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November 22, 2010
I really loved Pratibha Parmar's work on "Nina's Heavenly Delights" and that's the reason I am so pissed off that there is rarely a chance for the character of a dyke to be realistically portrayed - or at least, believably enough for the gay audience to give it a pass. Laura Fraser is cute, but why on earth can't we see a real dyke playing a dyke on screen? Are they so hard to find? That's alI I have to say on this. "Politiki Kouzina" for lesbians!
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December 8, 2007
Great movie!! Excellent story plot. This movie follows the life of Nina who has a special interest and talent in cuisine that was taught alongside her father. She comes home for her father's funeral and soon embarks upon new changes in life, especially discovering love. Great cast- Raji James, Shelley Conn, Laura Fraser, and Francisco Bosch. Fantastic music!! Definitely worthy.
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½ October 1, 2007
Very fun, very cute lesbian romance with a hint of Bollywood and lots of Scottish charme. The German audience at the Gay & Lesbian film festival was very, very thankful about the subtitles - Glasgow accent is always a challenge.
½ March 25, 2009
love this movie , romance is nice, cooking... mouth watering. The song by shelly poole : Lost in you. Love it..
½ November 15, 2014
However cheesy this film may be, it's great to see a story line that separates it's self from the typically 'gritty plot' often expected for stories about queer Asian women. Realistic, heart-warming, and somewhat comical; 'Nina's Heavenly Delights' is defiantly a film recommended queer kids looking for a nice slice of representation.
½ October 28, 2012
Good fun. Weejies rule, Bollywood comes to Scotland with lots of worthy sentiment. Gay and interracial romance, and funny too. Lots of good parent-child grief too. On the other hand it's contrived and a weee bit drippy.
February 21, 2010
Ohhh, this was one of the most romantically movies I've ever seen in ma life!
The both actresses blended well together.
The story around indian cooking and same-sex love is felicitous.
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