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July 16, 2013
Don't really know what to say about this film except that it's bad, but it's old so it may have aged terribly. Although there are some pretty cheesy sequences in this film, but all in all it wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen. Not scary for a horror movie if you ask me.
February 11, 2013

"You're a moron...In case you didn't understand me, the only person around here guilty of committing a crime, is you, for impersonating a officer!"-Alex Jung (Brenda Vance)

Fear the mullet...and cut-off t-shirts for dudes. To me Dane Chan shined in this little flick. And I'll take the this werewolf over CGI any day.

Beer of choice: MGD
January 31, 2013
Alex returns home for some rest and relaxation, only to find that her small town has fallen victim to a series of brutal slayings at the hands of a mysterious stranger... Randolph Cohlan's first and only film is as horribly made as it is unintentionally hilarious. What little plotting that exists sets the film up as a murder mystery, but there is little suspense when the killer is revealed in the opening scenes. The audience also knows from the start that the killer is a werewolf, yet we are dragged along as the police fumble through each murder scene only to come to the same conclusion an hour later. NIGHT SHADOW is poorly scripted, and reads like a endless string of awful one-liners spouted out by a young Kato Kaelin and Stuart Quan. The creature effects and gore are satisfactory for the budget, but no excuse can be found for the jokey performances or talentless production.
½ June 21, 2012
It's not too bad, but there's not enough werewolf action in it and the film can't seem to decide who it's main character is. The werewolf doesn't make a screen appearance until the end and looks absolutely ridiculous. Not a lot of gore or scares, but it's worth a watch for any horror fanatic.
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