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February 14, 2008
An interesting movie.
July 29, 2008
an average film......nothing too great about it...if you seen one hair salon movie, you seen them all.
April 27, 2011
This was a very nice one
½ February 2, 2010
Ok People Say this is bad but quite frankley i also think so but only from a movie piot of view i personaly think this could be a TV show i felt this was a piolt ep of a show and over all it was ok but not my Type of film realy the main reason i like this is mainly cause i like Lucia Soong best know for well nothing realy she has never had a main part as such but is in the film 9 Dead which is curtnelty relased as of 2009 not relased were i am yet but will be i expecting it soon as of 2010
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