demons. I really enjoyed it, and if you like 80s teen horror you'll like it too.
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½ April 17, 2007
The best bit of the entire film was Angela's posssessed dance to Stigmata Martyr. The rest was all female anatomy and unconvincing acting. I was expecting something cheesy and fun, but it was only an okay watch. The effects were decent for the time though.
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October 10, 2009
Horny teenagers spend Halloween night in an abandoned mortuary and are possessed by demons. Campy, but well-made, with good effects and at least one indelible scene (Linnea Quigley's lipstick trick); the epitome of cheesy, mildly sleazy 80s horror.
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½ August 29, 2008
Wow, I haven't seen this in forever. Angela!!!! lol
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½ February 19, 2008
Great atmosphere, quite creepy, creature/makeup designs that are still effective today. I have some problems with some of the actors (mainly the protagonist girl) delivering their lines amateurishly. My biggest gripes are concerning the editing/arrangement of action scenes and chase scenes. Overall, the cinematography needs a better eye, but I like the gritty texture to it.
There are some cool scare jumps; I was freaked by the demons, and though the story arc is simple, I found some of the contextual details fascinating, such as the fact that the demons cannot cross over moving water. The set/house is a character unto itself and is just as scary as the beer-belly-punk-demon leaping out at unsuspected moments.
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January 6, 2013
Better than average slasher about a bunch of idiotic teenagers accidentally summoned a evil spirit in a haunted house, the spirit possessed them and then the fun began. The acting was dreadful, seriously, some of the minor characters were actually better than the main ones. Amelia Kinkade was quite hot being the villainess, but that doesn't mean she's a good actress. All the characters were pretty much shouting into the microphones. It's a comedy? I don't think so. The nice set and make did not save this film from the bad acting.
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April 16, 2011
When I ws 14 I really liked this movie, but watching it now I was a little less impressed. Not that theres naything wrong with it per se. It is what it is: a cheesy 80's horror flick, thats more concerned with camp than genuine scares. Good time for sure. It does have some good laughs, some good chills, and a healthy amount of boobies and bloodshed. It is also horribly generic and predictable, but what're you going to do. Like I said it is what it is. Would make a fun movie to watch on Halloween with friends and beers. I imagine that was the intention as well so mission accomplished.
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½ June 5, 2007
I saw this movie dozen of times when I was a teen because I had it on VHS, well... I still have it but it is in a box in the basement along with many more horror classics in the same format. What I hate the most about this movie is that it takes too long to take off, reason for what I used to press forward till the movie reached the 40 minutes of running time when it really turns into an atmospheric, creepy and gory ride that will keep you glue to the seat and make you bite your nails and jump from your seat.
"Night of the Demons" is a good mindless 80s Horror.
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½ September 29, 2010
The make-up effects were great, it had some nice gore and I love Jill Terashita and Lance Fenton - but the movie takes forever to get going, has horrible editing, the most annoying characters ever in a horror movie (worse than anyone in any Friday the 13th) and scenes seem to drag on for no purpose; it gets way too boring way too fast.
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½ August 28, 2009
How in the world they managed to afford the (fucking great) Bauhaus track is beyond me.
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½ December 24, 2007
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October 28, 2007
Narratively this film is terrible, but it does have some amazingly great moments.
August 29, 2012
This one has a special place in my heart based on numerous rentals with friends in the early '2000s. It is filled with memorable lines and some truly over the top violence and make up that's still pretty freaky to look at even all these years later.

Linnea Quigley steals the show in her magnificently slutty tutu and eventual freaky make-up, making this a must watch for fans of '80s horror.

½ June 15, 2014
Great makeup effects & a cool animated title sequence aside, this didn't age well at all. Watchable, but just barely.
½ April 3, 2014
continuing with my guilty pleasure of trashy 80s movies, this one is pretty good, they do a good job with the classic 80s characters, and its a good set up, i will say some things werent explained the best, and despite only being 89 min, still dragged a bit at the end, with just a buncha running scenes, but its still a fun time overall
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