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½ March 19, 2013
Noobz was exactly what I was hoping it would be. A mind numbing fun time. I have no idea if the movie is accurate when it comes to the gaming world because I am not a gamer nor do I know one. But the things I did love about the movie was how much it made me laugh. Blake Freeman and Matt Shively were the funniest of the group. The one liners really had me rolling. I know most aren't huge fans of vulgar comedy and especially gal's, but I do. I guess it's from having so many guy friends. So if you just want to have a good laugh minus all the seriousness and a movie that has no real point, then this is a film for you. I would watch it again.
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March 4, 2013
This film is woefully inaccurate and has wildly missed its mark in its attempt to capture gaming culture. The film starts off by showcasing the rivalry that is now more popular than ever between online games. Gone are the days of one man sat in his room, bashing his joystick on his own. Now said joystick basher has the chance to test his wits against other like-minded people across the globe. Even better than that, there are now gangs/clans that games can join up with in order to take down other clans via the joys of the worldwide web. The concept of the film is quite nice in principle, but the execution is sloppy. The film takes elements from films such as Fanboys, Detroit Rock City, Role Models, Sex Drive and the aforementioned The King of Kong documentary, yet it fails to live up to any of those. Flat, hollow, lifeless and unfulfilled are just some words to throw at Noobz. I was really hoping for a lot more from this film, yet I was massively disappointed. It's not without its charms, it's just that they're few and far between.

Four friends hit the road to LA to compete in the Cyberbowl Video Game Championship, but will they be able to compete with the worst hangovers of their lives?
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½ February 20, 2013
Not a bad movie, nothing that will make you laugh hard but good enough to pass away a few hours. And if you like gaming then its probably more fun than those who don't.
March 12, 2012
Noobz is a mediocre movie that provides some chuckles but overall it's not that good of a movie. The only reason why I was interested in this movie is because it was about gaming and involved Gears of War. Why does the interest me? Because I am a gamer who loves Gears of War. After seeing the movie it turned out to be not that good of a movie, not an awful one but not good either. The movie's biggest problem is the writing because the story is so predictable and most of the jokes fall flat. We've seen this story told many times before in different ways and it doesn't work in this movie because it doesn't do anything new. There are parts in this movie that had me laughing but other than that most of jokes just didn't work for me. I've seen comedy about gaming done so much better in the web series The Online Gamer, which is on YouTube on the channel RecklessTortuga. The movie's cast is nothing special but they weren't bad. None of their characters are very memorable but each member has at least one moment in the movie that had me laughing. Overall Noobz is not that good of a movie but wasn't a waste of my time. I would recommend this to any gamers just looking for something to past the time, other than that I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone.
½ February 9, 2013
Terrible, so terrible. This movie had potential to bring some good comedy to the online video game playing just like Grandma's Boy did but it failed miserably. The main guy Cody was just bitter the whole time and never let it go to make him someone you wanted cheer. Jason Mewes sure is trying to find his way onto the screen with out the Askew universe but this one was a step in the wrong direction. Jokes were not well timed and really poorly done. Try agin nerds. viewed 2/8
½ May 29, 2014
I was expecting a good comedy centered around gaming, I mean, it has Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob, but this was a shameful disappointment. Stale and offensive jokes, old, tired gaming memes, terrible dialog, and a rushed and weak ending makes this indie film, about a group of gamers who compete in a gaming tournament, with so much potential a lackluster comedy. Not even Jason Mewes can carry over this disaster of a film. As a big gamer, I was disappointed, and gamers deserve a better film about gaming. Defiantly not recommended for anyone who's a gamer. 3/10
½ October 9, 2013
SHORT & SWEET REVIEW: Not even close to the funniest movie focused on gaming culture. Good for some laughs, but not too many.
September 28, 2013
typical children's type of gamer movie.. it was watchable.. but not much to talk about
August 3, 2013
I went into this with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised, sort of like grandmas boy.
½ July 24, 2013
With a better cast, better writing and a better director, this could have been a good comedy movie about gamers competing for a gaming trophy. Of course, it plods along like a bad case of something bad and the acting is borderline atrocious. It isn't all messy and crap though, it has nods to certain gaming slang that made me chuckle and Jason Mewes pushed the envelope by playing a layabout hat-wearing no-hoper who likes to talk about nothing of substance. Oh wait....hehe. I'm as much a fan of Jay and Silent Bob as any other fan, but come on Mewes, change the record.
July 14, 2013
I was searching through Netflix with my friends, and we saw the movie and decides to give it a try, and it turned out pretty funny. I can see why some people didn't like it but I loved it.
½ June 25, 2013
this movie was absolutely terrible. As a gamer I am completely disappointed in it 100% in every way.
June 3, 2013
This is an atrocity of man. This "film" makes me want to scorch the earth and boil the seas. Also after watching this horror film, I wish to commit genocide.
½ May 31, 2013
As a straight man I found the treatment of the gay character offensive and not funny. Dragged on and felt like it was 2 hours long. A few laughs.
½ May 28, 2013
Could this film be one of the worst of 2013. Yes. It could easily be on the list.
½ May 22, 2013
Its fun and lighthearted but the ending betrays the characters and that is a disappointment that will keep me from re watching this film.
½ April 30, 2013
As being as this movie likes to call a "noob", or gamer, I take this movie to such disgrace and disrespect of the gaming community and such acceptance of the indulgence of the now impoverished gaming industry that I did not have words to say for how ludicrous and silly it's attempts at raunchy comedy were. The movie doesn't start too well, excluding the opening sequence that doesn't quite make a lot of sense but gets the movie somewhat interesting, has us immediately fall in a platter for Cody, one of the most pessimistic, unsympathetic and uncaring character in the whole movie, and surprisingly this movie wants us to like the character at all. AFter he supposedly loses his job and gets a lecture from his wife who leaves him like apparently she's only known him for the 10 minutes we see her on camera, somehow inexplicably allows him to go on a very bad rendition of every bad comedy that goes for the roadtrip sequence, without ever trying to develop the character in a way which we could try to enjoy nor trying to have his problems resolved, just forcing himself to hate everything throughout the terms. Anyhow, there are some characters who are good and are trying in their own right, Like Jason Mewes, whom you will remember from the classic "Jay and Silent Bob" films as well as their cameos in others, like Clerks. Fortunately despite his stoney language and reserved personality, you actually get to see more depth in this character other than the normal cliche's of lazy unproductive stoners. You even get to see the character's heart from the inside too, and especially at the end, surprisingly making him the most likable character in the whole movie, always determined to try to get that insufferable Cody out of his sadistic funk. But, most of the other characters are bad not in not being likable but just not having a place or just having a place where unnecessary plot points can be shown in to legally stamp the "raunchy" on this sordid comedy. WE have one of their gamer friends who is the "trapped in the closet" of the group, we got the nerd who suffers from some kind of asthma because apparently gaming is representative of all people but only the best have lung conditions, and a big subplot of this washed out '80s nostalgic who does familiarly resemble Joe Dirt fondly. this "Armagreggon" also has some character development as well but his is broken and loose that it never seems to work coherently with the plot of the four, who seem to intentionally get theirselves into trouble just for the raunchy sake again. He is strangely destined to win a frogger championship, which apparently losing so would lose his finances, and to which he has such a grudge over losing last time that he seems to be lost in time with everything else but only such small materials. Anyhow, the plot itself only goes in one direction with things that happen and the group doing embarrasing stuff, getting in embarrassing situations with phoned-in B-movie celebrity cameos (who even cares about the alien smasher anymore? I know I don't) and a overall dislikeness for the gaming community, often betraying it's aspect that gaming is for everybody, with clans who could be fit into one square of stereotype. You got the all female group, the body builders, the techies, and not to mention the extrovert african american group which seems to antagonize the team the most but not in the end. The problem with this is that it may be funny to see a live-video version of Riley from the Boondocks, this character is merely there to show us exactly how Mr. Freeman (which I may remind you plays Cody of all things) thinks the gaming community works. Not to mention his somewhat apparent acceptance of the over-abundance of the Gaming Industries products and services, often bargaining itself to the masses of corporation and masking some very ironically stereotypical people to make us believe that is not so, which is also a big letdown for this movie, because it cannot expect to make a comedy on a social group that which it does not understand but only knows the generalizations of them. Finally, with the least bit of spareness, this comedy decides to steal another old-age comedy cliche: epilogue thumb cards of each of the character after the so-so events of the movie's length. I've always hated this as sort of a last chance to try to get the audience's giggles going and a way to save money by using screenshots from the movie they had already recorded and adding extra plot that doesn't add depth but rather just keeps insinuating their worst stereotypes. Not to mention the production values, if any at all, and a decision to make the only part of the plot we care about the hardest to follow (The Actual Game), this left me much wanting something that actually respected the group but also provides more solid humor and points out certain meaningful aspects of the community. The only thing I can say that redeems it is that it never bothers to force a terrible pop culture joke in, actually making less beaten-to-death references, like Willy Wonka.
½ April 7, 2013
All I saw was a poor attempt at fanboys. Lame slap stick jokes to dull the mind. Why didn't they go intelligent with this? And the gaming community isn't like this, it's an insult at the target audience (GAMERS). And seriously, the game they compete in is Gears of War 3? Wow......Wizard sad to say but you did it right.
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