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Novo Reviews

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Super Reviewer

February 25, 2008
Memento with more tits, but with less brains.
April 30, 2013
A quirky comedy-drama (more drama than a comedy). Quite watchable but too bizarre and sometimes incomprehensible - less quirkiness would have been better.
July 25, 2007
OK...time to vote! Ready?? Candidates for sexiest short term memory loss guy - Guy Pearce in Memento or Eduardo Noriega in Novo.

Hands down...I'm here to tell you...Eduardo Noriega. Now...if we're talking which movie is better...well, Memento by a long shot.

Novo had it's moments. You definately feel for the guy. And can't argue with his lack of shyness when it comes to all the nudity. But, some of the pieces of the puzzle just never come together. The relationship with the wife is just murky and confusing and lacking in any true emotion. The sexual antics are all fine and good but really too numerous for the storyline. So, if you haven't seen Memento, give it a whirl. Hell, if you haven't seen 50 First Dates, you could go for it as, short term memory girl instead...but, way enjoyable.
April 23, 2007
Horrible movie... the sex scenes aren't even good... AND... im only giving it 1 star cause it's in french...
February 3, 2007
This movie was interesting to say the least. It is in French with English subtitles. Basically its just constant sex scenes. Depends on what you like I suppose!
December 2, 2012
This film was very interesting and gave a lot of insight to the French culture, however it was somewhat confusing. There were many story lines that all crossed and many characters intertwined. My only complaint about this film would be the outrageous amount of nudity and sexuality. The movie falls into the category âromantic dramadyâ? but does not say anywhere in the description that it is a borderline pornographic film. This the director could have done without and still made as successful of a movie with more discretion. The director, Jean-Pierre Limosin, is notorious for his strange and erotic dramas. He has directed a total of nine films, including documentaries, TV movies, and mainstream films. His 1998 film âTokyo Eyesâ? was shown at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. One of the ideas of the film was how Graham, the main character, functioned in life as an everyday human being, despite his head injury. This seemed somewhat realistic. He lives on his own and only relies on a notebook to direct him where and when to go to work? I do not believe that this was truly believable. Additionally, his family was content with him moving to his own apartment and abandoning them to live a sexually inclined lifestyle. Another part of the movie that seemed quite unrealistic was all of the sex. It got to a point when watching the film that you start to wonder if Graham was an erotic dancer prior to his injury. It was hard to empathize with Graham and his unfortunate condition when majority of the movie he was naked and tangled in the sheets with a woman who wasnâ(TM)t even his wife. The whole notion of free sex for everyone is particularly French and I do not think that this would be accepted in American film. While in an American film, we sometimes see infidelity or brief sex scenes, there was nothing left to the imagination. This probably speaks about the culture and how unlike Americans, they are proud of their sexuality, not embarrassed. This film also demonstrates the value of close and romantic relationships. We see how attached Graham becomes to Irene and how he seems to need her to function, even though he doesnâ(TM)t have much memory of her in a long-term basis. Overall, this movie was pretty confusing and outrageously sexual, to the point of unnecessary scenes. Compared to â50 First Dates,â? the movies are night and day.
May 6, 2006
At least you would get forget this film. It is an interesting ideal, but not very well executed. Memento is a much better film about having no short-term memory. This was just a little bit too much of a muddled mess. At least Memento meant to be that way.
November 26, 2005
The film has some appeal, but it is mostle lacking in that area. Mostly is is cold and distant, it has no heart and soul. Just empty. Eduardo Noriega is fine in his role, the rest of the cast is okay. The movie has nothing special about it. There are several strange and unexplainable scenes. On the whole it doesn't work.
July 3, 2005
Bueno, la verdad es que es difícil hacer un comentario de Novo; difícil porque uno no sabe bien cómo definirla. Podría decirse que es del estilo de Memento, pero con historia de amor/pasión/sexo incluida. Graham (Eduardo Noriega)padece un síndrome por el que pierde su memoria reciente: no reconoce a sus familiares, ni siquiera a su mujer Isabelle (Paz Vega) ni a su hijo. Cuando en su trabajo aparece Irène (Anna Mouglalis), las cosas cambian para Graham: está enamorado, e Irène le ayuda constantemente a recordar su amor y todo lo demás, por lo que Graham acaba dependiendo totalmente de ella.

Quizás la mejor forma de definir Novo sea que es un film raro, lo que necesariamente no tiene que ser malo (pero tampoco bueno). El caso es que esta historia de Jean-Pierre Limosin tampoco da mucho más de sí. Además, hay que añadirle un ritmo cansino y lento, lo que no ayuda a que el espectador siga con atención la trama. El final es... bueno, es extraño, como el tono general de la cinta; algo inverosímil quizás, y blando.

Lo mejor son las interpretaciones del dúo protagonista, de Eduardo Noriega (que se defiende muy bien en francés) y de Anna Mouglalis.

Un saludo!
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